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-whispered conversation-

('Do I have to?!'

'Yes. It's for the fans.'

'But… but…'

'Come on, Matt…'

'Kyoko, this is humiliating.'

'I find it kind of sexy, actually.'

'Mello?! Where'd you come from?'

'I called him to watch.'

'…I hate you.'


-Matt hesitates; deep breath-


-winks at Mello; fangirls and Applesauce pass out-

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Matt slowly flickered back to consciousness. His first thought was to roll over and poke Mello to wake him up as well, but he realized quickly that he was not in Whammy's House, sleeping next to his boyfriend in a warm bed, but in a dark alley in Los Angeles, a town he had, until about a week before, never heard of. He also realized he wasn't alone.

"Heh. Finally awake, kid?"

Matt snapped up and instantly saw stars. When his head stopped pounding, he looked up to see the man with the greasy hair.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Joshua, as if it matters." He groaned and leaned against a dumpster. "Man… your gang killed almost all of mine… what a bitch."

Matt knew better than to say anything.

"Y'know, people say gangs get all kinds of respect and shit, but it's just that- total bullshit. Gangs ain't glamorous, kid. The boss kept almost all of the money, and there were never any girls around… seems like any time a guy'd need one, they'd all disappear. There was one girl, this Monica chick. SHE was fine. Curves in all the right places."

Matt stared at the ground, trying to remain as silent as possible.

"'Guess I won't see her again. Although… you'll do nicely."

"Excuse me?!" Matt squeaked, but Joshua was already on him. He pushed him down to the ground and reached for his belt buckle. Matt twisted underneath him, trying to get away, but it was no use.

"Try to enjoy this as much as I will," Joshua said, laughing. As he tugged at Matt's jeans, however, a gunshot rang out and Joshua lurched forward and screamed. Matt quickly pushed him off and jumped to the side. Joshua writhed on the ground before falling limp, blood trailing out of the corner of his mouth. Matt began running down the alley, but a man grabbed his arm. He screamed, and the man covered his mouth.

"Kid, shut up! I just saved your ass, literally, and you're running away?!"

"Who… who are you?" Matt asked, shaking.

"The name's Peter. You?"

"Matt," he answered, though he knew it wasn't the wisest thing to do.

"Matt. Hmm. Let me ask you this. Even if I let you go, where would you go?"

"Back to my boyfriend," he answered honestly.

"Oh... Ooooh. You're one of them." He sighed before continuing, "My brother was, too. He got shot for it one night while walking home with his boyfriend. Don't worry, Matt, it's cool. Anyway, do you have any idea where he is?"

"Not really…" Matt admitted. He didn't have a CLUE how to find his way back to Mello.

"Come back with me to my gang. You can try and figure it out from there."

Matt stared at Joshua's body and the growing puddle of blood. "Shouldn't you get rid of… that?"

"What? Oh. Him. Erm, no, the police can deal with that scum." He spat, stuck his hands in his pockets, and walked away.

Left without a choice, Matt followed.


Once back at Peter's hideout, he soon saw that their gang was much less… rough… than his. They seemed to be a bit more professional, if you could call it that. They had computers and everything. In fact…

"Boss, PC 3 is busted again!" a man called across the room from one of the five computers.

"Aaagh… we just fixed it, too. Okay, let me take a look." Matt followed Peter over to the man.

As Peter poked around in the back of the CPU, Matt began to realize that he had no idea what he was doing. He couldn't tell what the problem was without further inspection, but… well, he WAS a bit of genius…

"Maybe… I could fix it…?" he suggested quietly. After all, he owed Peter for saving him.

"Nah, kid—this isn't one of your little Nintendo 67 things," the unidentified man said, ruffling Matt's hair.

Matt shrank away from the contact. "It's 64. Let me take a look. I'm good with wiring and computers and stuff."

"Let the kid try," Peter said.

The man sighed. "Fine."

He moved to the side to give Matt more room. Pulling his goggles over his eyes (they'd been pushed down in the struggle with Joshua), he began to work. After less than 3 minutes, he stepped away and said, "Try it now."

The man pressed the 'on' button and the CPU whirred to life.

"Holy shit…" he breathed.

"Kid… how'd you do that?" Peter asked, half laughing.


Peter carefully thought out his next words before he spoke. "Are you good with hacking?"

Matt had no desire to be caught up in further gang workings, so he lied. "Not really."

Peter seemed to stare right through his goggles, past his eyes, and into his mind, where the truth was. Matt never was very good at lying… He turned and walked into a back room. Matt could hear hushed voices from behind the closed door. When Peter reemerged, he had a slightly fake smile on his face. This worried Matt, and he was right to be worried.

"Come here for a minute." Against his better judgment, Matt followed Peter down a hall. They stopped at the 4th door on the left and Peter opened it to reveal a small, dark room with a bed and table, but not much else.

"What…" Matt started to ask, but before he could finish his sentence, Peter gave him a light shove past the doorway and quickly closed it behind him. Matt heard the click of a lock.

"Sorry, Matt—we could use a good hacker."

