Chapter Five


His eyes detected a faint light ahead of him. A feeble cry escaped his throat when he saw something that would remain etched in his memory for life. May was pushed against the wall, a large burly man placing his hands on either side of her head. May looked faint and Drew knew there was no way out for her unless he distracted the man. The man breathed on her and crushed his lips to hers, causing May's screams to be muffled. May attempted to kick him in the groin but it didn't work. She struggled, she fought but the man held her wrists in place above her head. It pained Drew to watch her like this!

"Hey!" Drew exclaimed, catching the man's attention. The man's lips remained stationary on May's lips. Then, tauntingly, his lips moved again, slowly, his tongue lining May's clenched lips.

May squirmed and squealed in disgust, but glad that Drew was there.

"Your girl tastes like strawberry, mister. Mind if I share?" The burly man spoke with a gruff voice.

That was the last straw, Drew thought. How could he do this to May, and still find the nerve to insult Drew?! Drew gathered his fingers up in a tight fist and swung it at the man's temple, a vital spot. The man dropped May's wrist and crumbled to the ground.

He groaned and began to get up.


They tripped and sprinted through the dark alley and out of the darker part of the town. The few people around them looked at them empathically, as thought such an occurrence was normal. They reached the outskirts of the darker area and stopped there, knowing that the man wouldn't dare do anything in front of a crowd.

Drew clutched on to May's trembling hand tighter, surprised that he had held it in the first place. The pain in his abdomen was now searing through his chest, giving him breathing difficulty but he knew May needed all the help and care she could get. He was getting light-headed. He had to bring her back to the hotel quickly.

Fortunately, the hotel was a mere few blocks away from where they were. Miraculously, Drew managed to remain conscious enough to get a drink for the traumatized May, who hugged herself on the couch.

When May refused to lift a finger to take the cup from Drew's already shaking hands, May pressed her lips against the rim of the glass and tilted the water down her throat. He hated to see May like that. A wave of unconsciousness threatened to take over his weak form so he slumped down next to her on the couch and grabbed her shaking hands with his own shaking hands. His hands gave a tight squeeze – And then he lost unconsciousness with a groan as the pain overwhelmed his mind.

Drew awoke to find himself on the bed, a hot water bottle on his stomach and cool cloth on his forehead. He sat up groggily, shocked at how the room spun about him. He slumped back down on the bed.

"Seizure again," May's voice could be heard, catching Drew's attention. "Right?"

Drew did not answer. When he didn't, May grabbed his limp hand and squeezed it tight between her own clammy palms.

"Please, just say something. Anything!" May heard herself whimper in a low voice. "You really should have taken care of yourself, you idiot!"

She sniffled, fully aware that she had begun to cry. Thus was the aftermath of her molest and learning that Drew had saved her despite him being sick.

"Y-yeah…" Drew croaked, feeling as though he hadn't drunk for weeks. "Water, please?"

May did the same thing Drew had done to her when she was immobile on the couch, helplessly in trauma. She had gone past that stage and had moved on to denial but her bruised lips proved otherwise. She tipped a glass of water down into Drew's mouth.

Drew managed to sit up in bed, slowly but surely.

"I'm sorry. I should have come to you earlier," Drew muttered, looking May in the eyes. Such tired eyes, he had.

"It wasn't your fault. I shouldn't have gone off like that. And you had one of your seizures again anyway. It's all over now, thankfully."

"Are you… okay?"

"I'm… I still need time to recover from the thought of it. But I should be the one asking you the question."

"I'll be fine soon. Besides, I'm feeling better already."


Awkward silence ensued. Drew removed the wet cloth from his forehead and the hot water bottle from his stomach. He indeed felt much better.

"Thank you, Drew. You saved my life."

"Thank you for helping me recuperate, how about?"

They gazed at each other for a long while, not daring to look away just in case one of them loses consciousness or anything as ridiculous as that. Drew's eyelids closed and he slumped forward towards May, who caught him in a desperate hug. Drew cradled her protectively in arms.

"Please May. Don't run from me like that again. I can't bear it!" Drew whispered in May's ear, kissing her cheek like a mother would do to her previously lost child. Tears dripped out of his emerald green eyes.

"I promise," May replied, reveling in the warmth of the embrace. Drew cared for her and she knew it. One of her hands toyed with Drew's hair. She didn't care if he were to make love to her right there and then. She knew she was in love with him and she didn't care if he didn't love her back. That was how she could repay him for saving her life.

