Hermione looked at the door to the kitchen

Hermione looked at the door to the kitchen. She waited for about ten minutes when finally the little house elf emerged with a box under his arm. He looked up at Hermione and handed her the 1 ft by 1ft box. She thanks the house elf and gives him a galleon for his troubles. Thanks to this little elf, her plan was in full effect. She rushes down the hall, box in her arm, and heads down to the dungeons. She finds the little note next to the entrance to the Slytherin common room. She had befriended a young first year who gave her the password. She slinks in and waits. She had it planned out that since today was when all of the students went to Hogsmeade. She found out though, that Draco didn't enjoy going and would stay at Hogwarts. She snuck up to the boys sleep dorms and placed the box on a deserted table. She opens it and pulls out that which was inside. It was a double-layer, checkerboard, double-fudge, dark chocolate cake. She found out a few weeks ago that Draco had a major sweet tooth for chocolate. She suddenly hears the toilet flush a few rooms away and she quickly rushes into the shadows in order to watch the whole situation play out in front of her. She sees Draco walk into the room and suddenly see the cake.

Draco walks over to the little cake that simply read, 'For Malfoy' in red frosting and looks around as if to make sure no one was watching him and he then leans over the cake, and without using anything but his mouth, takes big bites out of the cake. Hermione watches in amusement as the all might Draco was a sucker for chocolate. She watches as he takes another big bite and suddenly sees that there was icing all over his face. He looked so cute in that situation. She finally walks out and Malfoy freezes the moment he sees her. They stare at each other for what seemed like minutes, with Malfoy just chewing on the same piece of cake in his mouth over and over till he finally swallows it. Hermione couldn't contain it any longer. She falls onto her butt, pointing and laughing at the chocolate-faced Draco. Draco gives her a smug look.

"Did you plan this out, Granger?" Draco demands. Hermione could barely nod through her fits of laughter. Draco's stare soon leaves the girl and goes back to the cake. He takes another big bite and more icing covers his pale face. Hermione finally manages to get to her feet and somehow manages to drag Draco away from his cake. She looks at him and sees the slimy icing on his face. She decides to push her luck and licks some of the icing right off of Draco's cheek. Draco looks as her little pink tongue starts to clean his face. To Draco's own amazement, he didn't shove the mudblood off of him. He actually enjoyed what she was doing. Suddenly, her tongue rolls over his lips and her eyes meet his. Draco slams his lips into her and they both stumble over their own feet and collapse on the ground. Hermione's hands started to roam over Malfoy's clothed chest. She manages to find the hem where it ended and ran her hands under his shirt, feeling the taut chest and pulls him even closer to her. Draco tasted of chocolate and a little bit of the remaining chocolate on his face had rubbed onto hers. Draco smiled, his teeth covered in chocolate, when he saw her face covered with the chocolate. Hermione extends a hand and a glass of water in another room flies into her hand. She hands it to Draco and he swishes around a bit to clean out his mouth. The moment he swallows, Hermione pulls him back into another kiss.

Draco slowly unbuttons her blouse and sees the lace bra underneath and becomes even harder. Hermione smiled and suddenly pulled her wand from her pants and swings it. Draco flies back into a chair behind him and is locked in the chair by unseen bonds. Draco watches as she grins and places her wand next to the destroyed cake. Her plan was finally complete. Now the real fun could begin.

"Draco…you've been very mean to me since we first met. I think its time that I get my revenge."

"Well what type of torture do you think to try me with, now that I'm helpless?"

"This kind…" suddenly Draco's eyes go wide as she rips the bra right off her chest, revealing a perfect set of breasts. Draco felt himself grow harder and he finally realized what was gonna happen. He moaned as she straddled him in the chair and placed her arms around his neck. Draco tries to move his hands but they are completely immobile. Hermione suddenly shows incredible flexibility and puts her leg on top of Malfoy's shoulder and whips him in the face with her hair. Draco was lost in pleasure as her ass rubs against his steel pole as she whips her hair around. Hermione then stands up and slowly starts to pull down her short skirt, revealing black lace panties. Draco watches as the near all nude woman starts to dance in front of him, like a stripper, and Draco tries to get her, but still is unable to move.

