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Chapter One: What happens now?

Bip bip beep bip bip beep

The sound of Rory's alarm clock went off and, grumbling, she rolled over to hit the snooze button for the second time. She had to get up this time, and she knew it, however that didn't mean she wanted to. It had only been about a month since she had said goodbye to Paris, Lucy and Olivia back at Yale. Only a about a month since she had given Logan back his ring. Rory sighed. Logan. Well, that was over the moment she gave him back that ring. She still couldn't believe he had proposed to her- and at her grandparent's party too! They had been perfectly happy together, factoring each other in when making their decisions. So why did he think asking her to marry him was a good idea? Especially when he knew all the things she wanted to accomplish. Logan was in New York now, Rory had only heard from him once since that day, and she doubted she'd hear from him again anytime soon.

Rory looked around her room back at Stars Hollow. It looked the same really, the wall devoted to Yale, her bed, books and dressing table. She sighed again, and made her way to the bathroom where she showered, washed her face and dressed and walked into the kitchen to find her mother, Lorelai, sitting at the table, her dog Paulanka at her feet, staring at 4 different types of cereal with a serious look on her face. Lorelai didn't look up, but she passed Rory a bowl and spoon and said "here". Rory sat down, chose the packet of fruit loops to the left of Lorelai, and poured some in her bowl. She ate and watched her mother for a bit before her curiosity took control.

"What are you doing?"
"Huh?" Lorelai look looked up, "Oh, well, I got up this morning and I thought to myself that I haven't had cereal for a while, so I looked in the cupboard and found these, but now I can't decide what to have. I mean, they all cater to different tastes. There's Fruit Loops if I want to feel a little healthy, there's Cornflakes if I'm feeling boring. These ones, I don't know what these ones are… and then them," she said, pointing to the last box "If I, you know, feel like chocolate. I just don't know."
Rory smiled to herself and said "Them. And you know it." Pointing to the chocolate cereal, that Lorelai had been eyeing for the last few minutes.
So, Lorelai poured herself some cereal and then suddenly realised that Rory was dressed in a suit.
"Rory? What day is it today?" She asked her daughter.
"Monday I believe." Rory replied.
"Right, a Monday. Why are you dressed in your suit?"
"Mum! I'm leaving this afternoon! Remember?" Rory pouted, this was a very important day for her and she didn't like that her mother had forgotten. They had spent the Saturday night picking out her outfit for this very day.
"Oh right! Of course! How could I forget…"

However, she could forget, and she had. Completely. Guilt washed over her. Forgotten that her only daughter, precious to her heart, was driving to New York that afternoon. She had an interview with a small newspaper business run by a very busy woman who, according to Rory, was in need of some "serious help" because her staff was apparently "useless at writing decent stuff." It didn't sound that great to Lorelai, who had images of Rory at some big fancy newspaper, like The New York Times, getting published every week easy as. But Rory seemed content with this job. It wasn't a small business, but it wasn't huge either, "just the right size for someone new starting out, like me" Rory had said to her mother. She would get excellent experience from the whole thing, Lorelai thought. So why had she so easily forgotten? Oh yeah, that's right. She was a girl at heart, and any girl whose head is filled with thoughts of a particular person, a certain man to be exact, forgets everything.

Lorelai smiled to herself as her mind wandered to that day a few weeks ago… but her daydreaming was interrupted by Rory's shout. "Mum! Hello? Anyone home?"
"What? Yes, I'm here, what's up?"
"Mum, were you listening to anything I just said?" Rory asked, a little impatiently.
"What? Yes, I was listening, you said…um…" Lorelai had a blank.
"I'm leaving around 12:30, one-ish."
"Right, ok, so, good luck and all that. And promise me that you will call if you have any trouble, and as soon as you arrive at the hotel, ok?"
"Yes mum, I will." and with that, she got up, kissed her mothers forehead, put her dishes on the bench and went into her room.

