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Summary: Eventhough he was the one who confessed first, he was the first to say break up and he was the one to break her heart. She suddenly left Gakuen Alice without telling her friends. Now 5 years later, she's back. How will they take it? She's change a lot. Emotionless, smarter and start taking missions! They developed feelings for each other once again but is a little too late?

Her golden orbs met the brightness of the moon. The moon that was partly covered by clouds. Soon it will be all over. The darkness will take over very soon. Time was running out.

The wind blew gently across her face, making her shiny, aburn hair sway as she sighed. She was going back again.

Thoughts flowed through her head. The time of how she met him. The time when he confessed under the sakura tree. Before she could realize what was going on, he had kissed her. His lips so soft. She sighed again.

'I don't ever want to see your face again, ugly.' with that he walked out of the tree's shelter, in the rain. His back was all she could see. She could remember the last sentence he said to her when they broke up. That was why she came here: Alice Academy America.

To heal her broken heart, she did anything. She had sealed all her emotions away and worked hard on controlling her alices: nullification and copy, which she only found out 3 years ago. She let her hair down only to find out she looked pretty, the only thing she didn't want but she kept it that way. It was too much of a bother to tie her hair back up. She also became smarter and started taking missions. All in a time span of 5 years.

But now she was going back; she was going to see "him" again. His shiny, hair and his crimson eyes filled with hate for every girl...

"Mikan!" Narumi-sensei had broke her thoughts for she hadn't realize it was dawn and Narumi had come to pick her up. "Come'on Mikan, you don't want to be late for the plane ride!"

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In the limo...

Narumi had remain silent all though the ride, leaving Mikan to her thoughts.

Mikan imagined her best friend, Hotaru hitting her with an updated baka gun 100 times. It was because she didn't tell her friends that she was leaving, didn't tell them she was going away for 5 years. She shivered at the thought.

The car suddenly stopped. The second time she had her thoughts broken. They were there. At Gakuen Alice (Japan).

'Breathe in and out' Mikan told herself, following her own orders as she steped out of the limo. The school was as large as it use to be.

Boom! Suddenly a guy with a black cat mask jumped over the huge, protective wall, reaching for his freedom. Mikan glared at him for a second for ruining her arrival. She realized he was the

"kuro neko," She said, catching his attention. Her golden brown eyes looked over, meeting his crimson ones. He was the one who broke her heart before she left, Natsume Hyuuga.

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