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Chapter Two:

Aftermath at Hogwarts

Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office, with his head in his hands, thinking. It had been three days since Godric's Hollow had been attacked, and the reactions to said attack had been varied. On one side there had been grieving, crying, destroyed hope, and other miserable feelings. On the other side, there was happiness, partying, and the feelings of being caged in had disappeared.

Because not only had Harry Potter disappeared, so had Lord Voldemort. It was believed young Harry had survived the killing curse, and that broke Voldemort's power. Many people thought he had died that night. It made the boy famous, many people now referred to him as 'The-boy-who-lived'. People were celebrating the Dark Lord's fall; his followers were being rounded up and send to Azkaban.

The people felt safe again.

All except for those who knew the Potters well. They seemed broken at the Harry's disappearance. The Order and the Ministry had searched the house from top to bottom for clues or evidence, and all they could come up with was that a sort of explosion of magic had occurred, and the power of that explosion had done something with Harry, sent him somewhere. But if only they could find out where.

James and Lily had been heartbroken. For not only had they lost their son, James had lost his mother as well, Harry's last grandparent. That, but they also lost one of their best friends.

James and Lily had been hiding under the Fidelius charm. It meant that their secret, in this case their location, was hidden inside one living soul, which would be called the Secret-Keeper. More people could know of the location, but only this person could divulge the information. Everyone thought Sirius Black had been their Secret-Keeper, but it turned out he and Peter Pettigrew had switched places, thinking Voldemort wouldn't suspect Peter because he wasn't all that bright.

They had been wrong.

Peter had turned out to be the spy, and sold his friends over to Voldemort. Dumbledore had suspected for some time that someone close to the Potters was a spy, and that left Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. And none of them had suspected Peter for the aforementioned reason.

Peter himself had been sent to Azkaban as well.

So the Potters, Sirius and Remus were not celebrating the fall of the Dark Lord at all.

Dumbledore sighed. They did not deserve this at all. So he kept the Order focused on finding Harry Potter. But bringing him back for Lily and James wasn't his only reason; there was the prophecy as well. He remembered it as if he had heard it yesterday:

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…

That was the beginning. Both Harry and Neville Longbottom fitted the description, except for the 'marked as his equal' part. Dumbledore suspected that after this Harry would be marked, but as long as he didn't have proof, it could be either boy. And as long as Harry was not found, he would have to work with Neville, because one of them was the only one able to defeat Voldemort.


Harry Potter lay beside a stream, not so far from Hogwarts. So Dumbledore could have him back already, if it weren't for the problem that Harry was now in a different time.

Harry was still unconscious, and the only sign that he was still alive was the rise and fall of his small chest. There was a small trail of blood going from his forehead down over his temple into his hair.

There were four people surrounding him, two women and two men, all four about twenty years old.

One of the women crouched over him, researching his injuries. "I wonder who he is. I have never seen him around before." She said. She had strawberry blond hair going halfway down her back, and brown eyes. She was a bit chubby, but she had a really friendly face that told you she could be trusted on sight.

"But he doesn't look from around here if you ask me. Look at the strange clothing he wears." The second woman said, pointing at his blue and white-striped pajamas. This woman had dark brown hair that flowed over her back like waves in the sea. She had intelligent crystal-blue eyes, but over-all her appearance was one that told you she was a stern woman and did not tolerate fooling around.

"We should help him, he doesn't look too good. Rather peaky, if you ask me. We'll find out who he is later, right now he needs medical attention." Said one of the men. He had a lighter brown colored hair than the woman, but his only reached his neck and it was full of curls. He had a broad chest that screamed training, and around his middle he had a belt to which a ruby-incrusted sword was attached.

"I say we should find out who he is first. From what I can tell, the boy's got power. And with the correct training, he could become quit as powerful as us. He is magical by the way. But this boy is not to be taken lightly, is my point." The second man answered. He had black hair that fell to his shoulders in waves and emerald green eyes, which were surveying Harry with a keen look. He too had broad shoulders, and his posture told you that he was not someone to be messed around with.

The second woman bent down to have a look at the blanket he was holding. It was baby blue, with gold edges and it had a golden H sewn into it.

"I have a feeling" the first woman said "that there is more going on here than we know. I agree with Ric, we should take him to the castle and patch him up, and then we ask our questions."

The second man also bent down over the boy. He brushed a few strands of hair out of his face, revealing the source of all the blood. He murmured a charm and all the blood disappeared, leaving a lightning-bolt shaped wound. "That looks like a curse-scar. I too think there is something odd going on here. This is a consequence of Dark Magic, and if it were used around here we would have known. Perhaps you are right, Godric, we should take him to the castle." He said.

The second woman looked down on it with a curious expression gracing her face. "I agree. I will research the wound. Helga, could you find out exactly how powerful he is?" The first woman, Helga, nodded. "If he is as powerful as you say Sal, and no-one comes looking for him, we'll raise him as our own. I, too, have a feeling about him. He is destined for great things. And we took upon ourselves the task to help young witches and wizards become the best they can be. It is only our duty to help him."

As they agreed on the plan she had laid, Ric, better known as Godric, levitated him and they took him up to the castle.




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