Yo! Me again, Kyoko Sakuma! This time it's a song-fic. Song: Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton. Manga: Death Note. Pairing: Matt/Mello, of course! :-) Okay, so, I'm not going to do that obnoxious type the lines in the middle of the 'fic in italics thing because I feel like it distracts people from the story. This is more inspired by that song than following the song. I'll type the lyrics for each chapter at the end of it. I intend for this to be multi-chapter, but we'll see how that works out. 'Ta! Ny-chan says hi!

Oh, and, yeah, obviously I don't own Death Note or Vanessa Carlton.

Matt slumped against a tree in the yard and pulled out his gameboy. As he flipped the switch to the 'on' position and watched the game's title sequence, his mind began to wander. It wasn't as if he had anything better to do. He didn't have many good friends at Wammy's House. Sure, he'd made one or two buddies he would play with now and then in his few years there, but he didn't have a BEST friend, like Mario had Luigi or Sonic had Tails. He made more enemies than friends, actually. His weird way of dressing- black and white striped shirt, cargo shorts, brown vest, combat boots, and goggles- and his obsession with everything electronic made him a natural target for bullies. In fact…

"Hey, Fish-boy, whatcha got there?" An older boy loomed over Matt and snatched his gameboy away before he could respond.

"Ah- Pokemon Emerald. Very nice."

"Give it back!" Matt yelled, jumping up and down as the older boy held it just out of his reach.

"Sorry, but I don't feel like it." He smirked. "You know, I heard somewhere that the inside of a gameboy is very colorful. Want to find out if it's true, Fish-boy?"

"Give it back!" Matt jumped higher and higher, but to no avail. The older boy finally pushed him down and raised the hand with the gameboy, ready to dash it on the ground.

A voice broke through Matt's shouts. "I believe he said 'give it back' just now."

The boy turned to see his new opponent. Matt gazed past his legs, tears stinging his eyes, and beheld the most welcome sight he had seen in a long time. A boy of about four-and-a-half feet with blonde hair and bright blue eyes gazed up at the bully with surprising intensity.

"What did you say?" Matt wasn't sure if the bully was more shocked or angry about the sudden appearance of this new boy.

"I said that he said to give it back."

"Oh, really? He said to give it back? That's too bad, because I have no intention of doing that."

"I think you should."

"And who's going to make me? You? Hah. I've seen more threatening girls. You sure you're not a girl yourself, Blondie?"

That sentence seemed to set off a trigger in the younger male. A wave of pure anger passed over his face and he swiftly kicked the older boy in the shin with all his might. The boy howled in pain and grabbed at his leg.

Meanwhile, the new boy had passed him by and held out his hand to Matt. Matt hesitantly took it and the boy pulled him to his feet.

"I'm Mello," he said simply. "Nice to meet you."

"I'm… M-Matt," Matt stammered. This Mello was so beautiful…

"Hey! You little brat! Don't think you can get away with that!" Matt watched helplessly as Mello turned to face the bully again just in time to get his beautiful face smashed in by a fist.

Thirty minutes later, Matt watched from behind a corner as Mello sat in a chair outside the nurse and held a rag to his bleeding nose. He wanted to go over there so badly but he was scared stiff and, even if he did go over there, he had no idea what he would say when he got there, and this Mello seemed rather intimidating and would probably be sarcastic and cynical and…

"Are you just going to stand there?"

Matt jumped at the voice. He looked up from the spot on the floor his eyes had been trained on and saw two blue eyes looking directly back at him.

"What?" Matt never was very good with vocabulary.

"Never mind. Hey, come here," Mello said as he shifted in his seat. Matt, not knowing what else to do, obeyed.

"Listen, I'm sorry you got your face messed up because of me," Matt began, his voice shaky.

Mello stared at him. "It's not your fault. Don't be sorry."

"But, if you hadn't intervened, you wouldn't have gotten hurt." Matt was confused.

"Yes, but I wanted to intervene, so it's my fault, not yours." Matt started to protest, but one sharp glance from Mello was enough to hush him up. Mello sighed and turned towards the wall. He mumbled something Matt couldn't hear.

"What was that?" Matt asked. Mello raised his voice ever so slightly.

"You're very cute."

Matt's breath hitched. He was nine years old and no one had EVER called him cute before, not even the little old ladies he saw walking in town when he snuck out of the orphanage.

"What'd you say?"

Mello slowly turned back to face him and answered with a blank expression, "You have weird shoes."

Just a day,
Just an ordinary day.
Just trying to get by.
Just a boy,
Just an ordinary boy.
But he was looking to the sky.
And as he asked if I would come along
I started to realize
That everyday he finds
Just what he's looking for,
Like a shooting star he shines.

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