Aniki Loves Otouto Loves Jinchuuriki

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Finally all of the Leaf shinobi had taken out enough Sound ninja to cause the others to retreat.

With a few wounds and heavy breath, they all grouped up as Sakura started to heal a few of the injuries.

"What the hell was that about?" Ino asked incredulously.

"I really don't know." Kakashi answered, storing away his kunai.

Shikamaru shook his head. "I might have an idea… But it's a long shot. I don't even know how he would know about Sasuke… But what if Orochimaru wants Sasuke for himself? You know how he went after Itachi that first time after the Uchiha disappeared. He probably still wants the Sharingan. But I still don't understand how he knew we were coming to rescue him, especially how he knew our location."

Everyone thought about this, feeling the hair on the back of their necks stand on end. Just another obstacle getting in the way of rescuing Sasuke.

Anko spoke up, shaking her head slightly in disbelief. "I'm almost sure that Kabuto could have tracked our position. Even one of Orochimaru's snakes could be sent out to follow us and then guide that group of shinobi to our traveling path."

Everyone seemed to look at her with a worried expression. They were out in semi-unknown territory, trekking out to the base of all evil, the Akatsuki hide out, and now Sound just became another one of their problems.

"We're not turning back." Naruto said, catching his breath and sounding completely final about the decision. "It's not an option, damnit.."

Everyone nodded, agreeing with him. They couldn't let Orochimaru have Sasuke—or anyone from Konoha for that matter.


Kabuto came back to the Sound complex, dropping off his weapons in his chambers. He knew this was not going to go over well with the Leader of Sound. Finally walking to Orochimaru's part of the compound, he located his Master. Bowing in front of the Snake lord, he refrained from speaking.

"Where is the boy?" Orochimaru asked pointedly.

"…It turned out to be an outnumbered fight. I could not complete the attempt." He said, frowning.

His master glared at him. "I'm very disappointed, Kabuto… I figured this would be a simple task for you as no one was expecting your visit. Now that they are, it will be much more difficult to capture Sasuke." Orochimaru spoke, his eyes seeming to burn holes in Kabuto. He was not pleased in the least. Kabuto had failed him—and he would pay for it dearly.

"Yes, my Lord… I realize that." Kabuto said, looking to his master, trying to be as apologetic as possible without groveling at his feet.

"We will just have to see to your punishment later. You have failed me gravely, Kabuto." Orochimaru said in a soft, yet amused manor.

The Oto-nin looked to his master, a confused expression gracing his eyes.

"..My Lord?"

"Later, Kabuto." The Snake lord smirked and then spoke again. "Any other questions? Or shall I dismiss you for the night?"

"Just one.. Have you had word from the group that was sent to search for the Konoha shinobi? As you know, we discovered their location. There were the exact number you assumed there would be, my Lord."


Later that night, Sasuke was lying in bed, finally feeling comfortable. Itachi's bed wasn't so bad when you weren't in dire pain for one reason or another.

Hearing the door open, he quickly activated his Sharingan. He was on guard now.

"It's just me, Otouto." Itachi said and Sasuke met his brother's glowing Sharingan eyes coming through the doorway.

"Oh." Sasuke said, slowly lying back down.

Itachi came to the side of the bed, slipping his Akatsuki cloak off and hanging it on the bedpost.

Slipping under the covers, he wrapped his arm around Sasuke's waist and sighed softly as he snuggled in behind him. Sasuke felt like smiling softly, but he couldn't bring himself to quite yet.

Sasuke looked at the opposite wall, not sleepy yet.

"I wonder.." Itachi said softly.


"You said you loved me before all of this. I'm curious to know… Do you love me now?"

Sasuke didn't really know what to say. Itachi was his brother… Yes, he loved him… But—what was stopping him from just answering the question?

"Uh…" Sasuke said in barely above a whisper, "Yes…"

Itachi kissed his shoulder softly and then whispered in his ear, "I love you too, Otouto…" His fingers stroked Sasuke's waistline delicately, his fingertips brushing the skin above Sasuke's sleep-pants.

The younger Uchiha bit his lip lightly and resisted squirming as he felt the touch. Did Itachi know what he was doing to him right now? 'Yes… Of course he does.' Sasuke answered his own question silently.

Itachi slipped his hands a little lower, brushing the waistband now.

"I-itachi…" Sasuke said quietly, feeling himself start to get hard.

"Mm.. yes, Sasuke?"

"I…" Itachi lowered his fingers barely under the waistband now, touching lower. "Aniki…." Sasuke said in a slightly scornful way, but completely submissive. Yes, Itachi knew exactly what he was doing.

