One rainy afternoon Sakuno found herself under a waiting shed alone with a complete stranger/weirdo dressed in a black robe and she was wearing a white tank top and a long sleeved pink jacket and a dark blue skirt that reached her knees

One rainy afternoon Sakuno found herself under a waiting shed alone with a complete stranger/weirdo dressed in a black robe and she was wearing a white stringed top and a long sleeved pink jacket and a dark blue skirt that reached her knees.

Sigh, I should have listened to my Obaa-chan and brought an umrbella with me before leaving the house ,Sakuno thought.


"Sakuno!", Ryuzaki Sumire shouted.

"Yes Obaa-chan?", Sakuno replied

"Can you get these things for me?", she said while giving Sakuno a short list.


"Arigato, and I think its going to rain, don't you think you think you should bring an umbrella?

"No thanks Obaa-chan"

Ryuzaki Sumire just shrugged as Sakuno ran outside.

End of Flashback

Sigh, I knew I should have NOT listened to Rinko and get these damn gardening tools... but then again what if she will burn my precious magazines?! Groan! I should be at home now happily reading my porn magazines and getting Ryoma pissed off! Why didn't she just send the brat instead?!", Nanjiroh thought.


"Oi Nanjiroh!", Rinko yelled.

"Yes dear?", Nanjiroh said, putting down his newspaper with porn in it.

"Can you get my gardening tools from the shop?"


"Because if you don't I'll burn all your magazines!"

"Ah Ok ok I'll go!"

End of Flashback

Oh well, I might as well start a conversasion with this cute little girl I'm stuck with to pass the time, Nanjiroh thought while shrugging.

"Well I guess we're stuck here till the rain stops so whats your name?", Nanjiroh asked.

"R-ryuzaki Sakuno"

Hmmm must be related to the old hag maybe I'll ask her later,Nanjiroh thought.

"So what school do you go to Sakuno-chan?"

"S-seigaku, so w-what's your name?"

"Sorry, but since you attend Seigaku you probably know my bratty son and he doesn't want people to know I'm his dad, says that I embarrass him" Nanjiroh chuckled," But you can call me Samurai Nanjiroh or just plain Nanjiroh"

"Well I t-think you're alright

"Aw thanks Sakuno-chan, I have a question",Nanjiroh smirked," Do you have a boyfriend?"

Sakuno's face became scarlet,"N-no"

"But you like someone",Nanjiroh said teasingly.

Now Sakuno's face was as red as a ripe tomato "Well, y-yeah, I like him but he doesn't seem to be interested in me"

"Well can you describe this guy?",Nanjiroh smirked.

"O-okay, well his g-good looking, a little cocky, r-really good at tennis, silent, I-isn't interested with any girl-"

"Okay, okay I have heard enough, especially after the isn't interested with girls" Nanjiroh said, "and ya know what that description reminds me of my brat of a son...except the good looking and really good at tennis I know he can never beat me at those two things!", He grinned then laughed like a madman.

Sakuno sweat dropped

"So how about you t-tell me about your son?"

"Ok then, he's a cocky little brat!"

Sakunos sweat drop grew bigger,"Um a-any other descriptions?"

"Hmmm, I can't think of anything else to describe him, but he did say he was starting to have feeling for a certain girl",Nanjiroh chuckled and grinned, "Why are you so interested?"

"N-no reason, I just wanted to know"

"Ok, Whatever", then he looked at the rain,"Oh look it's not raining that hard anymore and my house is only a few blocks, how about you stay the night with us Sakuno-chan?"


At the Echizen Residence

"Oi Rinko,I'm back!",Nanjiroh shouted

Sakuno had a confused look in her face Rinko? and was about to ask who she was until-

"Don't worry she's just my wife", Naniroh said

Then Rinko appeared

"Nanjiroh did you get my gardening tools like I asked?"

"Yeah,yeah I did and we're gonna have a guest tonight!"

And he introduced Sakuno to Rinko and Nanako and told them how they "met".

"Um dear, shouldn't you call her relatives and tell them she's here?",Rinko asked

"Oh yeah! I forgot to ask", He said, then looked at Sakuno," Are you related to Ryuzaki Sumire?"

"Y-yes, she's my Obaa-chan"How does he know my Obaa-chan?

