Aniki Loves Otouto loves Jinchuuriki

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Itachi sat in the tree watching his 14 year old brother train almost every day he didn't have a mission. Sasuke had grown up to be so beautiful, just like Itachi had hoped. It was just such a shame his beauty wasn't appreciated as much as his attitude was. Of course, he had to be an avenger. It was purely assumed as his role in the Uchiha clan after what Itachi did. Itachi knew this, and knew Sasuke was training to kill him. This never stopped him from loving his Otouto. He missed being with him; he missed hearing Sasuke's sweet little voice… "Aniki! I love you!"

Now it was all hate that came out of his baby brother's mind. 'Such a shame…' Itachi thought as he sat in the tree alone, his chakra hidden. His brother was throwing kunai at the trunk beside Itachi, with every blade hitting the exact spot aimed at. 'Impressive, Otouto…' Itachi remarked. How he wished being able to say that aloud. But with his plan, it wouldn't be long until he could.

Around dusk, Sasuke went inside after a long day of training. Sweat glistened across his body, his raven hair dripping and sticking to his forehead. Quickly, he walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As he gazed in to mirror at this boy with dark hair, somewhat certain sadness in his eyes, he though to himself: 'Aniki…Why?'

Sasuke had been wondering that ever since the night Itachi stained himself with murder. Lately, though, Sasuke had thought about Itachi much more. It frustrated him to no end, having such mixed feelings about Itachi. 'I miss you, and hate you, and love you, and want to kill you, and want you to hug me, kiss me, let me stab you to death, fight me, want you to talk to me, I want you to love me forever, explain to me why you ruined our life, let me hit you over and over, I want you to touch me…' Sasuke thought.

"Aghh!" he screamed at the mirror, pulling his hair as if it would make him stop thinking about Itachi. 'I'm so stupid!'

Taking his clothes off, he stepped in the shower, letting the hot water rinse away all of his emotions. Five minutes later, he thought he heard the doorbell. 'No, it couldn't possibly be seven already!' He thought as he hopped out of the shower after rinsing his hair one last time. Grabbing a towel around his waist, he ran into his room.

"Shit!" he said, grabbing some boxers, pants, and a shirt. It was 7:02. Sasuke ran to the door, dressing as he went. His hair was still damp from the shower.

"Hey teme!" The smiling blonde with whisker marks exclaimed.

"Why's your hair wet? Wait," he said putting his hands up for dramatic affect, "You forgot I was coming over. Didn't you?"

"Uh, no. I was just going for the wet look, dobe. Don't you like it?" Sasuke answered with a pose.

"Uhm, doesn't really suit you like your usual hair does…" Naruto said with a confused look at his lover.

"You idiot. Of course I forgot. I've been training all day."

"I knew it! You're the idiot, teme." Naruto said embracing Sasuke in a hug. Sasuke hugged Naruto back, shutting the door after pulling him inside.

"Oh well, let me just dry my hair. Be right back!" He said quickly, turning away to go back to his room to blow-dry his hair.

"Okay, I'll just wander around." Naruto called back with a laugh.

Sasuke walked into the living room to the sound of snoring. A sleeping body was lying on the couch. Blonde spikes were the only things visible around the pillow covering Naruto's face. Sasuke just chuckled with a pleasant smirk.

"Dobe…" he whispered. His lover's hands were holding the pillow, so Sasuke woke him my sitting on his blonde's stomach.

"Ahh! Get off, I'm awake!" Naruto yelled at Sasuke, throwing the pillow at him. Sasuke put his hands up in defense.

"Okay, okay!" he said, standing up.

"Sorry, love."

"Do you always have to sit on me?" Naruto questioned, now leaning upright.

"Couldn't you just nudge me or something?"

"Aww what fun would that be?" Sasuke retorted sarcastically, sitting beside the blonde.

"Hmph." Was all that was replied as Naruto crossed his arms, looking away.

Sasuke wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's waist pulling them together, placing his head on Naruto's shoulder delicately.

"I love you, dobe." He whispered softly. At this, Naruto turned back toward Sasuke, looking into his beautiful coal eyes.

"Love you, too." He replied with a smile. "But, why do you always have to be so cute? I can never stay mad at you." Sasuke shrugged with a smirk on his face. "See?!" Naruto pointed out. They both laughed.

"I'm hungry…" Naruto commented.

"Me too; lets eat." Sasuke said standing up, pulling Naruto with him.

After having their ramen, Sasuke told Naruto to close his eyes for two minutes then go look for him.

"Huh?" Naruto questioned at this silly proposal.

"Just do it," Sasuke said with his signature 'trust me' smile.

"Alright…" the blonde replied, closing his eyes and covering them with his hands.

"No peaking!" Sasuke said, walking down the hallway.