Rory stood in front of her bed, her suitcase sitting on top of it, open. She went through her checklist to make sure everything was packed, it was. She smiled. Now off to see Lane and the babies to say goodbye. She would only be gone for a few days at the least, but she still wanted to. Cutting through the town square as a short cut to get to Lanes flat she looked over at Luke's Diner and saw him, Luke, as usual, yelling at Taylor about something. Arriving at Lane's, she knocked, and entered. Lane was lying on the couch with her fingers up to her lips in the "shh" sign before Rory could even say a word.

"Hi." Lane whispered. "Just got the boys to finally go to sleep go back outside."
So Rory went back out, Lane right behind her, closing the door softly.
"Where's Zack Lane?" Rory asked.
"At Doose's, getting the groceries. It's always best to do it when the boys are asleep."
"Oh, right."
"You leave today right? You excited?"
"Yeah, I do, and yeah I am. Bit nervous though"
"Don't be, you'll be great!" Lane said, thumping Rory on the shoulder.
"Yeah, I hope so."

The girls both sat down on the deck chairs outside the house and gossiped for a bit, Lane talked about married life and the life of "motherhood" as she called it. Rory talked about Logan, about how it had ended so abruptly between them that she really hadn't had time to set herself up for the huge change of him not being in her life anymore. It had only been about a month, Rory pointed out.

After a small silence, Lane perked up and said "Isn't Logan in New York right now?"
"Yeah, as far as I know. But I'm not going to go see him. It would be too weird. I mean, he asked me to marry him and I said no. You can't get much more awkward than that surely."
"True." Lane said.

There was another silence, this one for a little longer, and then suddenly Lane remembered something. Jess. Jess Mariano lived in New York, Rory had told her a few months ago when she received a letter from him giving her an update of the book and art shop he had opened with a couple of his friends. Rory should go see Jess! After all, last time she had seen him, he'd kissed her, but being with Logan at the time Rory had stopped before anything else could happen. This was perfect, Jess obviously still had feelings for her otherwise he wouldn't write to her with updates of his life, and the shop's address for that matter, and Lane knew that Rory had never really gotten over him. It was perfect.

"Hey Rory?" Lane asked.
"You remember getting a letter from jess saying that his business was going really well?"
"Yes…" Rory answered, she had a feeling where this might be going.
"Well, Jess lives in New York doesn't he? Why don't you go visit him while you're there? It would be rude not to, don't you think?"
"Well, I suppose I could. And yeah, it would be wouldn't it?" Rory thought to herself. Visit Jess. Visit Jess in New York. Yes, she would. And it would be a surprise too.

The girls decided that Rory would give Jess a surprise visit the day after her interview. She was staying there for 4 days at the least, so that if any follow-up interviews came up, she would be able to get there easily. Her interview was the second day, Rory was going up early to give herself a day to settle in and prepare. Shortly after this was decided on, the boys woke up and Rory said goodbye to her best friend.

Rory looked at her watch, it was just after midday, and decided to walk around the town a little, observing, before going back to the house to put everything in the car and leave. As she was passing by Luke's, the man himself came running out of the shop.

"Rory!" Luke shouted as she went past his diner. "Rory! Wait up!"
"Luke? What's wrong?" She asked, curious as to why he had run out to her.
"Rory, hi, um, I was just uh, wondering, if uh…Hmm…" Luke stumbled over his words. Not knowing how to put what he desperately wanted to ask. Rory knew though.
"You were just wondering if my mother has mentioned you at all? Mentioned what happened at my farewell party before I went over to New York to look for jobs?" She asked, a smile on her lips.
"Uh, yeah." Luke said, a little embarrassed.
"Yeah, she told me. You know, its been like a month Luke, you better hurry up." and with that she turned around and started to walk towards home.
"Hurry up?" Luke said to himself. "Hurry up and do what?!" He shouted out to Rory. But Rory didn't answer, and Luke was left knowing exactly what he had to do.

Driving by herself to New York gave her some time to think about things. What happens now? She thought. Would she really go through with the plan her and Lane had made up? Visit Jess? Jess for god's sake! Rory didn't know for sure, but she had an excited feeling in her stomach, and it wasn't anything to do with her interview.

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