With a quick sweep of hand, he had her pushed onto the sofa, laughing hysterically

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HEY! It's me again! I'm back with a whole new DAML story, and this time its in chapters! Sure, it's a short story but I've tried to put in as much intimacy between the two of them. Be forewarned that there are very mature themes brought out here.

Besides that, in this chapter, it's basically about them meeting up again after a long time of having not met with each other.

Oh by the way, I changed their characterization and behavior a bit because I thought May's far too innocent behavior would be too annoying in this story's context and Drew's hotheadedness would not capture the essence of his feelings for May well enough.

Please, enjoy!

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Chapter One

Flirtatious Meet-Up

With a quick sweep of his hand, he had her pushed onto the sofa, laughing hysterically. May clutched at her stomach as spasms of laughter wracked her slight frame. Drew continued to jab at her sides with his fingers, sniggering uncontrollably as he tickled his long-time friend.

May groaned and groggily pushed the green-haired guy away with her feet. She relaxed for a while until she saw drew lose his balance and fall to the carpeted floor of the hotel suite. This set her off into a fit of giggles again.

Drew couldn't help but laugh along. Her laughter was that contagious. Usually he would have died of humiliation having fallen in front of his friend cum rival.

"Oh, Drew… You-you moron!" May laughed.

"It's not my fault someone decided to push me away using her nice-smelling feet," he spoke sarcastically, getting up from the floor, a smirk plastered on his face.

"Hey, I think my feet smell perfectly fine-" May was abruptly cut off when Drew grabbed one of her feet, observed it cunningly and then gave her a sly look. He then began to tickle it with no mercy.

Before long, they were seated next to each other, panting rhythmically after laughing too hard. Occasionally, they glanced at each other and shared eye contact for a while and then proceeded to look away in embarrassment. How did rivals at total ends become such good friends? Even more importantly, how did they end up in the same hotel suite together?

"Excuse me, I'd like to claim this suite, please," May smiled at the hotel attendant, pointing to a room number on the list of numbers that were placed on the counter of the hotel lobby.

The attendant furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"Hold on a tick, ma'am. It appears that it has already been claimed," he mentioned with a thick, nasal accent.

"What? I'd already booked it. How could anyone else have booked it?"

"I'm afraid that this man has claimed it under your name, ma'am. Says you both are related in a way."

"And you didn't stop to check his credentials? This man might be a murderer!"

"He did leave his name, though. Drew Clientele. Do you know this man?"

May paused for a while, quite surprised at the mention of his name. It had been a while since she had met him…

"Yes, for a matter of fact, I do."

"So let me escort you to your hotel suite, ma'am," the attendant spoke, bowed and carried her luggage to a room at the far end of the lobby which overlooked the swimming pool.

"Stupid! You haven't told me why you're here in MY hotel suite and why you suddenly began tickling me the moment I entered!" May almost yelled, jolting Drew out of his own dream world.

Drew gave her his signature smirk. May smirked back sarcastically, one of her eyebrows shot up questioningly.

"Well, if you'd really like to know…"

"Yes, I do!"

"I sort of ran out of places to book into… So when I found out that you were going to spend the week here, I could only use it to my advantage!"

"You scoundrel! Free-loader!"

"Hey, I can pay you back. Like I said, I ran out of options to spend the week as well. It's okay, we don't have to share beds," he smirked again.

May huffed and crossed her slender arms across her chest.

"And the tickling thing? That was your welcome gesture."

Drew got up and made his way to the King sized bed in the middle of the posh suite. He grabbed a few pillows and lined them up at the centre of the bed to form a divider. He pointed to the side nearest to the swimming pool view.

"That will be my side," he spoke almost authoritatively, knowing immediately that it would tick her off. He smirked while anticipating her response.

"You ass! This is MY suite and you jolly well abide to MY rules! I'm taking the ENTIRE bed and you may sleep on the couch!" May added extra emphasis to the couch part by pointing at the couch form which she had gotten up from.

"Touchy," Drew chuckled.

"You bet!"

"But surely you're too kind to let me sleep on that lumpy thing they call a sofa?"

"The sofa's fine and you know it."

"But the bed is so much more comfier!" Drew added a whiny, uncharacteristic voice that annoyed May so much that she had to give in.

