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Sitting on the couch, staring blankly at the wall, I subconsciously searched through my memories. The most distinct one was the one I longed to forget. Three months has passed since the incident and, I have barely spoken to anyone since. I wish I didn't remember, but that wish did not come true. I remember every detail of that day. It all came back to me.

I watched in horror as she was taken away from me. I felt the pain rising up from my inner soul, although I felt like I had no soul now. I couldn't bear to watch my angel, my sweet, sweet, angel be pained like she was. That vile redhead ten feet from me, namely Victoria, locked my dear Bella in a death hold.

"Edward, Edward!" she cried out. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. My dead heart was aching every second my eyes saw her in pain.

Victoria threw her to the ground, nearly breaking her arm. I tried to save my beautiful Bella, but my captors held me tight against my will. Victoria's henchmen kept me looking at the awful sight before me. Victoria's foot met the stomach of my angel. She reached down to grasp her neck, holding in a death grip. She rammed her against a tree, head first. Blood was falling from her head, as Victoria held her against the tree. She could barely breathe.

"Look here, Edward," Victoria snarled. "This is payback for what you did to James. Make sure you look here and remember this clearly."

It suddenly hit me, Bella was dying. The very thing that kept me the happiest was slipping away. I could barely grasp that conclusion. I tried to save her, but Victoria's henchmen wouldn't budge. I slowly gave up; I looked down. If I could, I'd be weeping. Victoria laughed that evil, menacing laugh and stalked away. She ran off and I looked up so I could see my angel once more.

But when I lifted my head, my current nightmare had become reality. She wasn't there. Her body had been taken by Victoria. I felt defeated, weak, crumpled. I no longer had a reason for living. I would go back to Volterra and back to the Volturi to ask them for my death again, and this time I wouldn't be stopped.

Even when her henchmen released me, I didn't want to go after her. I felt like I couldn't do anything more. I simply lay there in dirt of the forest. My brothers and sisters there as well, being released by their captors. They all felt the defeat I felt, and it wasn't because of Jasper. The look of defeat and discouragement was in everyone's eyes. Even Rosalie was saddened by this.

If I could, I would've made them sleepy or something, but seeing her like that, seeing family like that, made me seem powerless, Jasper thought. I'm terribly sorry. I felt like I couldn't do anything right there.

I glared at him, only to realize that being angry at my brother would do me no good. If anyone could've done anything here, they would've done it. I shot him an apologetic look. I felt broken, incomplete, but what's more than that was that I really was broken. She was gone.

I had realized that as I remembered the terrible incident, I fell from my couch onto the floor. I got up from the ground only to feel an overwhelming sadness and fall back down again. The memory came back to me once more.

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