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-- Chapter 1 --

"No. There's no point. If we're going do that, we might as well not have Charas," Ikuto frowned at the suggestions she was making.

"But Tsukiyomi-san," the woman's voice was harsh and cold. She continued her speech, "if we don't take action, they will find the Embryo before us. And we all know how… annoying Charas can be."

"I refuse. Charas shouldn't be turned to controllable X eggs. I realise that X eggs can attack, but turning Charas into them? That's…"

"You do not understand. A child like you wouldn't," Gozen sighed and crossed her legs.

Ikuto narrowed his eyes. "17 is hardly a child. 12 is a child. 13 is a child. 17 is not."

"Yes, but Ikuto…"

"Don't call me Ikuto. I am nothing to you, but your employee."

Gozen set her hard glare on Ikuto. As the leader of Easter, no one knew her name. And she had utmost control over everyone. "You will not speak to me like that. In fact, if you do, I will make sure to pick a certain little cat for the experiment run," she smirked.

Ikuto remained expressionless, except for a small sneer. "Why don't you go and ask Utau? She'd be more than willing to help… Eru would be suitable," Ikuto slapped himself in his mind. Why had he just done that? He would never, no matter how much he hated her, use Utau to get out of a situation. Especially one like this.

"Well then," Gozen flicked her hand in an uninterested fashion. "Go. I will talk to Utau about it. And if the idea goes underway, you will cooperate."

Ikuto sighed slightly. "Very well. I will take word to her, Gozen-sama," Ikuto turned and left. Once he was out of the door, his little cat Chara flew up to him.

"Ikuto, Ikuto, nyaa! What did she say, what did she say, nyaa?"

"Nothing. Let's go for a walk," Ikuto took his little Chara and left the Easter building, not taking word to Utau about the meeting.

"Ikuto, nyaa? Where are we going, nyaa?" Yoru flew alongside his companion. They were in the street.

"To pick up a certain strawberry…" He looked at the ground as he walked, taking all the corresponding turns. He'd memorised the route.

"Really, nyaa?! Yay, I love strawberries, nyaa! Ne, Ikuto, nyaa? What kind of strawberry is it, nyaa?" Ikuto loved the way Yoru could be so… clueless.

"A special kind…" He turned down the road, hopping onto someone's roof via the bins, with a little bit of Character Change help. He made his way across the roofs, silently but swiftly. He came to the correct one, and stopped. "Here we are…"

"Nani, nyaa?" Yoru flew down to look in the window. It was that girl's room, but she wasn't there. He flew back up. "Ne, Ikuto, nyaa? Why are we here, nyaa? I thought we were gonna get strawberries, nyaa…"

"We are. A very special kind of strawberry…" He heard the door open inside, and dropped his head down.

+Ikuto's POV+

"…But Amu-chan! You would look so cute in it!" Amu's mum had wandered in behind her daughter, holding something in her hands. I couldn't quite see what it was, but Amu was blushing furiously about it. She looked so cute when she blushed.

"No! J-just go away! It's embarrassing! I-I have to do homework!" Amu turned to her desk and sat down.

"But Amu-chan! You're nearly thirteen! You really should have one!" She held the item up.

I had to pull myself up to stop from falling. A bra… I couldn't have thought it was funnier. I definitely had to tease her later.

Finally, her mum left. I jumped down onto her balcony and tapped on the glass of her window.

+Amu's POV+

My mum was sooo embarrassing! I couldn't believe what she had done. I mean, you don't just go to the stores, buy a pink, frilly bra, telling the whole shop it's for your daughter named Amu-chan and come home to show it to her! Maybe I should change my name… That's when I heard a tapping on my window. I tried to calm my blush after the bra incident, and turned to see who it was. Oh yeah… he's the only one who comes via my balcony… I got up and walked over, opening the window. I was glad of some cool air, even if it was basically hotter outside the air-conditioned room. Who knew late August could get so hot… and at night?! Ikuto walked in. He smirked at me evilly.

"You don't need one anyway."


He pointed to my chest. "You could easily pass for a boy. Almost."

My blushed returned. Perverted Cat! He was watching?! Now, I'm changing my address, too. No, my country. Hey, why not my planet?! Argh! I turned away and crossed my arms. "Perv! Y-you shouldn't spy on p-people…"

"Aww, we only came to get a strawberry…" Ikuto cupped my face in his hands. I could feel my cheeks burning up.

"W-we?" Was he with someone?

"Nyaa! It's me, nyaa!" Yoru flew in.


"So?" He looked at me in a way that made my heart jump.

"N-nani?" I wasn't too sure why he was here yet…

"Can I have a strawberry?"

"That's all you came here for? Well, go somewhere else, Perverted Cat!" I looked away. He was still holding my face in his hands.

"Aww, but I can't get one anywhere else…" He lowered his face, so that it was closer to mine. I heard Yoru snicker in the back somewhere. My heart felt like it would explode, go and run away from the pressure. Why? Why?! Why does Ikuto make me feel so… giddy? I closed my eyes, hoping he wouldn't. After all, if he did, I couldn't stop him. I knew I probably wouldn't. I felt his lips brush against mine. But I made no move to stop him.

+Ikuto's POV+

She didn't resist. Nothing. I moved away from her, spotting the disappointment in her eyes. Disappointment? I turned to leave. At the balcony, I faced her quickly. "Thanks! I'll be back to collect the second half off my strawberry later…" Then I jumped off her balcony, Yoru following.

+Amu's POV+

I touched my lips. It didn't count, right? I heard my Charas burst into the room, shouting something about 'Ami-chan' and 'dolls'.

"Amu-chan? Are you okay?" Ran looked up at me. It seems that me staring into space was obvious.

I shook my head. "Mmm. I'm fine. Just…" I turned back to my homework. I glanced quickly behind me. "…Nothing."

--to be continued--

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