GreenFreak…your reviews were just too much

GreenFreak…your reviews were just too much. Haha. But you know I like it.

I guess I'll let you all know that this chapter is going to be a full lemon and also the final chapter. So I hope you all enjoy.



As Sasuke claimed Sakura's lips in a short, traditional kiss, the room broke out in cheers and toasting, which were soon silenced by tiny kisses as well. When the Uchiha pulled away, a smile creased her lips as she looked up at him. Looking around the room, Tenten and Hinata weren't as lucky as she was. Neji was practically ravishing Tenten, making their kiss sloppy. And poor Hinata. She was sitting on the couch next to her blonde boyfriend who was passed out on her shoulder. The two boys had found the alcohol cabinet and went to town. Sasuke gracefully refused by saying that Sakura was the only buzz he needed that night.

Only a couple hours later did the party die down. People were sprawled out everywhere. Mikoto and Fugaku never allowed their guests to drive home if they were drinking or not getting a taxi. Thankfully, Sakura was able to secure the guest room across the hall from Sasuke, sharing it with Hinata and Tenten. However, they were passed out from exhaustion. Sasuke was also sharing his room with Naruto and Neji. So even though Sakura wanted to go over there and cuddle up with him, she wouldn't. Not with an audience anyway.

So as she sat on the large chair in the corner of the room, still draped in her elegant red dress, Sakura stared up at the ceiling, not able to sleep. Even though her friends' snores were filling the room, she felt strangely alone. Since her and Sasuke got back together, she always felt that way at night. If she wasn't in his arms, she felt cold and like the blanket wrapped around her wasn't even there.

The worst part about it was that Sasuke was only one room away, just a few measly steps. So what if Neji and Naruto were in the room. They were passed out drunk anyway. She was sure they wouldn't hear her sneak into Sasuke's bed and fall asleep in his arms.

She slipped from the chair, making sure her steps were light and quiet. Just as she reached the door, Hinata said something, stopping her in her tracks.


Aww. She was dreaming about him, Sakura thought. But that cute moment ended when the violet-haired girl started scolding him. Giggling to herself, Sakura turned the knob and opened the door slowly. Looking over her shoulder, making sure her friends hadn't heard the creaking door, Sakura creped out of the room, closing the door behind her.

She made it. Now, she just had to-

A hand grasped her shoulder suddenly, making her jump. That hand covered her mouth just as she was about to scream. "Calm down, sweetheart. It's just me."

Settling, Sakura turned to Sasuke when he removed his hand from her mouth. "I guess we had the same idea."

Sasuke nodded and took her hand. "Come on."

Without so much as an explanation as to where they were going, the Uchiha led her downstairs, through the maze of slumbering guests, through the kitchen, and out the sliding glass door. Her feet sunk into the soft grass of their backyard. Sasuke didn't stop once, even though the dark night engulfed them, swallowing their vision. But his steps were confident and sure.

Finally, after traversing a good portion of his backyard, Sasuke stopped before a large tree and placed something in her hand. It felt like rope, but as she let her hand glide over it, she found it to be a rope ladder.

"Climb up," Sasuke quietly instructed, moving behind her and holding the swinging ladder still.

Sakura stepped onto the first rung, the soft wood supporting her. There must have been at least fifteen rungs before she reached a wooden platform. Hoisting herself up, she waited for Sasuke to join her. Once up the ladder, the Uchiha pulled it up after him. Finding her hand in the dark, Sasuke led her through a rickety door and into a large room. There was no roof so the stars were clearly visible as they twinkled above them.

Suddenly, a faint glow illuminated the space. Sasuke had turned on a lantern. Sakura's eyes scanned the room finding that it was a large tree house that seemed to be kept in great condition. A small table was built into the far corner and also some windows. There were three or four blankets sprawled out on top of one another in the middle of the wooden room. She glanced at him.

"I made reservations," he said, smirking.

Smiling, Sakura walked over to the makeshift bed and sat down. Turning back to him, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, she beckoned him towards her with her finger. Sasuke was more than happy to obey and glided over to her, settling next to her. Placing the lantern down, Sasuke took the pink-haired girl in his arms, bringing his lips to hers in a loving kiss.

Sakura immediately melted into his arms even though the kiss was soft and chaste. When he pulled away, leaving her yearning for more, she sighed against him, snuggling deeper into his embrace as her eyes trailed to the stars above. "This is nice."

"My father and I built it when I was ten. I spent a lot of time up here when my brother…well, you know."

Sakura's throat seemed to suddenly dry at the remembrance of his past. After his brother tormented him, Sasuke went spiraling downward.

"The stars always brought me back," he continued, his head arching back to see them. "Seeing them in the sky night after night, braving the clouds and the storms, only gave me the courage I needed to brave him." He looked down at her. "But you became the only star I needed." Sasuke moved some hair away from her face. "And I couldn't go one more night without you in my arms. Even one room away is too far."

Sakura looked at him, the soft glow of the lantern embellishing the planes of his face, softening them. Sitting up, she pressed her lips to his in a passionate kiss, expressing her love for him.

Sasuke responded, scooping her up in his arms and placing her on her back gently. Hovering over her, his eyes scanned her flushed cheeks and heavy-lidded eyes. Dipping down again, his kiss became more intense as his tongue slid into her welcoming mouth tasting her fully while his hands traveled along her body. They memorized her, taking in every curve and every shallow.

