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Author's Note: This was a drabble written for the 31 Days community on Live Journal.

Cat Bells

In hindsight, Ami had inspired Amu's plan of payback. The idea had come to her after reading a bedtime story and, frankly, she wondered why had never occurred to her before. It wasn't a grand plan, but it was at least one way to get back at Ikuto for teasing her.

The next morning she went to the pet store and got the item with minor problems except for Ran, Miki and Suu arguing over whether she should get a red, blue or green one. In the end, Amu got it in black, much to the disappointment of her charas.

The next part was tricky, since she never knew when Ikuto was going to pop up, so she was forced to carry the item with her at all times. Finally, she had her chance. On her way home, she spotted Ikuto taking a nap in the shade of a tree. Best of all, there was no sign of Yoru. There was no one to wake the boy up and warn him.

Amu grinned evilly, along with Miki, which scared Suu and Ran. Silently, she tiptoed toward Ikuto, praying she wouldn't step on a stick and suddenly wake him up. When Ran started to cheer her on, Amu almost had a heart attack, until Miki slapped her hand over Ran's mouth and shushed her.

Amu sweated as she kneeled down, amazed she might be able to pull this off. Keeping her hands steady proved to be difficult as she slipped the item around the sleeping Ikuto's neck. Amu drew back, stunned. She was actually getting away with it! Feeling rather proud at her small triumph, Amu smirked and tiptoed away, wishing she could see the boy's face when he woke up.

If she, or her charas, had turned around they would have noticed Ikuto opening an eye. "Did she honestly think I wouldn't wake up from that?" he muttered. Being a light sleeper, Ikuto had heard Amu sneaking up when she was two feet away. However, curious as to what she was up to, he had decided to play along and pretended to be asleep. As he moved, he heard a slight jingle. He then fingered the cat bell around his neck. He smirked in amusement.

The next morning, Amu woke up, letting out a yawn and heard a jingle. She paled, raced to the mirror and saw what she dreaded and even worse. There was a pink cat bell around her own neck and some brightly coloured ribbons in her hair she normally wouldn't let herself wear.

There was a note on her mirror:

Nice try kid.


P.S. You also snore too loud.

Ran, Miki and Suu woke up and wondered why on earth Amu's entire face was red.