It was once prophesized that Kaze would write SesshoumaruxKagura, but she never did. Until one day, years later, she sat down in a math class and said "I think I'll write some SessKagu. The world needs more of it." And thus, she did.

In other words, here's my first SesshoumaruKagura fanfiction! Drabble! … Thing.

InuYasha and characters are not mine.

Sesshoumaru was dreaming. He knew he was dreaming, because Kagura was there.

They were on a cliff of brown and grey stone. A fierce wind blew, driving sand and dirt into the taiyoukai's eyes. He could barely see the wind witch through the clutter, but could tell that her back was to him.

"Kagura!" he called, barely hearing the sound of his own voice over the roar of the winds.

Kagura seemed to hear this, or at least she could feel his presence, as she had turned to face him.

"Kagura!" he called again, but once more, the wind drowned the words from his ears, but the wind sorceress seemed to hear his voice.

She smiled a slow, sad smile as she said something that the wind once again blocked him from hearing.

"Kagura… What…?"

He started to move towards her, but the force of the wind kept him back. He steadied himself, and looked back at the still-smiling wind demoness and tried calling. This time, his voice wouldn't even work.

Abruptly, the winds changed. They shifted so quickly and without warning that Kagura was caught off her guard and pushed off the edge of the cliff.

Sesshoumaru leapt after her, but hit an invisible wall between him and falling wind witch. All he could do was watch as she fell, tears streaming from her eyes, one hand outstretched, as if she was reaching for him.

Sesshoumaru blinked his eyes open, and gave the smallest of starts. The dream had been so vivid.

He looked around and saw only Rin, Jaken, Ah-Un, and their dead campfire. Having made sure his charges were all right, he stood up and walked towards a clearing made visible by the light streaming through the trunks. The demon lord walked out of the forest and into the silvery light of the moon.

He stared at the full moon for a long while before whispering something he had never wanted to admit:

"I'm sorry… Kagura…"

And… that's it! How was it? Please tell me, I am anxious to hear any compliments/constructive criticisms you have to tell.