so i said that i would do gaara's last...and here they are. i swear these were the hardest. i can't see gaara as the lovey dovey type, hell i think he's asexual if you want to know the truth. if he's ooc or these suck, i'm sorry. *bows deeply*

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Gaara's X.

Moon (01) Song 'Yellow Moon,' Naruto ending by Akeboshi

"Has it always been that bright," she asked sitting on the edge of the roof. "I don't ever remember seeing it so full."

"Well, you do live in the Village Hidden in the Leaf," he looked at her. The man had his eyes glued to the woman staring at the sky. "Leaves had a tendency to hide things."

"Gee thanks. I may not be kage level smart, but I'm not exactly stupid," she rolled her eyes and then turned back to the night sky.

He didn't want her to know, not just yet that of all the nights he'd looked over his village, this night with her beside him the moon wasn't the most beautiful creature out.


Boy (02) Song 'Boy With a Coin,' by Iron & Wine

"Boy," they both questioned, or more less shouted to the medic.

"It's a girl!" Sakura shouted. She was exhausted, but her temper managed to flare. "It's a girl, you said girl!"

"Sorry but this baby has a penis," the medic answered looking up at the couple. "That means boy."

"No, check again!" she cried. "It's a girl!"

The medic nervous at the wife of the Kazekage trying to sit up. Gaara from her side simple nodded a reassuring glance to him. A boy was okay with him.

"Sakura san, I'm not as gifted as you are, but I'm pretty sure on this one," he gulped.

At this Sakura burst into tears from strain and stress. "Everything is painted pink. Everything. We don't have anything for a boy! Not even a name!"

"Calm down my love," the red head stroked her back. A boy, he smiled.

"You say that now, but wait until Kankuro sees his nephew dressed in a pink frilly dress," she looked at him sternly.

Gaara let out a sigh. She was right, neither his older brother or his dog lovin husband would ever let this child live that down.


Ocean (03) Song 'The Ocean,' by Mae

"C'mon put at least a toe in," she giggled. Her hands splashing water to her fiance. "Please for me."

"No, I don't trust it," he looked at the waves crashing, then being pulled back in.

Down the beach, Kankuro and Kiba surfed, while Temari and Shikamaru relaxed under an umbrella.

A wicked grin covering his face. "I'd actually rather explore your ocean."

He stretched his hand out to pull her close.


You (04) Song 'You' the acoustic version by Kazami from Samurai Champloo

"You did this!" Tsunade pointed to the Kazekage and his future bride.

"Me," they each questioned, confused.

"Yes, both of you," she sat down had. "Because of you, I've got Shikamaru and Kiba in here requesting transfers to Suna, citing marriage as the reason! Look at what you started!"

"How's that our fault," the pink haired medic's temper rose.

"If I hadn't granted you permission, I could turn them down," the blond pointed out.

"So when do they leave," the Kazekage smirked at the Hokage, knowing all to well she could not say no to love.


Rest (05) Song 'Leave Out All the Rest,' by Linkin Park

Five minutes that was all he needed. Just five minutes and he could take her again. He could hear her voice cracking as his name spilled from her lips.

Though just a little rest was needed for the newlywed. In the years of training as a shinobi, then as Kazekage, nothing prepared him for strength he needed to keep up with his wife.

"Gaara," the name purred from her lips.

Fuck, he thought. He had the rest of his life to rest.


Know (06) Song 'I Know You Want Me,' by Pitbull

"How do you know?" Gaara looked at the men in front of him irritated at not getting a simple answer.

Kankuro rolled his eyes and Kiba smiled at his future brother in law.

"I know because everyday I want to see him and listen to even the smallest detail of his day," Kiba started. "I know because he still makes my stomach jump when he says my name."

"And I know because he's the only one I'll listen to this sappy shit from." Kankuro cut him off.

"Shut up," the inu shoved him back. "This is important. Gaara how do you know?"

Gaara looked out the window into the horizon. Then as if magic it clicked. "I know because when I hug her, my sand doesn't even flinch."


Home (07) Song 'Going Home,' from Bleach

Three weeks she waited. He left with his brother and two brothers in law on a mission, so dangerous it required the head ninja of the Sand Village. Her stomach bulging with the life of their child. When would he come home. Tears falling as looked into the night sky.

Then gently sand surrounded her and carried her to her love.

"Baby, I'm home," the sand spoke to her.

Tears came harder holding him in her arms again.


Stop (08) Song 'Don't Stop,' by Innerpartysystem

"Stop," the Uchiha shouted as the wedding ceremony began.

Heads turned to the missing nin.

"Come with me," he looked at the pink haired bride to be. The dark eyes pleading. "Please, Sakura."

Gaara looked at the woman beside him. His breath paused, unknowingly. Each guest looking from the intruder to the woman in white. What would she do with her first love calling to her?

In one swift movement, she looked at the minister.

"Please continue," was all she said as she squeezed the hand of the red haired man she was promising forever.


Christmas (09) Song, 'Christmas Canon,' by TransSiberian Orchestra. (don't laugh, I love that song)

Gaara hated Christmas. In the past four years each of his gifts disappointed the medic.

"Remember what I said," his sister snapped as the weaved their way through the market stalls. "If it has a cord or cleans then it's out. You don't want a repeat of last year."

Gaara sighed as he regretted asking his sister for advice. He saw nothing wrong with a vacuum cleaner considering how much sand he left behind, and what good was a diamond braclet?


Boom (10) Song 'Boom Boom Pow,' by Black Eyed Peas.

The sound echoed through the house. Servants scurried to the upstairs to find the cause.

"Kazekage sama, is everything ok!" The head maid knocked on the door. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine," he managed to sputter out.

How would he explain that the bed collapsing had nothing to do with the his naked wife beneath him.

so there, now they are done. i will admit the kakashi and gaara's were the hardest.

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