Hi guys! Mit and Jessie here! Right, so I'm going to be working on a new story, which is going to be a crossover. It's for Avatar/Predator, and I'm going to work really hard on it! I'm also still working on Promise (slowly, slowly...) and my book. Then I've got WAY too much art to do for school. So I'm putting the following stories on hold for the time being, until I've got some form of time or a spare moment when I can update:

Kicking Stones

Performing Cats and Strawberries

X Charas

I don't know when I'll next update for Promise. Hopefully sometime before school starts. But I honestly don't know.

If any of the above get updated randomly because I have a bit of time, It's most likely to be Promise or Kicking Stones.

But yeah. I haven't forgotten about my stories, it's just that Shugo Chara! has gone really bad, and it's kind of demotivating, you know? And Kicking Stones is still there, but I'm just really distracted. I need to get into the right kind of mood to write Kicking Stones, because it's different to most of my other stories. Although, I get the feeling this new crossover will be sort of the same... (Not that that's a bad thing!)

But yeah. Just letting you all know. Keep smiling guys!

Mit-chan007 :3