CSI: FOUND, BUT BADLY BROKEN ...By ishotsherlock.

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A/N2: This is an AU story. The first part i had in a dream and it would not leave me alone untill i wrote it down, and the story developed from there.

summary: Grissom has been missing for 5 years, Then he is found

: This has not been Beta'd so all mistakes are mine, (though i am looking for a good beta).

Nightshift supervisor Catherine Willows had just started to hand out assignments to Nick, Warrick, Sara and Greg, when Captain Jim Brass came running into the Breakroom of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Everyone looked at him as he struggled to catch his breath as he leaned on the table. A few minutes later Jim looked up at them.

"They found him, Get your stuff together, we're going, Conrad's taking care of the shift till we get back" He looked at the motionless people sitting at the table, All looking shocked. "MOVE" He said loudly. They all jumped up to get their kits and anything else they needed. Shouting at the top of his voice he said "MEET ME OUT FRONT".

Jim headed to the front of the lab, with his phone plastered to his ear, waiting for the other to meet him there. "NO-ONE IS TO ENTER THAT ROOM UNTILL WE GET THERE, DO YOU HEAR ME" He shouted down the phone, as the others gathered around him. Jim led them out to the waiting Denali's. "We're going to Desert Palms Hospital" He said getting into the first truck. Catherine and Sara got in aswell, as Warrick, Nick and Greg got in the second truck.

Led by two police cars with sirens blaring, They made it to the hospital in record time, 4min 3 sec Sara was counting. As soon as they arrived everyone piled out of the trucks and headed for the elevators. Everyone looked at Jim when they stepped out onto the Psychiatric ward.

"Jim why are we on this ward. Please tell me Gil's not here". Sara asked with tears threatening to fall. Jim looked at her sympatheticly, and nodded slowly. He led them down a corridor to a waiting policeman, standing guard outside a room.

"Sir, no-one has entered just like you requested". The scared policeman said and moved aside as Jim and the CSI's walked up to him.

Sara looked through the glass into the small padded room. A figure lay curled up into a ball in the corner, back towards the door. The only clothing on the figure was a filthy pair of shorts. The body was so emaciated that every bone and scar could be seen. Sara collapsed against the door crying, sliding to the floor, She looked up at Jim and asked. "where has he been, who did this to him, where was he found, when was he found... Jim i need to know".

Jim knelled down and hugged Sara, pulling her close, "We'll find out, Sara... I promise".

A man in a white jacket approached the group, "Captain Brass" he said holding out his hand to Warrick. Jim stood up with Sara. "I'm Brass" Jim said holding out his hand.

"Hello i''m Doctor Jack Jackson, Are you his family" He asked looking at the other people standing by the door.

"I'm his wife, Sara Grissom, And this is the rest of his family. How long has Gil been here".

"He was admitted two days. They found him in a basement of a house where dog fighting was taking place". As he was talking he led them to a vacant visitors room and motioned them to take a seat, as he shut the door. "What they told me was Gil was chained to a wall, every time some-one went near him he would growl and bark at them then if they got too close he would bite them. Three cops and an animal patrol officer are down stairs getting treated for serious bite wounds, and he ham strung one of them. We had to sedate him just to get the shock collar off. I'm waiting for the lab results cause i dont know what they have been pumping into him, but it took twice the amount of sedative and two orderlies just to restrain him enough to get the damn collar off". The Doctor looked at the people infront of him, All of them had tears running down their faces, and Sara had a death grip on Jim's hand.

"Can i see him... please i need to see him" Sara asked while trying to get the tears under control.

"I dont think that would be a good idea, He's attacking anyone that goes into that room". Just as he said this his watch alarm beeped. "It's his feeding time. wait here".The Doctor walked out of the room, only to enter again a few seconds later with a television. Once it was plugged in and switched on the Doctor flicked to a channel that had Gil's sleeping form in one corner. "I think you need to watch as he's being fed" The Doctor left the room again, and they all focused on the monitor.

They saw the door to Gil's room open slightly, and watched as Gil got up onto his hands and knees and began to growl at the Doctor when he entered. The doctor placed two bowls on the floor. The attack came so quickly that the orderly only just managed to drag the Doctor out of the room. Gil jumped at the door barking untill they moved away, Then he went over to his food bowl and started eating like a dog.

In the visitors room they could not believe what they had just seen, The great Gil Grissom reduced to acting like an animal. Dr Jackson re-entered the room. "He's like that every time, That is the reason why i don't think it would be a good idea for you to go in there with him. It's like he has been conditioned to think he's an gaurd dog". As Dr Jackson said this they all turned to the monitor as Gil had started howling. They watched as he went back to his corner turned aroound a few times then went back to sleep. Sara had an idea, she removed her scarf and stood up. "Open his door" Sara demanded.

Dr Jackson looked at her like she was about to be put in the room next to Gil's. "I don't recomend that Sara, he'll attack you".

"I'm not going in there...yet. All i want to do is put my scarf in there for him, see what happens, It can't make things worse can it". Sara said as she left the room. The Dr followed her to Gil's room. He slowly opened the door keeping his body between the open door and Sara.

Sara bunched her scarf up and threw it into Gil's room, Dr Jackson quickly closed the door as Gil threw himself at it barking and growling. Sara moved back to the visitors room and watched the monitor.

Gil stopped jumping at the door and slowly circled around the strange object, growling. Slowly he got closer to the object in front of him, and sniffed it. They watched as Gil picked up the scarf in his mouth and took it back to his corner, curled up with it and went back to sleep.

"Well that was a good reaction" Sara said.