"Ok,I'll call her then "No way HER Obaa-chan is the old hag?! But she's so cute while Sumire

"W-wait how do you know my Obaa-chan?"

"I knew her a long time ago she was my coach when I was about...your age" I think

And then he went to the telephone

"Hi Sakuno-chan! I'm Meino Nanako, nice to meet you I'm Uncle Nanjiroh's niece and the cousin of-"

"Nanako-san! Can you please help me here n the kitchen!",Rinko yelled.

"Coming Auntie",Nanako shouted back.

"I'm sorry Sakuno-chan but Auntie is calling me", and with that she left and ran of to the kitchen.

Then Nanjiroh appeared

"Sakuno-chan I already called your Obaa-chan and she said it's alright for you to stay with us for tonight"

"Arigato for letting me stay here" she said while bowing.

Then Rinko and Nanako appeared.

"Um Uncle, where will Sakuno-chan sleep?",Nanako asked Nanjiroh.

"Simple She will sleep in the brat's room!",Nanjiroh declared happily.

Dinner Time

"Hey brat",Nanjiroh shouted, "Get down here its dinner time and we have a guest!"

Sakuno sweat dropped At least I'm finally gonna find out who the "brat" is, Sakuno thought.

Then she heard footsteps, and when she turned around to see who it is...she saw that it was...

RYOMA?!,Sakuno thought, No way!Ryoma is the "Brat"!W-wait! This means that this is his house I'm in and this is his family think I gonna faint. But luckily she didn't. And didn't his dad say something about him liking a certain girl?!

Then when Ryoma saw Sakuno his eyes widened

W-wait! Why is Ryuzaki here?! Don't tell me she's the guest! And how the heck did she get here?! This must be my baka Oyaji's fault! And just when I'm starting to have feelings for this girl! And didn't I tell him about my feelings?! Gasp, what if he told her?! Ryoma thought, Groan! Why did I tell him anyway?!


"Oi Oyaji!",Ryoma said.

"Hn", Nanjiroh replied while reading his porn magazines.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, yeah, what do you want brat?"

"Um you see I'm staring to like this certain girl and-"

"W-wait did you say you like a girl?!"

Ryoma nodded

"R-really?!", then laughs like there's no tomorrow and like a crazy lunatic, and laughed some more, and some more laughing and finally Ryoma got pissed off and started to walk away from the lunatic.

"W-wait! HaHaHaHa!Come back!HaHaHaHaHa!", Nanjiroh yelled at a very pissed off Ryoma.

Ryoma grunted and kept walking away not looking back at the laughing moron and mentally punched himself for even telling him.

End of Flashback


"Ryuzaki what are you doing here?",Ryoma asked with one eyebrow raised.

"Um,y-you see Ryoma-kun-"

"I invited her here"Nanjiroh said cutting off Sakuno.

Ryoma could have screamed, "WHAT" and started strangling his baka Oyaji or something but since he is RYOMA ECHIZEN he didn't and just said "Hn"and sat down beside Sakuno and began eating his dinner.

In the middle of eating...

"Oh yeah! She'll be sleeping in your room too, brat!",Nanjiroh grinned.

Ryoma choked while saying,"What!Why?!"

"Because I said so!"

"That's not a good reason",Ryoma muttered.

"Well she obviously can't stay in our room and Nanako-san's room is too small"



And Sakuno just sat there eating her food and listening to the conversation getting redder by the second.


"Ok everyone time to go to bed!",Nanako said

"Hai",everyone answered

So everyone went to their room except for Sakuno because she went to Ryoma's room.

Inside Ryoma's room...

"Um Ryoma-kun where d-do we s-sleep?",Sakuno asked.

"In my bed Duh! There are no more sleeping bags or anything to cover the floor and you don't expect that either of us is going to sleep in the floor, right?"

Sakuno just nodded and blushed at the fact that she and Ryoma had to sleep in the same room and on the same bed!

So while thinking of those things she just stood there like a dope until Ryoma shouted "Oi Ryuzaki!"What the heck is wrong with her? He thought. And then Sakuno snapped out of it and saw Ryoma on the bed already so she climbs on the bed and faced the opposite direction of Ryoma.

The End

Or is it