"Mm…" Itachi hummed softly, running the tip of his tongue barely along the shell of Sasuke's ear and then whispered, "You know, I still love when you call me that… I've missed hearing it…"

Sasuke bit his lip again, wanting to push Itachi's hand lower, but a part of him was still screaming about how this was so completely wrong and that it didn't matter if Naruto was dead or not—that he was still Sasuke's lover, not Itachi, who was his older brother in the first place.

But that other part of him didn't care for some reason. He knew he'd wanted Itachi to do this ever since he was younger.

Letting a small breath out, his fingertips brushed downward along Itachi's hand, hinting what he wanted.

Getting the idea, Itachi lowered his hand into Sasuke's pants a little more, gently running his fingertips along the younger Uchiha's erection.

"Ah…" Sasuke said softly as Itachi touched him and kissed his shoulder again, lightly running his tongue along the skin.

"You want this tonight… Don't you…" Itachi said with a smirk evident in his voice.

Sasuke nodded slightly, a little embarrassed. 'Is it that obvious? …Itachi seems different now.. Will it not be painful like all the other times?'

Sliding Sasuke's pants down his hips a little bit, Itachi took a gentle grip around him, slowly moving his hand back and forth, letting his other hand wander lightly across Sasuke's bare back.

"Mmph.." Sasuke bit his lip, trying to hold back his pleasured noises.

"No holding back… I want to hear you, Otouto.." Itachi said, starting to kiss from Sasuke's shoulder up the base of his neck, running his tongue along the skin.

The younger let a quiet breath out, a small, soft moan attached at the end. "A-aniki…"

Itachi felt a swell of pride flow within him and he felt like grinning. "Yes, Sasuke?" He said, biting into his brother's shoulder really lightly just to tease him.

Sasuke rolled over a little so that he was lying on his back. "I.. I want you on top of me…"

The older let his grip fade away and then stripped himself of his fishnet shirt, gently straddling Sasuke and holding himself up by his elbows so that their chests were barely touching, their faces not even an inch away. "Like this, Otouto?..." Itachi said, his voice dripping with sexual innuendo and lust as his hand took a grip around Sasuke again.

The younger could feel Itachi's warm breath wash over him. "Yes.." Sasuke slipped his hand between them, running his fingertips across Itachi's skin, loving how soft it is and the older connected their lips, kissing softly at first.

The kiss took Sasuke's breath away. Everything Itachi was doing seemed to make his lust burn hotter for his brother's touch.

Sasuke voluntarily opened his mouth a little and Itachi took the chance to slip his tongue in, tracing every inch of the warm cavern slowly with his tongue.

"Mmhh…" Sasuke moaned softly as Itachi brushed his finger over the head of his erection. Pulling back from the kiss, Itachi trailed his kisses down to Sasuke's neck then to his chest, running his tongue teasingly around one of Sasuke's nipples.

The younger arched his back slightly as Itachi did this, feeling like Itachi's tongue alone was going to drive him insane.

"Please… Aniki… You're teasing me…"

"Mm.." Itachi hummed, taking the nipple into his mouth and sucking gently, reaching down and unbuttoning his own pants as he did this.

Sasuke's breath turned into soft panting and he rolled his hips lightly against Itachi's rhythm with his hand, wanting a greater amount of friction between them. He hadn't felt pleasure like this since he was taken away from Konoha… from his blonde lover.

But he noticed that being with his brother this way was different than it was with Naruto. Sasuke couldn't even remember how long he had been craving this kind of touch from Itachi and now that he was receiving it, everything else seemed not to matter. It was as if his older brother could clear anything but himself from Sasuke's mind, forcing him to only think about the moment at hand.

Itachi's kisses slipped lower and he ran his tongue teasingly around Sasuke's bellybutton, mimicking what he could do to other parts of his body.

"Ahhh… Please, Itachi…" Sasuke begged for a lower touch. His brother obliged, lowering himself down the younger's body even more, running his sinfully warm tongue around the head of his erection.

Sasuke helplessly bit his lip, fighting back a moan that wanted to escape from his mouth as Itachi took more in, running his tongue along the bottom vein.

Pulling back a little, Itachi flashed his eyes up to Sasuke's. "Remember, Otouto… No holding back…"

The younger nodded obediently, wanting the warmth and pleasure to return.

Itachi took Sasuke into his mouth again, a soft, trembling moan meeting his ears, making his own erection throb.

"Ahh… A-aniki.." Sasuke's breath had become quicker and he resisted grabbing onto Itachi's long black hair that was draped over his pale shoulder so temptingly.

He groaned softly as his brother began to move back and forth. The feeling was so… warm. "Ohh…" He moaned softly, grabbing onto the sheets under him, feeling himself tense within Itachi's mouth.

