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Bella's POV

It's been days since I saw him. Those days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I didn't mind, but the tension was growing and I didn't want the thin strand to snap, especially during school where a lot of innocent people could get hurt. I've been training the Aldelines well and their improvement and swift skills made me proud. I thought that things would tone down a bit. Turns out I was wrong. It was a Friday near the end of March. Forks was cold and rainy, like always. The four Aldelines and I sat at a corner table in the cafeteria, where we could see everything. The Cullens were on the opposite side of the room.

There was tension everywhere, not just between us immortals. State tests were coming up and the entire student body was riled up.

"All the tension is killing me," Faryn complained. "I can feel it slapping my face."

"I swear," Evan spoke up. "This has got to end soon. For one, I'm sick of the rising tension. And two, we've spent years looking, we found her, so let's just get this done with."

"Yeah," Whitney said. "Let's just do this."

"Don't worry," I murmured. "I have a plan. I don't want to create an all out war with them, and the Volturi probably won't be happy if we did. I told you guys about them right?"

"The powerful Italian vampires? Yeah," Aren nodded.

"I'll tell you guys about the plan later because I don't want any eavesdroppers," I assured my friends.

They nodded, knowing I was talking about Edward.

I looked across the room towards the Cullen table. My eyes met Cassidy's straight on and I nodded ever so slightly. She returned the nod and got up. Edward rose with her, but she pushed him back down. I smiled, knowing Edward wasn't as strong as he seemed to be before.

"I'm going to have a little chat with the enemy."

All four pairs of eyes gazed at me with confusion.

"It's part of my plan, which I will tell you once we get away from them," I stated.

I rose from my seat and exited the cafeteria. I found Cassidy waiting for me near the end of the hall.

"Let's get out of here. I don't' want people to over hear us," said Cassidy.

"Alright, let's go."

We sprinted off of school grounds and near my house. We stopped and sat on the two chairs on the porch.

"You know he won't approve of this," I reminded her.

"Yeah," said Cassidy. "But this is for the good of the majority."

"So how are we going to do this then?"

"I could just come over and get the deed done with," she suggested.

"No, no. Don't do that. It'll be suspicious for you to leave the house by yourself, and if Edward finds out, he's just going to point and accuse me. Then he'll get his pants tied up in a knot and throw a hissy fit. After that, he'll just plot revenge. Of course, unless he's changed his ways."

She thought about my statement for a moment then nodded in agreement, "Okay then, what are we going to do?"

I pondered and hit myself in the head when I thought of the solution. "I'm so stupid. It's so obvious! Cassidy, we fight," I declared. "It makes the perfect excuse to do the deed and although I'll get some serious punches and swears pushed up my ass, it'll work. He'll see you fighting, and you just lose."


"That's why we're plotting together!"

"See you later, Bella."

"You too, Cassidy."

She ran back, but I decided to stay and skip the rest of the day. I called Aren on his cell as soon as she left.

"Babe, get everyone and come back to my house. I'll tell you guys the plan."

"Gotcha, hon. We'll be there in a flash."

In no less than three minutes, all four Aldelines were sitting somewhere on the porch.

"Well?" Evan pressed. "What's the plan?"

"Shush, Evan," Whitney slapped him on the arm. "Be patient."

I smiled at Whitney and she winked back.

"Okay, so the plan, isn't really a plan," I began. "You don't have to worry about anything except Edward. Your little victim knows she has to die, and she will. We just have to watch out for Edward."

Faryn grinned ever so slightly and I knew the wheels in her head were spinning like mad.

"We'll set out tomorrow. Is that enough mental prep time?" I asked my friends.

"Yeah," they all nodded and smiled.

Today was the big day. I couldn't hide my excitement for I was beaming like mad. I could finally show him how much I've grown and how much stronger I've gotten. I strutted through the hallways of Forks High School with my four best friends, each of us radiating smiles and anticipation. We walked towards the quad in the middle of campus. As we went through the doors leading outside, I saw Cassidy and the Cullens, all sitting at a table.

I stopped and turned to face the Aldelines. I scanned each of their faces, "Are you ready?"

