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It was a boring day in the Diagnostics department at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and House was trying to come up with a mission impossible type plan to leave work early without anyone knowing. He was currently trying to make a clone of himself but it wasn't going as well as he hoped it would.

Foreman had his nose buried in some medical journal and Cameron was writing something in what looked like a diary while Chase had gotten fed up with crossword puzzles and had gone down to the clinic to cover House's hours.

House had been surprised at first but then decided he was just happy with the fact that someone else was down in the clinic dealing with over excited mothers with screaming children and morons who come in complaining about leg cramps after running a marathon.

He was a bit disappointed at the same time however, because Cameron and Foreman were nearly as pretty as Chase and therefore it was no fun staring at them. He would never admit it, and he guess he didn't need to seeing as how Wilson already knew just by observing him, but he liked Chase. He liked him a lot.

Chase was the only one that would have his back no matter what. A lot of people including himself called it ass kissing but he thought of it as loyalty and trust. It was nice to have the young man on his side when everyone else was calling him insane and believing he was going to kill their patient.

He also loved Chase's coffee; it tasted almost as good as Wilson's pancakes. He would wonder sometimes when he was taking the odd moment out to stop imagining his young duckling bent over a table if Chase was good at making anything else.

Wilson had suggested after metaphorically wiping the drool off of House's chin one day as they were eating lunch and House was eyeing Chase from across the room that House should ask the Aussie out before someone else did.

House had replied with a smirk that there was no chance of that happening as long as he was around to ruin the young man's social life.

The three doctors looked up as they heard the door push open and the blinds that hid them in House's fish bowl office were pushed to the side. A young man with black hair wearing a black and white stripped shirt, tight blue jeans that had a rip in one knee, and a black jacket walked into the room.

"Hi, sorry but um do any of you know where I can find Robert Chase?" the man asked politely as he shoved his hands into his jean pockets nervously.

"He's in the clinic right now; can I help you with something?" Cameron said and House rolled his eyes as he settled back in his chair and propped his feet up on his desk.

"Oh no we were just going to have lunch together today and he's a bit late," the man said.

"And you felt the need to come and find him instead of calling him?" House asked as he looked over at the young man.

"I tried that but his cell is off," he replied.

"He should be back in a few minutes, you can wait in here if you want," Cameron said politely.

"Excuse me but is this your office, who says you can just let strangers wander in without any candy to offer?" House objected as the man moved out of the door way and sat at the chair that had been pushed up against the wall across from House's desk.

House looked down in surprise as a starburst landed on his desk and he looked over at the young man who was grinning mischievously at him.

"Mommy told me never to take candy from strangers," House said as he picked up the pink starburst and unwrapped it before popping it in his mouth.

"I'm Diego Harrison, there, now we aren't strangers anymore," he said and House smirked before swallowing the starburst. Diego Harrison, he had a distinct feeling that he had seen that name before but he wasn't sure where.

"Diego huh, like that saber tooth tiger from Ice Age?" House asked and Diego nodded his head.

"Is that what the lip rings are for, trying to channel your inner tiger?" House mocked. Diego smirked and shrugged not caring that the older man was making fun of his appearance.

Before House had a chance to ask where he and Chase met and why it was so important that the two go out for lunch that day, the blond burst through the door.

"Alright, your clinic hours are taken care of so I'm off I'll, Diego?" Chase said as he finally caught sight of the person occupying his usual space when they relocated to House's office from the lounge.

"I got bored with waiting," Diego said as he stood up and crossed the room to the blond.

"Sorry clinic took a bit longer than I thought it was," Chase said.

"It's cool I get it, gotta save lives and all that jazz," Diego replied with a smile.

"Not so much today, I'll be back in about an hour I assume you'll page me if we get a patient," Chase said as he gathered his things quickly and began to usher Diego towards the door.

House only nodded his head as he watched the pair curiously. "It was nice meeting you all," Diego said.

"Nice meeting you as well," Cameron said before Diego was pushed out the door.