"Duhh…" Naruto said softly, though he was secretly peering through his fingers watching Sasuke walk toward his room, dropping his shirt in the hall.

"I know you saw that!" The dark haired boy called.

"Saw what?" Naruto asked back as innocently as he could after what he just saw, feeling a blush rise in his cheeks. Sasuke just laughed softly in return.


Now back at the Akatsuki hideout, Itachi walked silently through the halls. This was one of the things that amazed people about him: the way his whole body synchronized perfectly with the movement of his hips let him move about absolutely silently. He moved past Deidara and Sasori's room hearing Dei's giggling. This made Itachi smirk. Sasori and Deidara were playing one of their 'little games' again.

Itachi had the experience of walking in on them once.


Itachi saw that Deidara was in a short flouncy skirt with his hair flowing around his shoulders and down his back through the small crack in the sliding door. Most would have thought he was a female from the back view. There was a corset on the floor near the bed, and Sasori was in nothing but his half unbuttoned Akatsuki cloak. They were standing in the middle of the room where Sasori was holding Deidara's hands behind his back, whispering in his ear. What ever he must have been saying was making Deidara squirm and beg.


"Please! Now, do it!"


"But, Danna! I need it!"


Itachi didn't know if he wanted to hear what Sasori was whispering to Deidara or not. Sliding the door open, Itachi said "Sorry to interrupt you two." "Shit!" Deidara cursed, grabbing his Akatsuki cloak off of a hook on the wall, near him, covering his bare chest. "What the fuck, Itachi?! Don't you knock?" he exclaimed. "Oops…" Itachi remarked, indifferently. "No matter, Deidara. We'll finish our game later." Sasori comforted. "But-" The light haired boy complained. "Do you want an audience?" Sasori asked in a stern tone. Deidara just blushed as an answer. "Itachi, what did you want? Sasori finally questioned. "Oh. Leader-sama needed to speak with you two pertaining to a short mission." Itachi answered. "Right. Thanks." Deidara said quickly, meaning for Itachi to leave. Itachi nodded his head, slinking off down the hall with a nearly invisible smirk.

-end of flashback-

Entering the lounging room, Itachi saw Konan sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. She was reading a magazine.

"Shopping?" Itachi asked sarcastically.

"Idiot." Konan replied.


"Did I stutter?" Konan shot back at him.

"Bitch." Itachi said. At that, Konan looked up from her reading. Her stare could have burned a hole through something. She began to get up, pulling out a paper shuriken. Walking toward him, she just kept her gaze on his.

"Why are you in such a bad mood, Blue? Pein not fuck you lately?" She glared at him, fire in her eyes.

"I. Have. A. Name." She ground out, trying her best to ignore his last sentence.

"I know, Konan. But Blue fits you." He said as she stopped in front of him, still holding the shuriken level with her chest. He loved messing with her, especially when she was in such a bad mood.

"Leave." She said darkly.

"What ever." Itachi shrugged, walking into the kitchen.

Hidan entered the living room then, about to speak to Konan. Itachi swiftly grabbed him, dragging him into the kitchen.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. She's pissed about something."

"I was going to ask her where the fuck you were. I guess I didn't need to." Hidan remarked.

"What did you need?" Itachi asked. "Leader-sama wants to talk to you." Hidan replied with a small shrug.

"Kay, thanks." Itachi said, quickly walking away, down the hall to Pein's office.

With two light knocks, like always, Itachi stood at the door.

"Come in, Itachi." He opened the door, walking into the roomy office. Pein sat in the middle of the room at the dark wooded desk. Bookshelves lined the walls stocked with years of stolen and collected information.

"You needed to se me, Leader-sama?" Itachi asked after a low bow.

"Why do you watch Sasuke everyday?" The red haired man questioned.

"How-," Itachi began.

"Zetsu." Pein answered, before Itachi could even ask.

"Oh… I… I don't know, leader-sama." The teen answered.

"Your voice lies, Itachi."

"I'm sorry, master." He apologized. Itachi couldn't just say 'I love him'. S- rank criminals do not love, or so he was told.

"Do you want to bring him here for a while?" Pein asked.

"W-what?" Itachi stammered. "You would allow that?"

"Yes as long as he in unconscious on the way here and back to Konoha, I see no harm in it. I can tell you miss him, Itachi."

"I- I do, Leader-sama." He admitted.

"Very well then. You may go." Pein excused him.

"Thank you, Leader-sama." Itachi said politely with another bow before leaving, shutting the door behind him.

Itachi didn't know how he hadn't noticed Zetsu following him those times to Sasuke's apartment. It was actually really freaky to know someone could get by him, of all people, unnoticed. On top of all that, Leader-sama was allowing him to bring Sasuke here? How unexpected… No matter, it was good news. He would finally get to love his Otouto freely. Oh, what plans he had for them…

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