Ice Cream

Summary- A short drabble about Fuji and Tezuka's relationship while eating ice cream.

Disclaimer- You know what to say

They are at the local ice cream parlor, sitting silently while licking their cold desserts.

Usually, they talk more, well, Fuji is the one who talks, really; Tezuka just nods at the right moments, occasionally adding in a remark of his own.

Today, however, they are silent. It isn't an uncomfortable silence though; passersby can somehow sense the deep relationship radiating off both adolescents.

It's a hot Saturday afternoon, perfect for ice cream. They're sitting, licking their cones slowly; Fuji's legs are swinging casually, while Tezuka's are crossed in a more sophisicated way.

It's obvious to strangers that their actions show their personalities, as their faces match as well, Fuji's face is relaxed in a smile, his pointy tongue darting out at times to lick his melting cone. Tezuka is eating his ice cream in a bowl with a spoon, his stoic face in place. However, what they don't know is that both of them are just as passionate while in private.

Tezuka usually orders vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, while, surprisingly, Fuji settles for mint chocolate, or mint chocolate chip.

Despite his love for exotic and spicy things like wasabi, when it comes to 'cold' things, he prefers the ones that appear plainer. They are usually better, Fuji thinks, with a mischievous smile in place. Anyone who knows about their relationship knows that he's not just talking about ice cream.

Today, Tezuka has gone for plain chocolate, while Fuji sticks with his usual order of mint chocolate chip.

Everybody thinks that Tezuka only likes the traditional things, like with his ice cream, but who knows? Although he does like tradition, he chose Fuji, and Fuji breaks all traditions.

Fuji smiles, and takes a spoon from the table and scoops his ice cream from its cone, dunking it in Tezuka's bowl, ignoring Tezuka' raised eyebrow 'Fuji-What-The-Hell-Are-You-Doing' expression.

And then Tezuka breaks the silence, which is surprising, because Tezuka's usually the one that doesn't speak much.

"Do you want me to try it?"

And Fuji just keeps on smiling, and Tezuka knows that it's a yes, Fuji DOES want him to try it, and he's certain that Tezuka will like it, even though nobody's tried it before, because to them, they're the first ones in the world to try it.

Then, as though they're connected, although they actually are, they both take their spoons and reach for the ice cream at the same time, and smiles flicker on both faces simutaneously, even though Fuji's one is much wider than Tezuka's, and they both know that Fuji means something other than the ice cream; if you mix two completely different things that don't seem like they could go together, it could turn out better that anyone would have expected. And nobody else knew that ice cream could be so enjoyable.

Because they both know that it's not just about the ice cream.

Hope you enjoyed (:

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