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I have decided to take part in a writing challenge! I have one hundred one-shots to write, and my chosen theme is KataraxAang (Kataang) from Avatar. Just to explain a few things, I'll try and update as much as possible and most of these will be set when the characters are older, but ages will vary from time to time.

At the top of each "chapter" will be the one-shots summary as well as the title being the provided theme. Length of one-shots will also differ.

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Avatar Challenge

032: Night

Katara wakes Aang in the middle of the night, something on her mind.


Katara considered herself unable to sleep.

She could feel the soft rise and fall of Aang's breath as he dozed hazily beside her, his arms wrapped cosily around her figure while she gazed vaguely into the nothingness of the dark blotches that surrounded her. Her stare drifted to her husband, his mouth slightly apart as he inhaled, a look of peacefulness on his features.

Her lips curled upwards, the exhaustion clearly shown in the weakness of the expression. The dim glow of the moon draped through the window and lit the foot of the bed, her toes squirmed into a more comfortable position as she snuggled closer to Aang and embraced his torso with a light squeeze.

He let out a small groan, making the corners of her mouth twitch once more in mild amusement.

An idea struck.

"Aang!" she whispered urgently. "Aang, wake up!"

The Avatar grunted in subconscious acknowledgment, rolling to his side.


A sharp prod at his abdomen had him bolt up from his rested position, looking about the room wildly.

"Wha – I… Katara!" he exclaimed in surprise, taking her shoulders. "What's the matter? Are you alright?"

In utter confusion he gazed about the room for any signs of oncoming danger, eyes squinting as he tried to comprehend the situation. Katara attempted an emotionless expression, gently pulling at his arm until his gaze steadied on her and his tensed muscles loosened.

"I'm fine." she stated simply, mirth clearly shown.

Aang blinked. "It's the middle of the night," he said slowly, his voice hoarse as he shivered from the lack of warmth on his bare chest from where the blanket once covered. "Are you sure nothings wrong? Is something on your mind?"

She hesitated, covering it up with a feeble chuckle. "It's just…" she began uneasily. "You better get use to it…"

If possible, the Airbender appeared more baffled.

"What do you mean, love?"

Her hands fell into her lap as she nibbled her bottom lip restlessly. "Someone getting you up in the middle of the night, that is." she clarified quickly, fiddling with her nightgown, twisting it into tight knots around her fingers.

A slight pause followed. "Why?"

"Well," her anxious tone was lost and replaced by a cheeky grin. "The baby will be doing it all the time."

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