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In the morning

Beep Beep Beep

Ryoma woke up from his slumber and stretched, Hmmm,Ryuzaki is still asleep, should I wake her up or not?, Ryoma thought,Nah, maybe later besides I've got practice today buchou wants us to train hard for the nationals,Tche, mada mada dane.And he got up from the bed and went to he bathroom to take a shower.

After the shower...

"Oi Ryuzaki!",Ryoma shouted standing near the bed, "Wake up already!", Sakuno shot out of bed,"Good Morning,Ryoma-kun Yawn" ,she said half awake.


The door suddenly opened.

"Oh good, you both are already awake!",Nanjiroh exclaimed.

"What do you want Oyaji?!"

"Nothing much brat, just wanted to tell you that breakfast is ready, the old hag-er-Ryuzaki Sumire left these clothes for Sakuno-chan and told her she should stay here for a while coz Sumire is busy and we should bring Sakuno-chan home after lunch", then he notices Ryoma is already "dressed up" to go outside, "Say brat, where are you going this early?",since it was only 7 o'clock am.

"I have practice today",Groan, why did we have practice today?! What if baka Oyaji will do something incredibly stupid which will get me humiliated?!

"Ok, Whatever", Hmmm, so Sakuno-chan will be staying here alone for a while, this is the perfect oppurtunity to do something stupid to humiliate that brat and it is also my revenge to him coz he burned my precious magazines!Mwahahahah!, Nanjiroh thought happily.

After Ryoma left...

Nanjiroh and Sakuno had a small conversation then...

"Hey Sakuno-chan! Come here I wanna show ya something!", Nanjiroh yelled.

Sakuno followed Nanjiroh in the living room...


"Look at this", he said showing her a big red book...or is it?

After practice 12 o'clock am

I better hurry up and get home!, Ryoma thought as he raced through the streets to his home.

Pant Pant Pant

Howls of laughter can be heard throughout the house. The loudest were obviously made by Nanjiroh and the soft giggles from Sakuno.

He ran to the direction of the voices...

Lo and behold! What they were laughing at was...

A photo album...

but a photo album filled with...

My Baby Pictures!!,Ryoma screamed in his mind, yet the two didn't seem to notice the poor brat.

"And this was taken on the brat's 2nd birthday...", Nanjiroh said as Sakuno giggled at the picture.Ryoma as a kid apparently squashed the cake, making it scatter so there was cake all over him, on his hair,his clothes,his face,everywhere! He looked abnormally goofy and very very unRyoma-like.

Sakuno burst out laughing, "HaHaHaHa!"

Same thing happened to Nanjiroh, "HaHaHaHa!", both had tears in there eyes so with all the laughing they still didn't notice the poor poor brat standing in front of them .

Aaaarghhh! I new baka Oyaji would do something like this! Why didn't I burn these pictures together with his porn?! he thought.

Then finally the brat got Nanjiroh's attention

"Ah brat you're finally here!", Nanjiroh said with a sly smirk, "I was just showing Sakuno-chan some pictures"

Sakuno blushed when she saw the poor humiliated guy and said, "G-gomen R-ryoma-kun" she said with a pout then smiled, " were s-so adorable when you w-were a baby!", she said.

As she showed him the the pictures they were looking at.

The 1st was his picture on his 2nd birthday, the next was when he was 2 years old, he was wearing a black and grey yukata ,pouting obviously mad because he was forced to wear it. The 3rd was at the beach when he was 2 years old also, he was already wearing his white cap, a black t-shirt and red shorts carrying a small pail and shovel,his arms were folded and he was frowning, the last one was when he learned how to play tennis also (and obviously) he was 2 years old, he was wearing maong jumpers and a red t-shirt inside it and he was holding a large racket, (compared to him at least) it was huge.

Ryoma's jaw dropped, mentally of course.

BAKA OYAJI!!, Ryoma screamed in his mind and gave Nanjiroh a death glare.

Nanjiroh just smirked slyly at him, "Oi brat! Me and Sakuno-chan here already ate lunch, so isn't it time to bring her home"

"...", still very angry/humiliated because of what Nanjiroh did, "Hn,Fine! Let's go Ryuzaki"

"H-hai", then she looked at Nanjiroh, "Arigato, for um...entertaining me this morning and for letting me stay here"

While walking to her house Sakuno thought of her and Nanjiroh's conversasion.


"So Sakuno-chan how's the brat doing at school?", Nanjiroh asked bordingly apparantly not caring at all but just felt like asking.

"F-fine, he's actually one of the s-smartest students there", she informed him.

"Oh really",Hmmm, what should I do to humiliate the brat?,he thought.

"Do you have a question about the brat that you want to be answered?", he asked innocently, This is perfect I'll spill secrets to her about the brat!,he thought happily.

" N-none actually", Yes!! I've got tons and tons of questions!Like: Who is this girl he likes?,Why is he naive,stupid and insensitive or in other words a brat all the time?, How come he is the complete opposite of his dad?, Sakuno thought.

"Are you sure", Nanjiroh asked raising one eyebrow, Noooo! My plan is ruined ruined! I tell you! Better think of another one...

"I don't really know anything about his childhood...", His childhood! Baka Sakuno! Of all the things why that?!

That's a great idea! I can show her his baby pictures!Bwahahaha!My plan to humiliiate the brat is still in progress!,Nanjiroh thought happily.

"Hey Sakuno-chan! Come here, I wanna show ya something" Nanjiroh yelled


End of Flashback

They were almost at her house...

Sakuno giggled as she recalled Ryoma's baby pictures.

The prince of tennis/brat heard her giggle, "What's so funny", he asked with one eyebrow raised, She must be laughing at my pictures! Groan! I swear when I get home Oyaji is so dead!

"N-nothing, Ryoma-kun"

Then they arrived at the Ryuzaki residence

"Arigato for bringing me home Ryoma-kun", she said. And she gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

"Hn, see ya tomorrow Ryuzaki", was he's reply while blushing a little bit, he was thinking on how to destroy,murder,kill,etc his Oyaji.

"Y-yeah,Bye", a very very red Sakuno said.

Unknown to the couple, a weirdo was hiding under some bushes...

"That's it?! A little kiss on the cheek only?!", the weirdo...Nanjiroh complained, "Tche, and why the hell am I sooo itchy?!...Wait this bush is poison ivy, Aaargh!!"

THE real END

Yeah, yeah, yeah, if ya think the story is boring well I am sorry for that but I can't think of anything to write and if there are complaints of why they(as in Ryoma and Sakuno) didn't kiss (just in case) 1, because I didn't feel like it and 2, coz Ryoma was just startin' to like her only starting.