Here's a small Hojo oneshot, because he is bashed so much. I added a bit of randomness at the end because I thought it needed a touch of humour.

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It always seemed as if Higurashi had something on her mind.

On each of the dates she agreed to, she either left early or never showed. When she did go out with me, it always seemed as if she felt that she was cheating on some one.

She must be in love with some other guy, I suppose. Maybe that's why her friends are a bit secretive around me. Maybe it also answers why they will sometimes be talking about something in hushed voices but stop when I near them.

I sometimes wonder if her boyfriend is that guy I saw waiting for her at the well house. He was standing in the shade, and I was a distance away, so I couldn't make out any details, but he seemed to be wearing a red kimono.

I wonder what they were doing in that well house. Higurashi did go in there with a fairly large bag. I didn't get to see when they came out, as I felt as if the boy was glaring at me and decided it was best if I ran.

When I asked Higurashi's friends at school if they knew the boy, they said "no" all too quickly. That made me almost certain he was her boyfriend.

But it doesn't matter. I will keep looking out for Higurashi, especially since she seems to be getting so many odd illnesses. Before this year, she had one of the best health records in the school. Maybe she has a chronic illness that causes many other illnesses, such as gout and tuberculosis? Yes, that must be it!

I know! I'll bring her some medicinal herbs tomorrow to her home. She will love that. I'll also bring her some of that… and that… and that…

Yes, all I am is a fool in love.

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