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1: Before The Interlude

The sunshine tickles Lawrence's eyes when he wakes up this morning.

It's almost twenty minutes until his alarm clock will go off. And he really isn't a morning person, but right now, he's actually thankful for these minutes. Just these twenty minutes when he can appreciate the tiny body next to him before he has to get up and voluntarily let work stress him into pieces.

Lawrence rolls over to his side and looks at Adam's relaxed face next to him. The sunlight paints his pale skin gratifyingly, and Lawrence presses him even closer.

He's never slept like this with Allison. He's never been allowed, or even willing, to fall asleep with the feeling of her naked skin against his own, and right now, he's grateful for it.

"Adam," Lawrence whispers and sweeps a hand over his cheek.

Adam grunts something and squints against the light.

"Adam, wake up," Lawrence says softly, cranes Adam's head back slightly and plants an open-lipped kiss on his mouth.

Adam grumbles and slowly opens his eyes into grays slits. And he grins sleepily when he sees Lawrence.

"Hey, man," he mutters and rubs his one eye with his hand. "Fuck, is this your way of punishing me for being able to sleep to eleven while you're busting your ass at the hospital?"

Lawrence chuckles and puts a hand on his bare waist.

"I just wanted to see you, I'm getting up soon."

Adam closes his eyes again. But he doesn't stop smiling. Lawrence leans forward and kisses him, with a little bigger response this time, and Adam laughs quietly when he opens his mouth and allows Lawrence's tongue to enter.

"Damn, you're such a pain," he mumbles as Lawrence traces his kisses down his neck, over his collarbone. "Typical of you to give me a hard-on ten minutes before you're gong… Oh, for fucks sake, Lawrence, drop it before I go crazy…"

Lawrence laughs and straightens up again. God, how he doesn't want to.

God, how badly he wants to stay in bed with Adam for the whole day, in their own little bubble, where it's warm and safe and soft and sweet and wet…

"You want to do something when I get back from work?" He still asks. "Allison has Diana today."

Adam nods and stretches himself. Lawrence gets out of the bed and looks around for his pants.

"What about a movie?" Adam asks drowsily. "I want to see… That… That thing…"

His talking fades away with a sigh, and Lawrence laughs again. Adam hisses something inaudible.

"Come on, man, I'm tired…" Adam mutters. "It's that thing with Naomi Watts and those two psychos and that family and all that crap…"

"'Funny Games?'" Lawrence asks, amused, as he pulls his pants on.

"Mm," Adam mutters and rolls over on his stomach.

"That sounds good," Lawrence says and fastens the final button in his shirt. "But I have to go now. You have any plans for today?"

"Going back to sleep," Adam drawls and lets himself be kissed hastily before Lawrence straightens up and leaves the bedroom. "Be good today, honey, so that I won't have to get a job, too."

"God forbid," Lawrence calls back, laughter playing with his voice, before he closes the front door behind him.

Lawrence locks the door before he runs down the stairs to the dark building that is Adam's home. Their home.

Adam is his life now days. It's true that from the outside, he's the same person as he was before… That.

Just a little happier. A little nicer to his patients, even though he's been through a divorce.

That's only because of Adam, really. Adam and his sarcasms, his pride, his small, insecure, searching hands on Lawrence's body…

They'd saved Lawrence's life.

For the past year, those hands have been there. Been there to pick him up when he's going down, when the memories devour him and pull him into hopelessness and he doesn't find a way out.

Lawrence starts the car with a soft purring from the engines.

He knows he means just as much to Adam as he does to him. Even though Adam blushes when Lawrence pushes his head down on his chest, even though he just mutters something when Lawrence tries to take his face between his hands and tell him that he loves him.

Adam is broken. Broken on the inside.

He was broken before Jigsaw tore him up even more.

If you're broken, you can't accept what people try to give you.

But it doesn't bother Lawrence. Adam is the way he is, and he loves him for it. More than he ever loved Allison, if he has to be honest.

A few minutes later, Lawrence pulls over outside of the hospital. And just like every other time he does that, that cold, dull horror in the bottom of his stomach manages to erase every trace of that warm, sleepy happiness Adam coaxed out of him.

He knows what expects him in there.

Lawrence subconsciously takes a deep breath before he opens the car door and gets out.


Zep is in there.

He's in there, with his cold, blue eyes above his cleaning cart.

Lawrence starts walking against the hospital. He acts even more ridiculous than usual today. Which is weird, since he never likes when he has to smile against Zep when they meet in the hospital halls.

He never likes to leave patients alone with him.

But come on. How long has it been since he was this scared of an average orderly?

An orderly that held a gun to your daughter's head, a little voice in his head says.

But Lawrence ignores it. There's still nothing he can do. If he changes job, no one will let him leave the hospital without giving someone a reason why. And if he talks to the hospital board about getting Zep fired, they'd demand a reason, too.

And to be frame, there are no evidences, none that haven't gotten burned and destroyed, that say that Zep has done anything wrong at all, except for acting a little strange in general. And Lawrence is an awful liar.

So he just has to suck it up. And that's what he's been doing up until he met Adam, so he should be able to do that pretty nicely. He and Zep have their hang-ups on each other. So they let each other be.

Lawrence knows Zep has had a woman and a child, a helpless, crying little eight year-old under hostage.

Zep knows that Lawrence has cheated on his wife with more people than Adam. They both know that the other one knows. That's enough.

Lawrence walks up to the nurse's station and picks up his chart for today. And when he puts on his white lab coat, he walks past Zep, who pushes his cart in front of himself. Lawrence feels how his ice blue eyes send a cold beam through him.

"Doctor Gordon," Zep says politely.

"Zep," Lawrence replies, but he doesn't manage to bring out that fake smile he actually can do for this sick bastard for most of the time.

Because Lawrence really is more paranoid than usual today.

What he doesn't know is that he actually has a reason.

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