AN: This plot has been running through my mind for a while. Comments are very welcomed since this is the first time I'm posting for anybody but my friends so be gentle!On with the show...Draco Malfoy had the ideal life. Rich, extremely handsome, charismatic, you name it, he had it. With his father in Azkaban, he now was Lord Malfoy, in charge of vast estates, enough money to buy a few counties and the newly formed friends that had eluded him since the age of 11. The young man had finally made the decision and went to Headmaster Dumbledore, along with a few Slytherins, they had become spies for the light. After a few months of nerve-wrecking work for the Order, Draco was finally accepted into the small circle of the 'golden trio', which they now jokingly renamed the 'circle' amongst themselves to include Ginny and Pansy. Yes, anyone looking at the youth would say his life had turned to the ideal wizard way of being. Even with the knowledge of what would happen this night, Draco Malfoy slowly walked out of Malfoy Manor. Contemplating his surroundings carefully, knowing that the morning would bring an irreversible change to his new and perfect life. He laid on the grass next to his mothers favorite beds, looking up at the stars in the heavens, praying to the gods that his inheritance wouldn't cost him the friendships that by now he so desperately depended on. Hermione Granger wasn't your average 16 year old girl. Even by wizarding standard, she was unique in that she was one of the Boy-Who-Lived best friends. That alone warranted some extra attention. Even apart from that, he brilliance was something that couldn't be hidden. The girl in question was sitting at her muggle home, in front of the pine vanity, wrestling her hair into a braid. The wild hair was the only thing that she retained of her youth, that and the diminutive height, as Harry and Ron loved to tease her about, having finally filled out into the body of a woman. She smiled as her eyes caught the reflection of the picture on her nightstand, one of the few magical objects in her room. The moving photograph was of the last day of school. Harry in the middle, making goofy faces and laughing with his head thrown back, arms around Ron and herself. Pansy was waving at the camera, smile whenever Ron nudged her. Ginny was sitting on the ground, with their robes discarded all around her, leaning into Harry's legs. Draco was standing next to Hermione, looking at her as if he was out of place among the smiling friends. Every few seconds, Hermione would through an arm around his shoulders and encourage him to join in on the celebratory picture. She smiled at the picture. As always, her eyes trailing to the image of Draco. Every time she looked at him, she had to force her heart to slow, knowing the a crush on the Malfoy Lord had no place in real life. She shut the lights, slowly climbing into bed, not knowing that this night would change the course of several lives, most of all hers. What y'all think? Reviews will get you cookies and a new chapter!!