"What happens
When you love someone
And they become a part of something greater
And are no longer yours alone?
What happens
When you have to learn to share a treasure
You once thought was yours alone?
What happens
When you feel like you're standing at the edge of
the world
And the jewel shining in your hands
Turns into a bird with angel wings...
Flying into the infinite tomorrow?"

.On the Other Side of the Rainbow.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The moment came upon him like a needle prick, unexpected
and swift. The danger had always been there as he had helped
build a world around her, and now the needle pricked him,
startling him into reality. It was hard to comprehend why the
cloth world was no longer enough for her, but it was the truth.

A warm hand gripped his, fingers laced.


They say that trying to capture something because the
love you have for it is so intense that it hurts should not be
done. They say that clinging to the past, to the memories, to
the present at the beauty you want to hold to your heart, is not
wise; that when you try too hard to allow that part of you to
become something that was never really yours will only get you
hurt. Yet loving something makes one selfish, and it makes one
want to hold onto it with both hands tightly; to hold it in your
heart and hands and arms forever. To protect, to cherish,
because there is a part of you that is sure no one and nothing
else can love as you love, and fearing that they might...

But these feelings become part of you as well, a part of
your love, when you have watched the one you love grow. Watching
them become a stranger, and yet, at the same time, so familiar.
This pain, this love, is like the drop of blood forming upon the
wound too small to see, a red tear drop upon the skin, vivid and

"So, this is the tomorrow we always feared, ne?" She
asked him as she leaned her head on his shoulder. Her hand
brushing against his chest, so near and so far from his heart.
It did not stop pounding from the pain, but her presence eased
the pain ever so slightly.

"I still remember that first step," he smiled at the
memories. Golden and light, brilliantly and just in reach of his

"I remember the first time my arms wrapped around our
little miracle," she agreed and sighed. Wrapping her free arm
around his waist, as a measure of assurance to him and herself as

"I can't believe how all the days passed," he draped his
arm around her.

The sakura blossoms fell around them. The place where
they first joined hands, the place they made the promise of
forever, and here they are. Returning to memories of comfort and
happiness, adjusting to another challenge, another surprise in
their shared lives.

"Have you ever suspected this?" She asked him.

"For awhile," he admitted. "Everything was changing for
all of us, but there were things that were different in the last
few years."

"Yes, changes," she agreed as she closed her eyes. Her
long hair cascading down her shoulders, reminding him of the
first time he saw her and the first time he got up the courage to
run his fingers through it. All these years, gone, lived and

"Are you scared?" She asked suddenly. Breaking the
silence, blue eyes met his and he saw all the uncertainties
there. All the fears and sadness and everything that made her
what she was today, and everything he loved her for.

She was a part of him.

His felt his heart beat against her hand, never caged and
always freed by her love. "Yes," he answered and touched her
chin, "but it's good to know that we did something right all this
time." He smiled at her and she smiled back to him, trembling in
his arms, and yet the rock of his world. "After all, not just
anyone can say that they were the people who raised their
daughter to be Sailor Moon, savior of mankind."

She laughed.

The laughter of tears and joy. The laugh she gave the
first time he asked her to marry him, the first time they held
little Tuskino Usagi, and later, Tuskino Shingo, in their arms.
It was the laugh she had when Usagi brought her roses with Shingo
sleeping in her embrace. The laugh she had when Usagi took her
first step and Shingo said his first word.

Her eyes sparkled into his own, reminding him of all the
years they shared. The arguments, the joys, the celebrations,
the tears and the triumphs. He held her hands, fingers laced, and
kissed her softly.

No words need to be spoken, they knew the truth.

Their daughter was a woman now, and she made her choices,
not all of them necessarily right; but they know that she tries,
and that she has become a strong and beautiful woman. Shingo was
grown, handling the sudden change in his sister's status
beautifully; treating her with the same spirit as before, making
sure that Usagi didn't lose herself in the publicity of it all.
Both children were growing into the people they've been working
hard to make them become. It was enough.

It hurts to love.

To set those you love free into the infinite tomorrow.
Taking the blows of life on their own instead of having you there
to shield them from the pain. Yet the day had come to let go and
watch their children spread their wings and lift from the earth
into the sky to build their own haven against the storm. And for
once, to find their own sunlight and bask fully in the joys and
pains of their own creations.

He smiled as he pulled back.

"Kenji--" her eyes sparkled with laughter.

"Shhh, Ikuko," he rested his forehead to hers. "We're on
the other side of the rainbow after all."

She smiled, "Yes," she answered at last. "We are on the
other side of the rainbow," she echoed.

The butterflies fluttered freely above the green grasses,
a rainbow against the blue transparent sky; a mirage of the past,
building a path into the future; the future made by a kaleidoscope
of emotions at the end of the rainbow.

.The End.


I always wondered how Usagi's parents reacted
to her being what she was, especially after
my editor pointed out that I was making them
into the generic cardboard background prop
that everyone else uses them for. This is for
anyone who has had to watch someone they love
grow, and have to let go.

For my wonderful editor :) You know who you
are ^_~