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Pairings: ZukoXJet

Chapter I Meetings

A light that shines down on the world, to the ocean that spread's far and wide. The moon was a wonderful thing. Sitting in the sky, surrounded by star's. Big one's, small ones and some that even turned out to be the

milky way or the big dipper even. It was a perfect balance, Though that really didn't matter to one person. Zuko, The Banish Prince of the Fire Nation.

The only time in his life he was narrowed minded. He had his eye's on his prize and nothing will stand in his way. Even so the Avatar, The One being that kept him from returning home to his father, His nation that he will some day rule.

Zuko leaned against the railing of his ship. Looking above and some what enjoying the quiet that the night could bring. There was little wind that stir the water, making a few small waves but not enough to rock the boat.

He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, putting his head down during the process. Zuko opened his hands and looked at his palms. "Each time I get nearly close to catching the Avatar…."

He took in a deep breath before finishing his sentence. Something from the pit of his stomach ached and twisted in many way's. The only thing that was damaged was his pride, His confidence.

He let it get to high and in result of that, It hurt that the fact that he cannot catch a 12 year old. " He slips through my finger tips every time…just like the wind." Zuko felt the gentle breeze touch the skin of his hands. Closing his eye's and slowly went in deep thought.

His Uncle, Iroh saw his nephew standing there with his head down and his eye's closed. For once, He looked like he was at peace. Iroh stepped closer, seeing how it was safe to step near the banish prince. The atmosphere was lighter then it used to be when the prince was angry.

It felt relaxed at least. Iroh now stood right next to Zuko, looking out in to the sea that reflected the moon. Iroh took in a deep breath. " It's Beautiful isn't it..?" Zuko opens his eye's and lifted his head. Looking out to the sea that seemed to never end.

Zuko had to at least admit to him self, it was beautiful. " Yes…..it is" Iroh looked over at his nephew, a little shocked from his gentleness that Zuko was giving. Normally he would be cold and not caring for the worlds beauty. Iroh loosing up a little and relaxed as well.

" Any news of the Avatar's were about's? " Iroh's expression fallen and sighed. Back to the obsession of the Avatar. " No….there hasn't been any clue's or rumor's of where he is at the moment." Zuko soon stood up straight and cracked his neck.

Iroh looked ahead still until he heard the foot steps of his nephew slip away in to the ship. He was surprised that Zuko, not once yelled at him during this whole time. The only thing he could possibly think that may kept him calm and at bay was the fact that,

Zuko was starting to see something that he has never realized before. Zuko took his time going to his room, He felt tired and some what calm. He Turned to his right and walked a little way's before stopping at his door.

Opening it as he stepped in and closed the door behind him. Slowly shedding his armor and clothes, only changing in to some pants for the night. He climbed in to his bed and laid on his back. He looked at the ceiling for some time before drifting off to sleep. He thought one last thing before he fully went to sleep.

"Will I ever catch him…?"

The question that will never be answered at least not right now. Soon the Banish Prince fell in to a slumber, breathing slowly and calm.

The sun rises up slowly, letting the world know that it was morning and time to get up. Zuko slowly starting to wake up, turned over and took in a deep breath.

He already started to feel the stress and anger coming back again. He was becoming more restless then before. He got up and swings his legs over to the side of the bed. He's feet touched the metal floor and he already shivered.

Iroh was sitting out side on the deck when Zuko came out. Fully clothed in his normal day wear. Iroh smiled as Zuko sit's down across the table from him. " Good morning Prince Zuko. Did you sleep well? " Zuko nodded and started to eat., just without saying a word. Iroh took a sip of his tea and smiled happily, savoring the taste of his favorite tea.

Zuko looked up at the sky, feeling the sun touch his skin. The warmth that the sun gave felt good. It felt like someone had warm hand's on his face, burning all his fear's and worries away. He was spacing out until the voice of his uncle shook him awake. " Zuko did you hear me? "

Zuko looked at his uncle and shook his head. " I'm sorry Uncle, What did you say? " Iroh cleared his throat and repeated. " I said that we should go in to town to get more supplies, Since we'll be taking foot from the town maybe even seeing If the avatar has been around here. "

Zuko agreed and sat quietly, eating his breakfast. Soon after they were done eating breakfast they headed down to the town. Zuko glanced from his right to then his left. He knew that everyone was scared of him. Iroh stopped and looked around, he's eye's laid on a girl that looked to be around the same age as Zuko.

She wore blue clothes that looked just like that girl that the Avatar hangs with. " Hey Zuko, isn't that the girl that hangs with the avatar?" Zuko looked towards the direction that Iroh pointed at. Something in his heart jumped and that voice of confidence came through. " Finally! He's mine now!" Zuko started to walk towards the girl and noticed a few things about this girl.

The girl that hangs around the Avatar had loopies that are attached in the back. This girl had a ponytail. That's all he could see since her back was turned his way. He got closer to her and quickly turned her around. She almost dropped everything that she was holding as she was being forcefully turned.

She looked up at those eye's that were the same as her's. She gasped and stepped back as fast as she can. Zuko glared at her. " You're not a water bender…." the girl glared and knew what they have come for. They came to take her back to that hell that they all loved. She swing's her right hand as flame came forth, ready to burn anything in its path.

Zuko shuffled back to get away from that flame that came forth. Iroh came running to Zuko, stopping to take a breath. "Was it the girl that the Avatar hangs with? " Zuko glared at the girls back as she ran away in to the forest. "No….It wasn't her. " Iroh stood up straight now and looked at Zuko. He thought but did not say a thing to Zuko. Kept quiet and thought to him self for now, Following Zuko through the forest.