The previous silence enveloped the three again for a few moments before Cameron and Foreman took their leave to go and eat down in the cafeteria. House couldn't help himself as he made his way out onto the balcony and looked out over the parking lot, hoping to get a last glimpse of Chase and the strange looking young man.

He grinned as he saw them walking towards Chase's car. They were laughing about something and House felt his stomach tighten at seeing the smile on Chase's face. The feeling left him as quickly as it came when he saw Diego lean over and kiss Chase on the cheek. An intense urge of jealousy overcame him as he saw Chase throw his arm around Diego's shoulder and draw the young man close to him.

Chase was dating Diego. No that couldn't be right they were just friends. He knew that some people were overly affectionate with each other even though he never had been and he figured that was the case with the two young men.

He watched as they separated before getting into Chase's car and driving away. He stood there for several minutes trying to rationalize what he had seen and make it into nothing. But the little voice in the back of his head wouldn't let the thought that Chase was seeing someone other than him go.

"House!" he heard someone say right next to his ear causing him to jump slightly in surprise.

He looked over and saw Wilson, hands on his hips and a concerned expression on his face.

"Are you alright?" Wilson asked "I called your name five times and you didn't answer."

"I was ignoring you, hoping you would go away," House replied sarcastically.

Wilson sighed before turning around and walking back into his office. House went back to staring back into the parking lot for a few more minutes before he decided to go back inside and steal some food from his friend.

He hadn't been able to keep his eyes off of Chase when the young man returned from lunch. He looked happy and had a slight glow about him that someone only gets after they've had amazing sex.

The jealousy flared up inside of him again and he had ended up snapping at the blond for chewing on his pencil too loudly and breaking his concentration from his game of solitaire.

Chase had mumbled an apology but the smile never left his face which enraged House even further.

House managed to avoid Wilson as he left that day, he didn't need his friend trying to ask him what was bothering him like he had all throughout lunch. He made his way home and he couldn't shake the feeling that he had heard the name Diego Harrison before.

When he arrived home he got onto his computer and typed in the young mans name in the google search engine and came up with over 1,000 hits. He looked at the first link and saw that it was a wikipedia page. House's eyes furrowed in interest, only famous people had wikipedia articles written about them.

He clicked on the link figuring that there had to be another Diego Harrison out there in the world other than the young man he had met earlier that day. His eyes widened as the page loaded and a picture of Diego loaded in the far right corner. It was him.

House scanned his eyes over the article. "Diego Harrison born on July 19th, 1975 is a comic book artist living in Princeton, New Jersey." A comic book artist. House got up as quickly as he could and made his way to his bedroom and quickly unlocked and opened the small filing cabinet he kept next to his closet. Inside were all the comic books he had collected over the years, all sealed in their plastic covers and placed neatly inside the cabinet.

He flipped past all the Batman, Captain America, X-men, Hellboy, and a number of other comic icons before he got to his miscellaneous section. He had gotten to the point where he would order comics online nowadays rather than being hassled by comic book nerds in the stores. Every now and again he would get a free comic book with whatever he had ordered.

He hardly ever read whatever the site gave him but he kept them anyway just in case. House flipped through each free issue and stopped when he came to the right one. He carefully pulled it from the filing cabinet and held the book in his hands. 'Derailed' was the name of the comic and it had a portrait of a man dressed in a long black trench coat over a tattered black superhero outfit with a faded silver flame on his chest. One hand was held out in front of him and dancing in his palm was an angry flame. His face was pale and his eyes were alight with madness and he had a smile on his face that would make most people's blood run cold.

He remembered reading the comic over a year ago. It had been about a former super hero named Marcus Cotton whose alias had been Inferno. He had been driven mad after being tortured and left in a small cell for over seven months. After escaping he became a villain and had changed his name to Diablo.

House had liked the comic and was contemplating getting the other seven issues that had been released. He tossed the book to the side angrily as he looked at Diego's name at the top of the cover. So Diego was a comic book writer so what, House seethed with anger and jealousy. What did Diego have that he didn't? He would get Chase no matter what cost and as he went over and sat on his bed he began to hatch his plan to steal Chase back from Diego Harrison.