"Don't even try, Draco. I'm gonna break you before this is done. I will have you begging for me." Draco tried to put on a usual Malfoy smirk but it was very difficult with her foot softly massaging his dick. Hermione then pretty much shoves Draco's head right between the 'dirty pillows' and Draco could do nothing to stop her. She slowly runs her hand down her breasts, across her flat stomach, and then slowly works her way into her panties. Draco watches in sheer amazement as the girl in front of his starts to pleasure herself. Hermione finally removes the black lace panties and they delicately fall to the ground. Draco watches her rub herself constantly, juices flowing from her as she moans in pure ecstasy. Draco's erection was literally killing him as his slacks allowed almost no extension room. Hermione giggles as Draco slowly starts to break down. She suddenly kicks Malfoy in the chest and the chair falls back and Malfoy lands right on his back. Hermione positions herself so that her clit is right in front of his mouth.

"Work your tongue, and I might allow some relief." Draco immediately starts to tongue her as best he could and she moans in pleasure as more juices drip from her clit. Draco finally hears her scream in ecstasy and she falls to the side, riding the post ejaculation high. Draco looks at her with puppy dog eyes.

"Come on, Granger. Help me out here. I did what you told me to do." Hermione sits up and has a look of playful thinking on her face.

"No. You still call me 'Granger' and I said I MIGHT allow some relief." Draco struggled to get his own knees to possibly allow some sort of friction to start and allow a release but Hermione grabs her wand and his knees are quickly bound as well. Draco was completely immobile and the horniest student the school had ever seen. Draco's face starts to show pleading looks and he whimpers at her. She slowly crawls over on all fours and her hand works up Draco's shirt and starts to rub his toned chest. Her fingers are soon replaced with her tongue and Draco is squirming in pleasure. She bites one of his nipples and he moans in pleasure.

"Come on, Hermione. PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!" Hermione started to feel a slight bit of remorse for the kid that she was supposed to hate. She looks at Draco in the face.

"Do you want me to make it all better, Draco." Draco's head nods wildly and he whimpers further. Hermione's hand, which was resting on Draco's chest, slowly works its way down and finds the belt to his pants. She ever so slowly undoes the belt and whips it off with one quick movement. Draco feels her hand cup his burning erection and slowly rub it, sending waves of pleasure through his body. Draco moans but wanted more.

"Come on, Hermione. More…I want more." Suddenly, the hand is gone and Draco's head whips up to see why. She was standing up and walking away, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, PLEASE. Don't leave me like this." Hermione grabs her clothes and walks from the room, leaving Draco on the floor, pleading for her to return, "WHAT DID I SAY WRONG! PLEASE COME BACK! I WON'T MAKE FUN OF YOU EVER AGAIN!" Suddenly he sees Hermione at the door once more. It wasn't his promise of stopping the abuse that caused her to return. It was the fact that he finally broke. He was all out pleading and almost crying for her touch. She walks over and tosses her stuff right onto the ground.

"You said the right thing, Draco." Suddenly, Draco feels her hands unbutton his slacks and Draco moans as she pulls the pants down, finally allowing a sort of saving from the tightness of the slacks. Draco then feels her grab the boxers he was wearing and pull them off as well. She grabs Draco firmly and starts to jerk him off wildly. Draco pretty much screams in pleasure as she adds her tongue to the equation and licks the tip crazily. She then hears Draco actually crying.

"Please…please…my hands…undo my hands." She sees tears in his eyes. She grabs her wand, with the not busy hand, and with one swift movement of the wand, his hands were unbound and his hands go right to her head, rubbing the scalp with his fingers. She removes her hand and then takes Draco completely into her mouth. Draco moans as Hermione does wonders with her tongue, rolling it up and down Draco's length. She removes him from her mouth long enough to rid the chair from the equation and she goes right back to his length. Draco moans in pleasure as she sucks the tip incredibly hard and a little trail of precum connected Draco's dick with her mouth. She then gets to her knees and positions herself over Draco. Draco looks and then his eyes shut from ecstasy as she impales herself on him. He moans in gratification as she 'rides his broomstick' and she is soon bouncing up and down like she was on a pogo stick. Both of their moans rise in volume till both scream the other's name and they both erupt inside one another. Draco pulls Hermione on top of his body and embraces her. She embraces him back and they share a heartfelt kiss. Finally, Draco had to ask her something.

"How did you know it was my birthday?" Hermione looks at him with a look of confusion.

"It's your birthday?"

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