"Itachi!... S-stop.. I'm gonna.. ahh.." Sasuke panted, touching Itachi's shoulder lightly, feeling as if he could climax right then and there.

Itachi's mouth didn't slow, and he gently laced his fingers with Sasuke's, bringing his hand off of his shoulder, letting him know silently that he wasn't going to stop.

Sasuke whimpered softly, feeling himself tense completely. "Oh god, Itachi!.. I'm.. Ah!" He cried out, feeling his peak wash through him powerfully as he released into Itachi's mouth.

"Ah-h.. Mmh…" Sasuke's moans slowly died down to quiet, trembling hums as he gasped for breath, feeling Itachi lick his fading erection gently, cleaning off all of the liquid with his tongue lightly.

Itachi's eyes slowly rose to his as he licked the last bit off the corner of his mouth and then kissed Sasuke, running his hands back up the younger's body.

Sasuke kissed back, overwhelmed with how much just Itachi's simple touches affected him. They seemed to set a trail of fire in their wake, heating Sasuke's body to just the right temperature that made him want to give himself to his brother completely. He was his, for however long he wanted; Sasuke was helpless under his touch.

"Itachi…" Sasuke said in barely above a whisper, still trying to catch his breath as Itachi kissed the corner of his mouth lightly and pulled away slightly to let him say something, still lightly running his fingers along his brother's side.

"Yes, Sasuke?" Itachi said softly, smiling a little and then going to his ear, licking the shell lightly before whispering, "What is it, Love?"

'Love…' Sasuke heard the name and felt heat rise to his cheeks lightly. …Did Itachi really just call him that?

"I… need you, Aniki.." Sasuke said, blushing lightly when he heard himself say that. Since when was he so needy when it came to sexual desires?

"Mm… Well then I wouldn't want to deny what you need…" Itachi said teasingly, slipping Sasuke's pants and boxers all the way off now, dipping a thumb under his own waistband and sitting up a little, letting Sasuke's eyes fall to where his hand now was.

Slowly he pulled them down, displaying inch after inch of his pale curves, the gently V-shaped lines that formed his hip muscles shaded dramatically in the moonlight.

The younger felt himself almost drool as Itachi stripped himself so teasingly. Sasuke squirmed a little impatiently, watching as his brother's pants dropped down his thighs so he could now see the erection that had been hidden until now.

Crawling toward Sasuke and ridding himself of his pants completely, Itachi pressed his warm, hard member on Sasuke's lower abdomen, letting him feel the skin against skin.

"Mmh…" Sasuke pressed himself lightly up to the touch and Itachi whispered in his ear. "Wrap your legs around me…"

Sasuke obediently did as Itachi commanded gently and Itachi wrapped his arms around the younger's back, pulling him up from the bed so that he was now facing Itachi and sitting on his lap.

Letting out a soft gasp at the new feeling of closeness, Sasuke leaned in a little, wrapping his hands around Itachi's shoulders, pulling them together.

"I do love you…" He said really softly, knowing that he meant it deeply.

Itachi's lips turned into a warm smile and he kissed Sasuke's shoulder lightly, turning and whispering, "I've always loved you… I kept you alive… for that very reason…"

Sasuke felt his heart clench as he heard those words, feeling the most comfort in someone's arms as he had in a long time. He was with his brother again… Just the way he wanted to be.

Kissing the younger's neck softly, Itachi said in a gentle, subtle voice, "…Do you want to do this tonight..? We can wait… I can wait…"

Sasuke felt warm and safe in his brother's arms as they sat like this and then nodded slightly. "Yes.. I do want this tonight… I need this tonight…"

Itachi kisses his neck again, running his tongue along the skin gently. He felt a shiver run up his younger brother's back gently and smirked against his skin. He loved how sensitive Sasuke was.

"Mmh…" Sasuke moaned softly as he felt himself hardening again. The older leaned over a little and reached under a far pillow, getting out a small bottle and pouring a bit onto his fingers.

Sasuke noticed this, feeling the little butterflies in his stomach. He'd never felt how it was if Itachi was gentle and presumed that if his touches sent him over the edge so easily, this was going to feel so overwhelmingly pleasurable that he couldn't even imagine it.

Kissing his otouto gently on the lips, he coated his fingers evenly and slipped them under Sasuke, running an index finger lightly around his entrance. This made the younger squirm lightly, rolling his hips a little and trying to sink down on the finger.