She kissed his cheek back and smiled against his neck, breathing in his masculinity.

"May… May I kiss you, May?" Drew broke the hug slightly to gaze at her with such intense eyes that May couldn't say no. "I just want to protect you and hold you like this forever. I don't ever want to see you get hurt again. I just want to be sure. Are you fine with this?"

"Do you love me, Drew?"

"May I get swallowed whole by a huge Venus Flytrap if I were to say no!"

With that, his lips grazed upon hers slowly, knowing that the previous 'kiss' with the molester must have hurt her. He put in a bit more force after a while, and she responded by kissing back slowly.

They both parted their lips at the same time and kissed that way for a long time before May put her tongue in is mouth. She explored every dent in his teeth and Drew did the same with her, tasting her. Fuck. The man was right. She tasted like strawberry.

Drew's hand caressed her cheek, her jaw line and finally her neck. He lightly rubbed circles in them, elicting soft moans from the aroused young lady whose hands had been roaming his sculpted back. She was grateful that his shirt was not on.

May's hands then began to roam about his abdomen, to feel his perfect abs beneath her fingers. She moaned excitedly, arousing the young man with her seductive voice.

Drew groaned as he pushed her lightly onto the bed such that he was overhead and she had her back to the bed. Then, he let his lips unlock with hers and he got off her completely, much to May's chagrin.

He then kneeled in front of her lying form, his knees on either side of her hips. May took in the sight of every inch of his perfect body and smiled to herself. Just then, Drew lowered his crotch to hers and after a brief moment of contact with clothes on, his hips brought himself up again. He then lowered it again and rubbed it against her crotch, letting his abs ripple as he used his abdomen to control his movements.

May moaned out loud, her fingers clutching the sheets.

He continued to do that for a while, a silent lap dance to show his appreciation for her. Just as May began to move her hips along with his, Drew stopped and yanked his pants off, together with his boxers. May gasped a little at the sight of his throbbing member but recovered and soon found her hand pumping his member slowly at first, focusing more on the head, and then faster and faster as he grew wetter.

She knew he was about to come. So she stopped. He wasn't about to have fun until she had hers, she thought. She removed her own pants as well but took her own time to remove her laced panties.

"God damn it, May, I want you so much," Drew said, gritting his teeth as he helped her remove her underwear. His fingers found her opening and he did as he did the first night they met at the hotel. May arched her back upwards as he entered her, a loud gasp escaping her lips. She bucked along to the motions of his three fingers going in and out of her, digging through her.

May grit her teeth and cried out at every buck. Drew's erection remained.

"Oh! Oh!" May exclaimed aloud, her body jerking with little spasms. With Drew's free hand, he helped May free her top half of any clothing, including her bra.

She could feel it. She could feel herself coming.

The way her vaginal walls tightened around his fingers signified to him that he needed to stop. He decided that they should both come together. With one hand, he guided his member to her opening and with her nod of approval, thrust it in slowly.

May screamed but her screams were drowned by Drew's mouth which dominated hers, his tongue exploring her mouth. Drew groaned as he entered her. She felt absolutely perfect! Without having to move an inch, May surprised him by driving her hip upwards to meet his thrust. They kept it that way for a while, Drew's member inside of her.

Drew groaned aloud and lifted his lips higher such that not all of him was inside of her. Exhausted, May slumped back down on the bed and Drew went deep inside of her again and again. May's back arched towards him as he went in and out of her slowly, passionately, showing her his love.

May brought her hips to meet every one of his thrusts and straddled his neck with her legs. She screamed as pleasure surged through both of their bodies as they became one with the other.

Both their bodies began to wrack and jerk uncontrollably as they both came together, May screaming and yelping into Drew's mouth and Drew's bucking growing faster and faster, himself groaning uncontrollably.

"I love you, May. I love you to bits and pieces, every inch of you!" Drew broke the kiss, panting out these words to her ear.

May began to cry.

"I love you so much, so damn much!" May replied, orgasm finishing its course on her. "DREW!"

Exhausted, Drew laid himself on top of her, careful not to crush the girl underneath his weight. He enjoyed the feeling of her nipples against his taut chest and his member inside of May. They both shared the same heartbeat, the same breathing rhythm. They slowed down their breathing almost like they were the same person and cuddled up to each other.

Finally, Drew freed himself from her and gathered her in a cuddle. Spooning her and holding her closely, protectively, they fell asleep in the bed, the word 'regret' never crossing their minds.

So that marks the end of my story. I really hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. Please feel free to comment!