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"So how did you and Diego meet?" Cameron asked him as the three waited for House to make his grand entrance.

"Yea, you two don't seem like you would run in the same circles, or is this kid another Annette?" Foreman asked referring back to the dominatrix they had encountered a few months prior.

"No he isn't like Annette, and we met in San Diego," Chase said vaguely.

"You met Diego in San Diego?" Cameron asked with a grin.

Chase chuckled as he realized how ironic that sounded "Yea well, we met in July of last year and have been friends ever since."

"What were you doing in San Diego, a medical conference?" Foreman asked trying to remember why Chase hadn't been around for a week last summer.

Before Chase had a chance to answer House burst in and said "Nope he went to Comic Con."

Chase's eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the older man who was grinning madly, and trying to figure out how House had known where he had been. "Comic Con, isn't that where people dress up like superman and batman and run around like idiots?" Foreman asked in amusement, obviously trying to imagine Chase running around like an idiot dressed up like one of the Wonder Twins.

Chase sent Foreman a scathing glare which caused the other man to falter in his amused chuckling. "So, when were you going to tell us that you were friends with someone famous?" House asked and Chase could hear the irritation in his boss' voice.

"What are you talking about House?" Chase asked.

"Chase's little friend we met yesterday happens to be a comic book artist, one of those rising stars in the comic world," House explained as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Do we have a case?" Chase asked his voice tense. He didn't like the thought that House had been able to find out about Diego so easily. He was pretty sure House only liked the classics and would have never heard of 'Derailed' before. If the older man could find out Diego's occupation then it wouldn't be much harder to find out that the two were more than just friends.

"No," House replied and Chase stood up, grabbing House's name tag off the desk. "I'll be in the clinic then."

"Wombat in retreat, everyone watch out for his ass of steel," House teased.

"Bite me," Chase growled under his breath as he quickly left the room.

"You didn't have to make fun of him," Cameron said disapprovingly.

"That kid has so many things wrong with him he practically begs for it," House replied. In his mind he was mentally chiding himself; he would never get Chase if he kept acting like an ass. He had to stop letting his jealousy get the better of him. Diego was the competition and Chase was the prize.

"So how's the diabolical plan going Lex Luthor?" Wilson asked as he came into House's office around lunchtime.

"Please, I'm totally Doctor Doom and its going fine thank you very much," House said matter of factly, but Wilson could tell he was lying.

"Of course it is, that's why Chase has been down in the clinic all day doing you're whole entire weeks worth of hours," Wilson said as he put his hands on his hips.

"I will defeat you Oncology Boy," House said and Wilson shook his head.

"You're an idiot House, stop trying to steal Chase away or he'll end up hating you in the end anyway," Wilson warned before turning around and leaving the office.

House stuck his tongue out at his friend as he left before sitting back in his chair and staring sulkily up at the ceiling. Wilson was right, he couldn't make it seem like he was the one trying to break Chase and Diego up. He had to be discreet and when Chase was at his most vulnerable that was when House would come to the rescue. Diego may be able to draw super heroes but he would become Chase's.

The older doctor tilted his head back down as he heard the door open. He figured it was Wilson but fought back a grin when he saw Chase stride in, still looking a bit irritated from earlier.

"Hours are done," Chase said as he placed the name tag back on the desk. The blond turned to leave but House stopped him.


The young man sighed and turned around, wondering what the older man would say now. He couldn't imagine what would happen if House found out about him and Diego. He wasn't sure if House would fire him or not based on sexual preference. Even though Diego said he wanted Chase to be fired the blond knew that the other man would feel guilty for the rest of his life if it actually came down to that.

"I'm sorry…about earlier," House mumbled, looking away from Chase.

Chase's expression softened and he couldn't quite believe that House was actually apologizing for making fun of him. He wondered briefly if House was sick or high. A quick look over and he dismissed those theories. House wasn't flushed and his pupils weren't dilated anymore than usual. Perhaps he generally was sorry for making fun of him.

"Um I…thanks House I appreciate it," Chase said with a small smile.

House nodded his head and watched as Chase turned and left the office. As soon as the blond was out of sight House broke out into a triumphant smile. His plan was in motion and there was nothing to stop it now.