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Despite the fact that they'd just had sex, she still was a little shy with him once they were out of the intimacy of the shower. She blushed when he gazed in appreciation at her body as she dried herself off. She didn't try to hide herself though, she figured once you had sex with a man hiding from him just didn't make sense. She gathered up her still soaking clothes, shooting him a look that made him grin, before wrapping up in her bathrobe and leaving the room.

She changed out the laundry, washing her clothes and drying his, before moving to her bedroom to find something to wear. She decided on a dress, it was low key and easy. She didn't bother with makeup, though she did spray on some lavender body spray, and combed her hands through her hair. When she came back out into the living room she saw Eliot lounging on the couch ready to go.

"What are you in the mood for?" She asked as she stood by his knees in front of the couch.

He got a sexy smile and she rolled her eyes. He chuckled at her and raised a hand for her to take to "help" him up. Instead of getting up though, she was surprised when he pulled her down into his lap. She didn't protest much, just umphed when she landed in his lap. She did lean against him once he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

"Maybe we should just eat in." He nibbled on the sensitive spot just below her ear and she had to rely on her years of practice to conjure up the strength to resist giving in to the temptation to just let him have his way with her at that moment.

She shook her head, though she didn't stop him from nibbling his way down to her neck, "If we stay in then you'll just keep doing stuff like this and then I'll do stuff like this and we'll neither eat nor talk. So I figure if we go public then we'll both have to restrain ourselves enough to not get arrested for indecent exposure," she nearly squealed when one of his hands somehow managed to pinch her read, "and we'll be able to talk. Stop that." She swatted at his hand when it started to 'count' her ribs up to her breasts.

Eliot sighed and stopped, "Okay, you win." He gave her another sexy smile, "This time."

She couldn't help but wonder what loosing to him would be like.

They decided on a pizza joint on the same block as her apartment building and ate it in the cramped place, despite Eliot's argument that they'd have more room to spread out back at the apartment. Yah and she was born yesterday. They ate in companionable silence, commenting now and then on passerby's or random facts of information that suddenly popped into their heads, though that was mostly her. He'd already seen her collection of books so he wasn't at all surprised with all her trivial facts. He even told her that he'd call her when he was asked the million dollar question. She of course just laughed and they finished off their lunch/dinner.

"Let's walk and talk." He suggested when they stood outside the joint. "That way we'll both keep our hands to ourselves." He waggled his eyebrows at her and she chuckled but nodded in agreement.

They walked in silence for a few minutes. Then Eliot took his hand out of his pocket and held it open for her. She eyed it for a moment before hesitantly placing her hand in his. She hadn't held hands with someone in years, and holding hands was definitely a more intimate gesture that bespoke of a more intimate relationship. Yes she'd had sex with him but that didn't exactly mean she was "intimate" with him beyond just the body.

"How does this make you feel?" Eliot broke through her thoughts with his question.

She tipped her head and thought for a moment before answering, "A little wary, good, curious, and odd all at the same time." He nodded. "How does it make you feel?"

"Good, content, and a little odd as well." Well they both got points for being honest so far.

"Maybe if I explain why it's odd for me and you explain why it's odd for you we can go from there." She suggested and he seemed to like that idea because his facial features relaxed a bit. "It's odd for be because I haven't been in an intimate relationship in years. I've slept with people since that time but they were just that, a roll in the sack." She winced at the tactless words but at least he got her meaning. "The last intimate relationship that entailed holding hands, sharing beds, practically living together, and almost marriage ended a little rough. He broke it off after he was overcome with guilt at being unfaithful with one of my friends and we went out separate ways. Though he later married her and even invited me to the wedding." She chuckled a bit then continued. "In general I have problems being intimate in relationships because I was abused when I was child," she saw Eliot stiffen and she immediately squeezed his hand, "I know that hits close to home. I've healed from that, its taken years but I really have. I just have to make a conscious choice to open up and allow someone in. Even after they're in I'm very sensitive and vulnerable and since I don't like that I'm very, very picky."

Eliot nodded, "That's understandable and since you know my job you know I'm serious when I say I can sympathize with you."

"Yes," she nodded and again squeezed his hand, "I can and thank you. Also what I said the other day about not wanting to disrupt my life was partly true. I don't want to make sudden changes, if anything it would have to be gradual and very, very slow. Anyone interested in having an intimate relationship with me has to be quite patient." She shrugged, "That's about all the reasons why it's odd and complicated for me. Now you."

Eliot took a deep breath, letting silence fall between them for a moment before he started, "As you know I'm divorced and have children." She nodded but stayed silent. "If I got involved with you then you would be the first serious relationship since my wife. That's the main reason why this is odd because I haven't been intimate with anyone since her. Another reason is because I can't help but wonder if my girl's would accept this, if they would be angry or happy, how it would influence their lives in either positive or negative ways," he sighed, "and so on and so forth."

"You have more people to think about than just yourself." She nodded, "That makes sense and is understandable as well."

Eliot smiled, thankful for her understanding, "Because of that anyone interested in becoming intimate with me would have to be willing to not only be intimate and open with me but also with my girls. They would have to be willing to go slow and gradual in the relationship as well, but they would also have to be prepared for a major inquiry from my girls."

She grinned and they both chuckled a bit at his words. They fell silent for a few minutes, both thinking about what'd been said. He was the first to speak up.

"So," he turned to her with a hesitant smile on his face, "Are you interested?"

She played coy, "In what?"

Eliot growled and used their clasped hands to pull her close enough for him to wrap both arms around. She laughed as she looped her arms around his neck and they stood like that on the sidewalk for a moment before he spoke again, their faces close together.

"Are you interested in dating me and my girls?"

She tipped her head to the side, scratching her fingers along the base of his head. Was she? She thought about how her life was now. She worked. She spoke to her family daily. She hung out with them at least once a week. She had a few friends but most of them were work friends and little outside of that. She slept alone, she woke up alone, and she usually ate alone. Did she want to change all that? Did she want to date a father and deal with not just one other person but four?

"Are you keeping me in suspense on purpose?" His voice brought her back from her mental wanderings and she chuckled at his hesitant expression.

She lightly kissed the tip of his nose, "Not on purpose no. I was just wondering what it would be like to wake up to someone on a usual basis."

Eliot grinned and squeezed her closer, "You're forgetting the going to sleep with someone."

"Who said anything about sleeping?" She gave him a wink, "After today, we're not going to be sleeping for a long, long time."

Eliot let out the breath he'd been holding and she grinned. He kissed her then, softly and thoroughly. And she couldn't help but think that she'd made the right decision. She'd been a stubborn idiot to think that she didn't need, or want, him in her life. Now as they kissed and held one another in public, not caring that people walked by, she couldn't help but think that THIS was what she really wanted all along.

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