His mouth left her lips only to trail to her chin and then to her collar bone. Suddenly, her nipple was enveloped in his mouth through the soft fabric of her gown. She arched into him, her hands intertwining in his hair. Heat flushed over her body and settled into her core as his tongue flicked her peeking bud.

When Sasuke felt that he had given that breast enough attention, his mouth left it, trailing feather-soft kisses across her cleavage. When he took her other breath into his mouth, Sakura suddenly felt like her clothing was nothing more than a nuisance. Cupping his face in her hands and pulling him off of her, she sat up.

Sasuke looked at her, confused and worried. "Something wrong?"

Sakura nodded, drawing a frown to his lips. A smirk curved her lips as she brought her hands to her side, where the zipper to her dress was. "The fabric is in the way," she said, starting to draw the zipper down.

Sasuke stopped her, moving her hand away. Now she was confused and a smirk was on his face. Laying her back down, he drew down the zipper himself. "I'm pampering you tonight, love. Let me do all the work." Pulling down the fabric of her dress, his dark eyes drank her top half in as they scanned over her blushing cheeks and rosy buds. He was suddenly well aware of his growing arousal throbbing inside his pants.

Sakura reached out to him, stroking his cheek with her hand and coaxing him down on her. Their mouths came together again, their tongues dancing inside their mouths in an erotic waltz. All the while, Sasuke's hand slid up her leg and under the fabric of her dress. When his fingers found the soft petals of her sex and messaged it liberally, a shuttering wave passed through her instantly.

Clutching onto Sasuke tighter, she shamelessly opened her legs a little more, giving him more access. His torturous methods were driving her so mad with want that she arched into his finger, driving it into her. She moaned in his mouth as he slipped in another finger. His mouth traveled back down to her breast, suckling and nipping at her sensitive nipple, sending waves of pleasure through her. His thumb continued to sooth her as his finger dove deeper and deeper into her moist cavern.

"Sasuke," she moaned out.

His eyes flicked up to her a smirk curving his lips. "I didn't hear you," he teased. "Say it again."

When embarrassment held her back, Sasuke dove his fingers deeper into her. "Sasuke!" she screamed out as she came to a shattering release into his hand.

"That's better," he said, giving her a kiss as a reward.

Her breaths were labored and thin, but she wasn't ready to stop yet. Not now. Not when she had been longing to be with him for over a month. Sakura's unsteady hands began fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.

Sasuke took her hands and held them over her head. His grip was gently yet unyielding. It was possessive and primal. "I thought I told you that I was going to do all the work." Using his free hand, the Uchiha disengaged himself from his shirt and let her eyes look over his muscled chest and taunt abdomen before releasing her hands caressing her face. He didn't kiss her or say anything for the longest time.

"Sasuke?" she asked, concerned.

A smile formed his lips. "I want you Sakura," he said, looking into her eyes. "I want all of you and if we don't stop I will take you as mine without a shadow of a doubt."

"If that is going to happen then…" She spread her arms out. "Then please…don't stop."

Sasuke was sure she was going to shy away, but she just told him to take her. "Are you sure?" When she nodded, Sasuke pulled her dress off and descended on her, his kissing traveling lower, lower, and even lower until his teeth gripped her panties and pulled them away from her moist sex.

The moan that escaped Sakura when his tongue tasted her surprised them both.

"Quiet, sweetheart, or you're going to wake everyone up," he said, his hot breath sending goosebumps over her skin. The way he played with her and teased her with that tongue was almost more than she could bare. Gripping the sheets, she begged him inside her

Sasuke gladly obliged, stripping himself of the remainder of his clothes. Their eyes were restless as they looked over each other. She was beautiful. Her porcelain skin glowed in the soft light and her breasts were swollen from his kisses. His eyes traveled down the soft planes of her stomach and over her delicate hip bones. Positioning himself at her core, he asked her one more time if she was ready for him.

When she nodded, he leaned over her, bringing his mouth to her ear. "Then hold on, sweetheart, this may hurt at first."

Just as her arms wrapped around his next, Sasuke impaled her with his fully aroused member. He caught her whimper with mouth and stilled inside her, allowing her to get used to him. When those whimpers turned into cries of pleasure, he pulled out slowly before thrusting deeper into her. He continued this slow agonizing process until he was fully enveloped in her.

Sakura begged him to go deeper and harder with each thrust, now succumbing to the mind-numbing pleasure. Sasuke dove into her over and over again, her hips arching into him with each thrust. His lips had strayed away from hers, allowing her to sigh out his name. As he nuzzled her neck, ravishing it with nips and kisses, they both came to the peek of their pleasure and both of them couldn't hold back the moans of their release.

Sakura sank into the blankets, her skin slick with sweat. Sasuke wrapped her in his arms, positioning himself next to her. He pulled a blanket over them and intertwined his legs in hers as his hand moved some of her wet hair away from her face.

Drawing in deep breaths, Sakura turned in his arms so she was facing him. Nestling her head in his shoulder, the pink-haired girl smiled against his moist skin. "I'm yours, Sasuke, all of yours."

His arms tightened around her. "And I am yours. I always was."

Sakura kissed his neck and looked up at the stars. They streaked the sky, glittering and sparkling.

Sasuke turned off the lantern, making them even more visible. Turning back to the girl in his arms, he smiled. "Happy New Year, Sakura."