Pushing in slowly, Itachi reveled in the tight heat he felt around his finger as he pushed past the two rings of tightened muscles within Sasuke. "Otouto… Relax… I won't hurt you…"

Sasuke took a small breath in, and did his best to relax a little as Itachi slipped a second finger in, whispering to him, "Good, Sasuke… That's it…"

Biting his lip lightly, Sasuke rested his forehead on Itachi's strong shoulder as the older pulled his fingers out gently and pushed back in, curling them forward a little and letting his middle fingertip brush along Sasuke's prostate.

"Ah… A-again.. Itachi, please… Right there…" Sasuke squirmed a little and nuzzled his head into the crook between Itachi's shoulder and neck, letting out a soft moan as Itachi brushed there again with a little more pressure this time. "God… Yes… Aniki…" Sasuke whispered breathlessly.

Adding a third finger gently and stretching the younger a little more, Itachi took his other hand and stroked Sasuke's back gently. "…Are you ready?" He asked, still pushing his fingers in and out slowly.

"Yeah…" Sasuke said, nodding and pulling back a little, straddling his brother and feeling Itachi's erection throb as the head brushed against his well prepared entrance.

Itachi poured a little more of the liquid onto his palm, coating his erection well and aligning himself with his brother. Gently placing his hands on Sasuke's hips, he slowly guided the younger down onto him, keeping their dark onyx eyes connected in a deep gaze.

Sasuke closed his eyes tightly as he felt Itachi fill him so slowly, causing his whole body to heat up with slight discomfort but even more pleasure than he could have anticipated. This was all so intimate—something he'd never dreamed was capable for his brother to achieve.

The younger Uchiha's breath began to get heavier as little strangled moans slipped from his voice. Itachi slowly lowered him down until he was seated onto him completely, letting out a soft groan of his own at the impossible heat and tightness Sasuke's body still held.

"Gods, Sasuke…" He said, merely above a whisper, one hand moving from one of the younger's hips to the soft skin of his lower back, rubbing gently as Itachi waited for him to adjust.

"M-move, Aniki…" Sasuke murmured, hugging their bodies together as he voluntarily lifted his hips carefully, causing Itachi to pull out until only the head was left within him and then he sank back down, re-sheathing his brother within him deeply.

"Aah…" Sasuke moaned softly, his eyes widening slightly at the friction, feeling his body crave more.

"Mm… Otouto.." Itachi said softly, placing both of his hands on Sasuke's hips now, helping him start a slow rhythm between them. Every thrust caused a tremble to run up Sasuke's spine and a small murmured sound of pleasure to fall from his lips. He had never dreamed this could feel so good.

They moved quicker gradually, together in the darkness of the room, their bodies silhouetted in striking black and white from the moonlight.

"Oh god… Aniki… A-Itachi… Ohh…" Sasuke panted softly, feeling himself tense around Itachi and his untouched erection to throb temptingly.

Reaching between them with one hand and still guiding Sasuke's movements with the other, Itachi took a gently grip around the younger's erection, bringing more broken moans and whimpers from his brother's voice.

Their rapid breathing echoed throughout the room as they sped up even more, gradually building up their climaxes together. Itachi listened as his brother's beautiful, helpless moans rose in pitch as their speed and friction increased.

"Itachi… I'm.. I can't hold b-back anymore… I'm gonna… Oh… Ohh…" Sasuke's fingernails dug into the milky white skin of Itachi's shoulder blades as he trembled, right on the edge of his second orgasm of the night.

"Let go… I'm here.. Fall with me…" Itachi whispered in his brother's ear, giving a particularly strong thrust and languid stroke with his hand, causing Sasuke to tense up completely, calling out "A-aniki!..." throughout the room, reaching his peak so amazingly, in a sensation that he'd never felt before that made it one of the best orgasms he'd ever experienced.

"Mmh.. Sasuke.." Itachi murmured, biting down on Sasuke's shoulder as gently as he could, releasing himself deep within his brother with a soft groan of pleasure. They both stilled, riding out their powerful orgasms.

Finally when the younger relaxed within his brother's arms, did Itachi let them fall back to the previous position with Sasuke on his back. Falling gently on top of him, the older rested within him for a few more seconds before gently pulling out and resting beside his brother.

The younger Uchiha's breath slowed slightly as he came down from the amazing high, fluttering his eyes open and looking over his older brother, love simmering within his gaze.

Itachi looked back with that same burning intensity that only they could see. Reaching over and stroking Sasuke's cheek gently with his thumb, Itachi brushed a piece of stray onyx hair out of Sasuke's eyes.

Words really weren't necessary because their gazes could read each other so well. Scooting a little closer to Itachi, Sasuke settled himself within his arms and the older gently pulled up the blankets around them, closing his eyes and finally feeling at peace with himself.

Sasuke returned the love he had felt for him for so many years. Everything would be fine now.

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