They all nodded silently, so I proceeded to the Cullen table. I stood behind Cassidy and tapped her shoulder as five pairs of golden eyes stared at me. Cassidy then looked up to meet my face. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She slid off the bench and stood in front of me, meeting my eyes. She raised her hand and brought it down to meet my cheek. Gasps were heard all around us. My head turned to face hers. I smirked as my hand met her cheek.

"Alright, here we go then," I said as I started walking towards her. She took a step back for every step I took. She took off running as soon as we hit the parking lot. I ran after her, knowing the Aldeline siblings were following me. Edward was probably trailing us too.

We ended up in the large clearing again. Cassidy and I were standing face to face.

"Ready for this?" I asked.

"Go for it," she responded.

I reached for her shoulder, planning to disassemble her arm first when I suddenly felt a strong impact against my skull. I flew towards my right about a good twenty feet. Damn, Edward.

I stood up and shouted, "Whitney!"

She looked at me and nodded. Her arms were raised towards the sky. Dark clouds started rolling in and rain started pouring everywhere. Aren then spread his arms, sending wind everywhere. Evan raised a fifty foot barrier around the clearing, although I knew a vampire could easily break through it.

I spun around and Edward was behind me, a fist raised. He sent it down towards my face, but I expected this one and moved fast enough to dodge it, circling around him. I kicked him in the back, but he moved too fast and I ended up kicking air. He wrapped his hands around my leg while it was in the air and spun it, sending me face first to the ground. I extended my arms in time and luckily performed a somersault instead of getting a mouthful of dirt.

"Don't you dare hurt her," Edward snarled.

"Or what?" I retorted. "What the hell will you do about it?"

He growled and ran towards me. I also started running in his direction, but slipped past him and straight for Cassidy. The impact sent both of us straight to the ground. She pretended to fight back and I went straight for her head, trying to rip it off. I didn't get the chance though, because Edward called my name. I instinctively whipped my head around to find Edward holding Aren by the neck, suffocating him. I gasped. Faryn sent a stream of fire straight towards Edward, but he moved too fast and tightened the grip on Aren's throat.

"Put him down," Faryn demanded.

"Make me," Edward growled.

Faryn's violet eyes changed into a deep red and her dragon tattoo began glowing red through her gloves. The tattoo burned through the glove and shone brightly. Her feet lifted off the ground and she levitated about three feet in the air.

"Whitney! Evan! Take care of Cassidy," I told them. They nodded advanced towards her.

"Hey! You two!" shouted Edward. "Stop where you are or I kill him."

"You wouldn't dare," I breathed.

"Watch me," he threatened.

I took a step forward and saw his grip tighten even more and stopped.

I glanced at Faryn. Her arms were raised and fire exploded towards the sky. Long streams of fire emerged and entwined themselves to form the image of a phoenix. She sent it, diving towards Edward. He moved, but the phoenix followed. I stayed close to Faryn, knowing I, too, would burn if the phoenix fire made contact with my skin. Edward spun to face the incoming phoenix.

At that moment, he flung Aren across the clearing, deep into the ground. Aren was propelled about 200 feet and landed at least two feet into the ground. The moment Aren hit the ground, Faryn's phoenix vanished and she fell to the floor on her knees.

I stared in shock. Faryn screamed his name while I whispered, "How could he do this? Did he change that much? Damn it, Edward, you fucking son of a bitch."

I ran towards Aren, and slid to my knees next to him. I gently placed my hands over his chest. His heart was beating faintly and the image in my mind told me that all his bones were shattered.

"Bella! Do something!" Faryn pleaded.

"Faryn, I don't know what I can do. All his bones are shattered," I cried. If I could cry, tears would be running down my face right now. I muttered, "Fuck you, Edward. This is the second time you broke my heart."

"Bella," Faryn begged. "Can you at least try something? Anything."

"There's one thing I could do, but I don't know if it's the best idea."

"It doesn't matter," Faryn hastily said. "He's as close to being dead. Anything you do would help in some way."

"Alright," I sighed.

I reached for Aren's face and caressed it gently in my hands. I whispered, "I'm sorry, baby."

I bent down, my lips carefully meeting his cheek, then his throat. My lips lingered on his throat for a second. Then, I slowly bit down.

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