The Girl ran as fast as she can away from them. With each breath, it was shorten. She soon tripped on a rock and landed face first. She laid there, slowly getting up and rubbing her cheek. Blood and dirt started to mix as she held her left hand to it. She stood up and walked, trying to find the nearest river or stream. It felt like hour's since she was walking around.

She became more tired and sleepy then ever. The day went by slowly at first but soon the sun started to go down. She soon came across a camp and stopped. She wasn't sure if she should enter and ask for help. So she waited until she can hear and see what the people looked like.

Aang looked in to the fire and took in a deep breath. After flying for so long, he only wanted to sleep. Katara , Sokka and Toph were pretty much in the same boat. They sat there and said nothing to each other until Toph spoke. " Someone's near by…" Aang glanced about until he heard noises in the bush.

He stood up and walked a little way's. Katara looked over and held her pouch of water in her right hand. Standing up she moved next to Aang. " Is it an animal?" Aang was about to reply but Toph beat him to it. " No, it's a person….Hey! Come out now! We're not afraid of you!" The girl looked at them, Its not the fact that they could be afraid of her.

She was more afraid of them at the moment. She already processed that the boy with the arrow on his head was the Avatar. She thought to her self before stepping forward. " The Avatar wouldn't hurt me…? Would he,..? Well….I am a fire bender…but he doesn't need to know that." The Girl stepped forward, still having her left hand to her left cheek.

Blood seeping through her finger tips and sliding down to the back of her hand. The gang relaxed and stood up straight. Katara walked over slowly but worried. " Are you okay?" The girl looked at her and smiled weakly. " Well…I could be better at the moment."

Katara smiled as well and waved her hand. "I'll tend your wounds if you like, come sit near the fire before you get colder then it already is. " The girl walked over and looked at the Avatar in the eye's before sitting down. Aang looked back at those gold tinted eye's. " Those eye's remind me of a fire bender's…." It took a second for Aang to realize that this girl is probably a fire bender.

He laughed nervously and just thought of her as some one with nice eyes. The Girl sat down next to Sokka as Katara looked at her. She noticed the clothing that she was wearing. She soon thought she was from the water tribe, but which one? The girl looked at Katara and raised her eyebrow. " Is there something you wanted to ask?"

Katara blinked and nodded. " I was wondering….what's your name? and which water tribe are you from?" The girl chuckled and removed her hand from the wounded cheek. " My name is Amena and I'm from the…North Water Tribe!" Amena just thought of the north and went with it.

" Hey we were just there a while ago!" Sokka peeped as Aang nodded. " Yeah! It was great over there…..well not the invasion but over all it was nice up there." Amena tilted her head a little bit. She heard that there was a invasion at the north pole but she never really bothered listening to it any further. Katara frowned as Amena's cheek was bleeding.

" Amena, are you hurt?" Amena jumped a little and looked towards Katara's way. " Huh?…Oh! You mean this? I just tripped when I was running away from two Fire benders. " Katara moved over to heal her cheek as Sokka was the one to jump up. " A group? Did they have a bold teen that has a pony tail up high? Did he have a scar on the left side of his face?!"

Amena looked up at him since he was standing. Katara was done with her healing and turned to her brother. "You already know that Zuko is chasing us…or she just happened to bump in to him." Amena shook her head back and forth slowly. " He didn't have a high ponytail but he did have a scar on the left side of his face. He's the Prince isn't he? "

They all looked at her and sifted eye's some what until Sokka pointed at Anema. " You're a spy for him aren't you.." Amena looked at him and glared. " I am not a spy for him nor the fire nation!! " She was already on her feet with her fist balled up. Sokka had to push back the argument.

" Well even if you weren't a spy! You could have led them here!" Aang and Katara tired to calm the two as they throw harsh comments at each other. Katara held Sokka back and Aang held Amena back. Toph just sat there not wanting to get involved until she heard a pare of foot steps coming their way.

" Hey Guys, I know its rude to butt in but we have more company and the way it sounds, It's Zuko and his uncle." Everyone stopped and looked towards the two that just came out. Amena wanted to get away as fast as she can but everyone else just stood there. " What do you want Zuko?" Katara blurted out as Amena looked at her shocked.

Zuko was serious as he looked at Aang. " What does it look like I want? I want the Avatar!" Amena thought quick at this moment before speaking. Normally everyone should do this but some times it was best not to think, just do it. Since it was in Amena's nature to just dive in to the situation. "You'll Have to get through me first.." Facing her fear's with the possibility of being forced to return home She got in to position.

Katara glanced at Amena and noticed that it wasn't the same stance's of a water bender's. Soon they watched the banished prince and Amena side step before striking. Zuko swing's his arms and thrusted his right hand forward, flame burst out and came towards Amena.

Amena watched as the flame came closer to her. She felt the heat against her body and skin. She quickly side steps and started to run towards him. She jumps and front flips in the air. Striking down with an axe kick, She aimed towards Zuko's right shoulder.

Zuko blocks her axe kick and pushes her back. While she slides back, she see's another figure come out from the tree's. She blinked a few times before seeing two blades drawn. "Who's that…?" Katara and Aang smiled and cheered. " Jet!" Zuko stepped back as he looked at the freedom fighter.

Jet smirks and looks at the fire prince. " So what would a fire bender be doing in our territory? " Zuko glanced at his uncle tied up by two other's, Iroh just smiled and shrugged. Amena on the other hand stood up straight and watched the scene, seeing how Zuko was gritting his teeth. No one else moved now, Jet and Zuko looked in to each other eye's. Seeing who would take the first move.

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