"If not for the fact that we're at odd ends, I'd have thought you were trying to get in my pants," May sneered, making her way to the side of the bed that Drew had previously claimed and claimed it for her own.

Drew leaned against the wall and watched her unpack, a grin on his face. He gave his watch a quick glance. It was coming close to 7 pm and his tummy was rumbling like mad. The thought of having poolside food seemed extremely appealing to him then. He strode to the sliding door that faced the pool and made his way out.

"I'm starving. You coming?" He questioned May, who seemed to have lost her anger.

"Yeah, sure. Just a sec," May slipped on her flip-flops and followed drew out into the cool, Summer night air.

They walked side by side, their hair frolicking in the capricious wind. May rubbed at her arms to soothe her goosebumps but kept her attention mainly on the path ahead of her. Drew threw a cursory glance in her direction and smiled nonchalantly to himself.

"What?" May inquired, irritated by the sly grin on his face. She knew something was up with him, based solely on the mischief in his eyes.



"You're stupid!"

"What?! Oh, the nerve!"

"Well, it's freezing out here and you're wearing a halter top," Drew smirked again, gesturing at her top that revealed her smooth, silky shoulders.

"It's not just a halter top. It's my favourite one. It matches my skin tone as well as my eyes," May pronounced haughtily with an air of a princess.

Drew stepped back and observed her more carefully moonlight as they walked and he was quite surprised that he had to agree with what May had mentioned. The aquamarine base of the top complimented her stunning blue eyes, and the dark burgundy brown in the flowery patterns brought out the chocolaty hue of May's hair magnificently. He was actually enchanted by her casual beauty. He wondered why he had never noticed it before. Probably because he usually saw her as a rival… or a friend…

Before long, they reached the Poolside Shack, a warm, homely wooden lodge cum restaurant. The smell of steam and timbre wafted through the air. The pair relaxed instantly. As though by command, they both dropped themselves into a dark maroon leather loveseat nearby and sighed appreciatively, reveling in the warmth and comfort of the place. There was a steady murmur of voices and occasional scratching of metal against ceramic as families, couples, and friends ate their dinner together. Drew's eyelids threatened to drop… He felt so comfortable like this. Especially sitting next to…

"Excuse me, how may I help you?" came a bright, cheerful voice of a female waitress who stood directly in front of Drew.

Drew was suddenly alert again. He cleared his throat and stood up, flashing his signature bad boy smile to the pretty lady. She blushed.

"A table for two, please," he crooned, tugging at his collar.


"Yes, for me and this beautiful lady right here." He gestured at May whom had just gotten up from the couch, her hair slightly tousled.

"O-oh yes, right away," the embarrassed waitress said, who thought Drew was referring to her, shuffled through the restaurant with the couple on her heels.

Just as they sat down, May rested her chin on her hand and smiled smugly.

"Ah, smitten, she was! Never expect anything less from Mr Charming himself!" May crooned, mischief gleaming in her eyes.

"If you weren't here with me now, she'd be mine tonight," Drew replied almost hastily, as though hoping that she would be jealous.

May rolled her eyes to the heavens and snatched up the menu. Her eyes darted around the menu, looking for something appetizing. She simply couldn't decide. When she looked up, she knew exactly what she wanted. She looked up to see the intense, emerald eyes of Drew gazing deeply into hers without leaving them for one second. She had never noticed it before but he had the most gorgeous eyes… She knew what she wanted to eat; him.

"You know, May, it's very difficult to decide what to eat. As much as I'm trying to read the menu off your eyes, it's not working for me!" Drew chuckled, reading May's thoughts. "Thanks for hogging the menu for yourself, beautiful!"

May tossed the menu at his face and grunted, a blush creeping on her cheeks. "Jerk!"

Drew was amused but flattered as he watched the blush deepen in her sculpted cheeks. He smiled softly to himself but looked away before she could catch him look at her again.

"Sorry, Drew… But you know what? I brought some Mac n Cheese from home and I'm craving it. So I'd be going back to the suite now and-" May smiled apologetically and had already halfway risen out of her seat when Drew grabbed at her hand. He immediately let go.

"Sorry. Um, it's not safe this late at night. You may get mugged," Drew countered, snatching his traitorous hand back. Dammit, he thought.

"Mugged? It's only like a few steps away. Besides, I'm completely capable of taking care of myself. I'm in no mood for posh food anyway," May had already turned around and begun sashaying out the door.