Mask of Lies

Mask of Lies

Disclaimer: Like all my other stories, the real deal isn't mine…this one makes no difference. If I did, Prince of Tennis wouldn't be about tennis. 3 ()

Warnings: Mild shounen-ai, cursing and total Linkin Park addiction…3

Summary: Echizen Ryoma was a boy who grew up with a mask on his face. The mask itself protects who he really is, and so his whole life is a lie. His dream world is slowly falling apart. His true life consists of sadness, pain and loneliness. His mask is cracking, his comrades can see through his mask. Now they know Ryoma's life is a lie. Will Ryoma succumb back to the dream world? Will his team mates be able to bring him back to reality and allow him to finally have a True life? Warnings: Linkin Park addiction included… ()


Chapter 1: Youth

Ever since I was young, I have pressured my parents. But the loving, caring parents they are…acted all happy and perfect for my sake. When they thought I wasn't listening, they would argue.

They wouldn't divorce because…they thought if our family would break down now, I would break down.

Ever since I could remember, I've been in and out of every hospital there is in the world.

Now that I'm 12, it isn't nearly the same. A few attacks every now and then, nothing serious.

I was only five when I had my open-heart surgery which was caused by an accident that caused my heart to pump too fast and die.

I was only three when I felt there was something wrong with my family.

My whole life has been a complete lie. I placed on a mask to hide the truth, not wanting to have my parents worry even more than they already is.

My cockiness was to hide my fear my arrogance was to hide my pain. And my aloofness was to hide my loneliness.

My parents' relationship improved after the 'HUGE' change in me. I never showed my pain, sadness, loneliness and fear.

Hiding my face in a mask on the day my father quit tennis. I knew it was my fault, he was always away when I had my 'Episodes' as my mother called them. He had to end his career early because of me.

I was the clear cause of their unhappiness. I was the cause of their pain…it was all because of me.

The reality was harsh. The look on every ones yes when they knew I had a weak heart was worse. The mask helped. Oh, it certainly helped.

No one even noticed it was because of the mask. I, Echizen Ryoma, wore it in front of my parents, in school and in the courts. I'll never take it off. My dream world was enough for me. Even if the life I have in reality is fake. I'll never take it off. Never…

I'll only take it off when I feel I should…

I'll take it silently…

That chance never came…my mask broke on its own.

The mask broke after we won the nationals. Then…every one knew. Echizen Ryoma wore a mask to hide his face from the world.

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