"Ne, Takashi, I'm hungry."

Takashi swallowed audibly as soon as he saw the dangerous glint in Mitsukuni's eyes. The boy looked at him as a predator looks upon its prey, and the hungry smile that dominated Mitsukuni's lips was nothing short of terrifying. It looked strangely out of place on the face of someone who seemed so young- but then again, Takashi reminded himself, Mitsukuni was not as young or as innocent as he seemed.

With the ease of someone who has spent a lifetime mastering martial arts, the younger boy swiftly grabbed Takashi's wrists and pinned him down, using the fork that he had just been eating with to secure one of Takashi's sleeves to the wall. Mitsukuni's breath ghosted across his neck, his hands dusting lightly across the broad expanse of Takashi's back.

"Mitsukuni," warned Takashi. The others had tagged along to go shopping with Haruhi at the commoner supermarket, but they would be back soon- any minute now, in fact.

"Hmm?" murmured Mitsukuni, and Takashi could feel Mitsukuni's lips vibrating against his neck. Takashi's breath caught in his throat as he felt the lips rise up to graze his earlobe. But Takashi was known for his iron will, and he wouldn't let it fail him now.

"Mitsukuni, they'll be here soon," he said, his deep voice rising several octaves as he felt nimble hands reaching up to tug off his blazer. Mitsukuni pouted, relenting, and with a sharp twist of his hand, pulled Takashi's sleeve free of the fork.

No sooner had Takashi pulled his blazer back on than the door to the music room burst open, revealing a bright-eyed Tamaki in parental-mode, eagerly scolding Haruhi for eating so much commoner junk food, while Hikaru and Kaoru commented that hamburger patties almost tasted like beef tenderloin when eaten with enough orange soda.

Kyouya, however, looked speculatively at Honey and Mori, glasses glinting. "Whatever happened to that fork?" he asked mildly, inwardly noting its bent tines.

Honey grinned. "I guess it's been used too much," he said brightly, bouncing up to Kyouya. "It must have gotten tired of holding all that cake! Ne, Kyo-chan?"

Takashi sighed, and tried to hide his sleeve.