I was watching Gossip Girl and I had a major idea:)) My characters will not portray the exact personalities as to the characte

I was watching Gossip Girl and I had a major idea:)) My characters will not portray the exact personalities as to the characters in Gossip Girl but it will have kind of the same plot as Gossip Girl.

1. Back from beyond.

Wakey-wakey Forks high-schoolers!

It's a new school year and gossip is buzzing fast. Who's new, who's old? Who's in, who's out and who's coming back? yawns I better be getting ready for school. I'll be watching.


Gossip Girl.


I was coming home from San Francisco to see my dad. It was about a year ago I moved out of Forks for personal reasons that I don't like thinking about. Forks was never really an easy place for me to live in. All my best friends lived there though. I bet gossip is running wild in Forks for my return. This was an unexpected return; even my father doesn't know I'm arriving. After what happened between me and my mother, I just had to get away. I was dropped off at the nearest bus station in Forks. My baggage was light so it was easy for me to go around. My phone started buzzing so I checked to see who the message was from.

Welcome back, B!

Love, Gossip Girl.

"Gossip Girl is at it again," I muttered under my breath while calling for a cab. The cab ride to my dad's apartment didn't take quite long. My family was wealthy, and I was happy for that fact. My dad inherited his father's inheritance and is a successful lawyer. My mom was an interior designer. She loved picking out clothes for me whenever we went to the mall. I unlocked my dad's penthouse using the key he'd given me a year and entered. The room was brightly lit with the sun which was unusual because Forks was not known for its sunny weather. I went quickly to my room and changed into a new pair of clothes then went to cook breakfast for my dad. It was 9:30am. I cooked bacon and eggs and set them on the table them saw Charlie getting out of his room fully dressed.

"Hmmm…that smells like bacon and eggs," he closed his eyes and sniffed the air. I snickered.

"I'm guessing that must be…Bella" I stood up from the dining table and hugged him.

"Bells, I missed you," he voice was muffled by my hair. He kissed my hair softly and stepped back.

"I missed you too dad," I said smiling.

"Wow, Bells. You've changed," he said while putting his hands in his pockets. "Did you get even thinner?" He said with a smirk on his face. I chuckled.

"Well, dad, in San Fran I go to the gym almost every day," I said innocently.

"Uh huh, I see. Alice will flip when she hears you're here!" Alice was my best friend since 2nd grade. She was Queen Bee in the school, but she wasn't the snobby type. Alice and I would go to shopping trips almost every weekend together.

"I'm sure she already knows," I rocked my heels back and forth.


I got up from bed early to fix my hair and pick shoes to match my uniform. Boy, that's going to be tough. I walked up to my shoes closet and started picking out the nicest heels I could find. My phone started buzzing so I checked who the message was from.

B is no longer M.I.A., Alice. Looks like besties do return.

Love, Gossip Girl.

It showed two pictures of Bella getting dropped off the bus station and waiting. Bella is back! I screamed my lungs out and my door suddenly opened. Edward came in fixing his tie and brushing his teeth at the same time. Edward had come all the way from England (he's not British though) to start living with me and Emmett. He had been in boarding school for 5 years and decided to move back in with his parents.

"Alice!? What's wrong?" He asked while taking out his toothbrush.

"Oh, nothing," I smiled.

"Alright then," he headed out the door. I squealed again, my best friend was finally back! Wait till Rosalie hears!


Charlie finished eating and grabbed his suitcase and headed for the door. I picked up the plates and headed for the sink.

"Oh, Bella if you decide to visit LFHS, it's their first day, I guess you should sign up your applications and everything, your car is right where you left it and Brietta is arriving later," he saluted then left. Liverstein Forks High School was one of the most extravagant schools in Washington. We had uniforms and everything. For us girls we got to spruce up our uniforms with colored stockings and heels. I decided I would pay a little visit to my best friend Alice. I left the plates and utensils on the sink, Brietta would clean it up anyway and left a little note saying thanks to her. I went to my room and put a printed baby doll dress and a thin black belt over it. I put black stockings under and wore red pumps. I grabbed my black bag, red trench coat and red frames and headed out the room. Brietta had arrived and vas vacuuming the living room.

"Good morning Miss Swan," she said while turning off the vacuum cleaner.

"Hey, Brietta. Long time no see," I said while heading out the door and grabbing my car keys where I'd left them. I rode the elevator and went straight to the parking lot. My car was still parked where I left it nearly a year ago. My car was a sleek red Corvette. I ran my hand softly on the hood and found a post-it stuck on top. I picked it up and read it.

Be a good girl, Bells.