Matt's screams went ignored as Peter's footsteps echoed down the hall, growing softer with each second, until Matt couldn't hear them anymore at all.


Five years had passed since that night. Matt had eventually fallen asleep, exhausted from all the screaming and the events of the night. The next morning, Peter came into his room and apologized for the crude arrangements, but refused to let him leave. "Once a member, always a member," he reasoned. Even though he said this, Peter was really the only one who cared about Matt's presence. The rest just saw him as a convenient hacker. Peter treated Matt like a son for the years that they were together. However, now, Matt was 18 and Peter… Peter… well, he'd gotten in a bad scrape with a drunkard in an alley 2 months before. He died of blood loss shortly after. Matt woke up early one day and simply walked out. No one could stop him. He'd lost too much to care anymore.

Matt walked down the crumbling sidewalk, searching for an apartment. He'd never seen Mello, as he hoped. He'd pretty much abandoned all hope of seeing his boyfriend ever again. Mello could be in a different COUNTRY by then. No… now Matt was looking for a place to stay. He needed a base, at least, before he could even think about finding him.

In his pocket, his cellphone beeped to alert him that a text message was coming through.


An almost-20-year-old Mello sat on a red sofa, staring at his former Mafia partner.

"How the hell did you get this place?" he asked.

"Contacts," the dark-haired man replied. "Any chance I can get you to come back? We could be great together, you know."

Mello smiled. "No… I'd rather do my own thing, now that almost everyone's dead."

The man sighed. "Suit yourself… you always were a crazy little bastard."

Mello laughed. His skin stretched across his fairly new wounds, and he winced.

"Take it easy, Mel. Hey, by the way, what happened to that other kid you came with… Mark…?"

"Matt," Mello corrected. He hadn't stopped thinking about him since that night 5 years before. He cried every night for months. However, when Matt never came back, he assumed… well… they had heard gunshots in the area about an hour after that man dragged him away… He didn't want to think about it. He was heartbroken. "I don't know."

"Matt, whatever." He started towards the door. "Hey, um… is there anything else I can help you with before I go?"

An idea suddenly popped into Mello's head.

"You've got spies in almost all the gangs around here, right?"

"Pretty much," the man boasted. "What about it?"



Matt stared at the screen. It simply stated an address.

Maybe it's a wrong number, he thought to himself. Although, there was no harm in trying. After stopping in a convenience store, struggling with a man who spoke no English, being yelled at in angry Spanish, and finally asking someone at a nearby gas station, he got directions to the address in the message and set off.

It was only about a 20 minute walk. He ended up outside an apartment complex.

"This is it…" he said to himself. He waited on the stoop for 15 minutes before he decided that it must have been a prank and stood up. He walked 10 feet down the sidewalk, frustrated with himself that he'd been tricked so easily, when a voice called to him from the building.

"Matt!" The voice came from a window on the third floor. He couldn't see who it was, but the voice yelled, "Try the door. Come up to apartment 3-b."

Mysterious text messages, voices from nowhere… dear God, I'm going crazy.

Crazy or not, he opened the door and ascended the stairs. Standing outside the door of 3-b, he wondered what could be behind it. Gang members? Rapists? Pizza-faced preteens who got a kick out of prank calls? A magic purple dinosaur to grant all his wishes and sing while doing it? Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go in…

Before he could turn around, the door swung open and revealed the one person he never expected to see behind it.

"…Mello…?" he breathed. Dear GOD. The only thing that told Matt the identity of this man was his characteristic feminine hair. Other than that… well, to be perfectly honest, Matt thought he looked a bit like a male prostitute, and he wasn't sure whether to be worried or turned on.

"Hiya, Matt." His boyfriend grinned and Matt noticed the massive scars covering the left side of his face.

"Hello, handsome," he said, his grin growing to match Mello's.

What occurred next was a rush of embracing and kissing; of tears and laughs.

"Mello… I missed you so much…" Matt purred. He kissed his boyfriend once more.

"I missed you, too. What happened? No, wait, come inside first."

Mello stepped to the side and, taking Matt's hand, pulled him into the apartment. They sat on the couch and each recounted their past few years.

"Wow," Matt said after Mello told him of his recent attempt at stealing the Death Note, "That's what I call an epic fail."

"I didn't FAIL, I strategically bailed," Mello insisted. (NOTE: Woohoo, Death Note 13!) "I could have done without this thing, though," he said, pointing to his face.

Matt brushed the strands of blonde hair covering his left cheek to the side. "I think it makes you look even sexier. Really bad-ass."

"Whatever," Mello scoffed, but Matt could tell he liked it.

"Anyway, Mello," Matt began, attempting to gather his courage, "There's something I've been waiting five years to tell you."

"There's something I want to tell you, too."

"Well… you go first."

Mello sighed. He pulled Matt into his lap and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. He pressed their lips together in a light kiss. When they broke apart, he looked straight into Matt's eyes, smiling warmly.

"Matt, I love you."

Just a dream, just an ordinary dream.

As I wake in bed

And the boy, that ordinary boy

Or was it all in my head?

Did he ask if I would come along

It all seemed so real.

But as I looked to the door,

I saw that boy standing there with a deal.

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