Chapter 5: A Grim Intervention

It was quite a battle scene between Robot Boy and Dr. Kamikarzi's creatures, as Robot Boy had changed himself into his usual battle mode taking down each of Kamikarzi's creatures one by one which also upset poor Billy.

"Oh no, now that Robot Boy is destroying all of my uncle's freak show employees!" cried Billy.

"You idiot, you don't have an uncle!" cried Tommy, "Kamikarzi tricked you!"

"Who the heck is he?" asked Billy.

"I think we're about to find out why Kamikarzi tricked this Billy kid!" replied Loala to which Dr. Kamikarzi himself began to float down with what appears to be the Grim Reaper's scythe.

"Hey, my uncle Jib has kept Grim's scythe warm and toasty" said Billy to which Tommy and his friends couldn't believe how stupid he really was.

Something was quite different about Kamikarzi, as he was lowered through a hole in the hi-tech ship that Constantine was commanding, disguised to look like an advertisement blimp. But Billy would also soon become suspicious and notice that the big nose which was an obvious fake by Dr. Kamikarzi was missing.

"Hey, what the heck happen to uncle Jib's big nose?" asked Billy.

"You idiot!" cried Loala as she shook Billy, "That's not your uncle! It's Dr. Kamikarzi!"

"No Billy, she's wrong, she, Tommy and the big chubby one are all wrong" replied Kamikarzi as he finally floated down to the ground with using the power of the scythe, "I can simply remove my big nose, just like how you can Billy."

"Oh, you mean like this?" asked Billy as he literally removed it right in front of Tommy and his friends also grossing them out.

"Put that nose back!" cried Tommy.

"Yeah, it's grossing us out!" added Loala.

"Alright, sssh!" cried Billy as he placed it right back.

"Now come back to our attention here" said Kamikarzi as he powered up the scythe even more with its energy, "it's time that I finally get Robot Boy to be under my control for good!"

"Oh, you're going to make Robot Boy be involved in your island amusement park that you're secretly going to open to the public?" asked Billy to Kamikarzi.

"Er, sure nephew Billy, sure" replied Kamikarzi.

Kamikarzi then began to aim the scythe at Robot Boy and began to fire at him. Yet every time Kamikarzi began to try to target Robot Boy, he didn't seem to succeed at all. So instead, he decided to change his target to one of his creatures whom was beaten up. The creature felt the energy of the scythe and began to regain strength lost in the fight with Robot Boy.

"Now go, and get Robot Boy for me!" laughed Kamikarzi ordering his creature to target Robot Boy.

The powered up creature charged at Robot Boy, who was still in his battle mode. It gave Robot Boy quite a good beating, and then gave Robot Boy a good punch sending him straight toward an empty playground jungle gym, destroying it completely. This then gave Robot Boy quite an idea, as how he then gathered some of the metal bars that were on the ground and began to throw them at the creature that was powered up by the scythe. But while that was happening, Mandy and Grim had arrived on the scene with Mandy controlling the hovercraft.

"Looks like we arrived here just in time bonehead" said Mandy as she noticed Kamikarzi was powered up by Grim's scythe.

"There has to be some sort of a way we can get me scythe back away from that odd strange, evil little man" replied Grim.

"Hmm, maybe one of these buttons here on the hovercraft can help us" said Mandy as she noticed some buttons that looked like a missile on it.

"Well, press anyone of them, I just want me scythe back!" cried Grim.

"Will do" replied Mandy.

Mandy then pressed some of the buttons on the hovercraft to which produced various missiles from the hovercraft.

"You, blonde girl!" cried Kamikarzi as he noticed that Mandy had stolen one of his most hi-tech advanced hovercrafts, "Get off of that!"

"Make us!" replied Mandy as she pressed the buttons firing the missiles.

The missiles were then fired, aiming not just only at Kamikarzi, but also at the hi-tech advance ship disguised as a blimp controlled by Constantine. The missiles made its mark, striking the ship to which Constantine and the remaining creatures onboard began to run for their lives, trying to escape. As for the missiles that were targeting Kamikarzi, Kamikarzi had successfully used Grim's own scythe to create a shield around him to which the missiles then bounced off and targeted his ship making it seem like it was a simple fireworks display.

"Give me back me scythe!" cried Grim as he leaped down from the hovercraft right where Kamikarzi was.

"Never, this is mine!" cried Kamikarzi.

"The scythe doesn't belong to you!" cried Grim as he then began to grab the scythe and began to struggle, "Give it to me, you odd, evil little man!"

"Hey Grim, why the heck are you fighting with my uncle Jib!" cried Billy.

"He's not your uncle Billy" replied Mandy, "in fact, you don't have an Uncle Jib."

Suddenly Billy finally realized he was being tricked by Kamikarzi.

"Hey, you tricked me into believing that I had an uncle Jib, which means, you really stole uncle Jib's island for your own purposes!" cried Billy.

"Er, not exactly, but at least you realized he's not a relative" replied Mandy.

"Who the heck are you?" asked Tommy.

"Explain later" replied Mandy to which she then pressed a button on the hovercraft sending laser, firing at wooden grip of the scythe knocking it off Kamikarzi's hands, to which Grim then managed to grab it.

"Oh, me scythe, daddy missed you!" cried Grim as he began to kiss it.

"Say, is that the Grim Reaper?" asked Loala in quite an astonishment.

"Say, what the heck are we going to do with Kamikarzi?" asked Tommy to which Robot Boy then went back to his normal self after Grim powered down Kamikarzi's creature.

"Oh, I think I have a plan that'll work out just fine" replied Mandy.

The scene then switches back to Kamikarzi's island where Mandy had managed to transform his island into a theme park. With poor Kamikarzi and Constantine in a Medieval-style torture table watching FredFred Burger who was in some other room.

"Please, no more, no more!" cried Kamikarzi.

"Hey, can I come to the amusement park, I know it has nachoes and hotdogs" said Fred as he was tapping on the glass.

Back outside, everything about Kamikarzi's island was changed to make it seem like Billy "had" an "uncle" named Jib.

"Wow, thanks guys for turning this crummy excuse for a secret base into an amusement park!" cried Billy.

"Yeah, G-Man sure digs this for sure" added Gus.

"Well, at least Kamikarzi won't be bothering us for quite awhile" added Tommy.

The scene then promptly ends as the scene switches to Kamikarzi and Constantine still being forced to watch FredFred Burger twenty four hours a day.