I took the note from the hood and ruffled it in my bag. I quickly slid inside my car and gripped on the stirring wheel. My car had the same familiar scent it always had. I slowly started the engine and it purred. I drove off slowly heading toward Liverstein Forks High. The school was gigantic; it had a covered court and a non-covered court, an Olympic pool, a tennis court and the ever popular football and soccer field. I arrived in school when it was free period. People stared at me as I looked for a parking space. I parked beside a silver S80 Volvo and stepped out. I headed toward the main courtyard and people were staring. I started hearing 'is that Bella?' and 'Oh my god, it's Bella Swan!' from the people around me. I ignored what everyone said and headed toward the administrator's office first before looking for Alice. I bumped into familiar faces once in a while but they were too in awe to speak to me. I entered the small cozy room and walked up to the desk while taking my sunglasses off. I pressed the little bell on the desk and waited for Mrs. Saunders to arrive. I turned around and leaned onto the desk facing the door. A few minutes later the door opened and my mouth dropped open when I saw the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. His hair was bronze colored and in messy spikes. He had the most alluring emerald green eyes. I stared back after him in awe. He smiled back at me and so did I. He stood beside me and rang the bell also. He let out a hand and I gladly took it.

"Hi I'm─" He was suddenly interrupted by Mrs. Saunders who had a bunch of folders on her hand. I quickly let go of his hand and turned to Mrs. Saunders. Of all the time in the world to enter she had to enter right this minute.

"Oh! Isabella? How are you?" She asked. The bronze haired god stared back at me.

"I'm fine. Listen, I'm really sorry I'm reapplying on the first day only. My dad told me to come by and─" She suddenly interrupted again.

"Sweetheart, your father called. Everything's taken care of," she said and started looking through a bunch of papers.

"Here," she handed me a schedule of my classes. "Classes start tomorrow for you. I assume you still have your uniform with you?" She asked raising one eyebrow. I nodded my head slowly while pursing my lips.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, Ms. Swan. Feel free to catch up with some old friends," she added then nodded her head and put her attention on the bronzed haired boy. I gave him one more smile and headed out the door as fast as I could.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't party girl Isabella Swan?" I turned around and found Mike Newton. Mike Newton was the running back in the football team. He was my boyfriend back in freshman year, and that I almost lost my virginity to him during my Sweet 16 party. And I sure am glad I didn't.

"What are you talking about Newton?" I folded my arms across my chest and glared back at him.

"Awww…Are you still trying to block out your Sweet 16? Why don't start out fresh?" He walked up to me and caressed my arm. Good thing I had a jacket on but it still felt gross for him to do that.

"Ew! Get away from me Newton!" I shoved his arm away and stepped back. He glared back at me then his two idiot sidekicks arrived ─Tyler and Eric.

"Hey, Swan! What's cooking?" Tyler said while putting his arm on Mike's shoulder. I smirked at them and headed out the hallway. Hopefully I'd find Alice somehow. I walked around the school for a while searching for Alice. Some of the students and teachers were actually nice enough to say 'Welcome Back Bella!' while others just stared. I went to Parkinson hallway and bumped into a big, brawly boy. I quickly helped him pick up his books and handed it to him.

"B!" I didn't understand how this guy could know me. He pulled into a fierce hug and dropped me after. I studied his features to see if I recognized who it was then it hit me ─ it was Emmett! Alice's older brother, who now is a senior. He was like the brother I never had.

"Oh my gosh! Emmett! You grew," I struggled for the right word. "Bigger." I said then stepped back. I remembered Emmett as the not so muscular boy in school. He was quarter back in the football team; I didn't know that much exercise could enhance your muscles.

"Bells, you got… You look hotter than I remember," we both laughed.

"Thanks Em! Have you seen Alice? I've been looking all over her," I asked.

"Uh, did you check Seattle's Best? They added one near the courtyard," he explained.

"Oh they did? Must've missed that one. Anyways, thanks, and it was nice seeing you again!" I gave him one quick hug and headed the other direction.

"Oh! Wait, Bells!" He called back. I turned around and stopped.

"Are you going to school here?" He asked.

"You bet," I shouted back and walked away. This was going to be a fun year. I walked out and headed toward Seattle's Best. Forks had really improved for the past year. I entered Seattle's Best and walked up to get a latte.

"Hey, can I have one decaf latte," I said with a smile. She gladly took my order and went to make a decaf latte. I turned around and leaned my back on the counter.

"Bella!" A loud, soprano voice screamed from beside me. I suddenly felt tiny arms wrap around my waist. It was Alice.

"Alice!" I hugged her back and we jumped and down. My decaf latte arrived and Alice dragged me to a nearby table.

"So Bells, how's it been? I mean, I haven't seen or heard from you in about a year," she exclaimed.

"Uh, family issues," that definitely was not the reason.

"Oh, so anyways are you staying here in Forks for good?" She asked.

"Hopefully," I took a sip from my latte and started talking again. "I'll be able to graduate here and spend a year or two at Stanford or something," I said. Stanford was one of my top five choices for college. She beamed her white teeth at me.

"Oh, wait just a sec," she stood up from her chair and went to the door and opened it for…oh, no. It was Rosalie. She was one of the reasons I left Forks. Something between me and her family happened so I had to leave as fast as I could. Alice whispered something in her ear and she grimaced. She stared back at me and I smiled. Alice walked back to the table dragging Rosalie by her side.

"Hi Rose," I said with a warm smile. She didn't answer. This isn't going to be such a good year after all.

Okay cliffy…I think;) Can you guess what Bella did? That's gonna be hard:)) Jasper and Rosalie are related except they're just cousins and Bella did not have sex with Emmett, it has something to do with Rosalie's family: try to guess:))