A/N: Before the readers of The Reign of Kane start freaking out, please don't! I am still writing that story, its just I've had this idea for a while now and I just need to write it! Hope you approve, since it will eventually be LoVe! :-)

Title : Papa Don't Preach

Rating : PG-13

Summary : AU, starts Pre-Season 1. With Lilly dead and her mother gone, Veronica finds she has no-one to run to when life takes an unexpected turn, because this time she's done something her Dad really won't approve of...

Disclaimer : All recognisable characters from the television series Veronica Mars belong to Rob Thomas, and other important people that aren't me.

Prologue - I'm In Trouble Deep

Veronica really wasn't sure when her life had got so messed up.

Just six short months ago she had what might well have been considered to be the perfect life, in fact, several people had told her that and she believed them. Her father, Keith, was the town's everyday hero as Sheriff of Neptune. Her boyfriend, Duncan was son of the richest and most respected family around, and his sister, Lilly, was Veronica's best friend. Together with Logan Echolls, son of great movie stars Lynn and Aaron Echolls, these teens were the fab four of Neptune High, well liked and well-respected amongst 09ers everywhere, in spite of the fact Veronica herself was only an honorary member of the elite club.

Life was one big fairytale of school dances, weekend pool parties, and family outings for Veronica Mars, and she was enjoying every moment of it. Unfortunately, her world had then started to crack and crumble before her very eyes, and the final straw had been today.

Standing in the bathroom would've been less traumatic had the mirror not been there staring at her, reminding her of the naivity written all over her face, of the tears she was trying to quell. She was such a fool to think this perfect life could really last, should've known everything would follow Lilly into oblivion.

She was the first part of Veronica's idyllic world to be pulled away, murdered by her lover in cold blood. Of course Logan was no killer, but his father had always had a violent temper, that they all knew. No-one realised he'd been having an affair with his son's girlfriend, and when it seemed that Lilly might let the secret out, Duncan and his parents had arrived just in time to bear witness to the terrible crime Aaron Echolls' would commit.

Closing her eyes against the memories, Veronica wished the world away. She wished that Lilly hadn't been so stupid as to play father against son. She wished that Aaron were a better man and not the killer he was. She wished her relationship with Duncan wasn't falling apart. Above all at this moment, Veronica wished her mother had been stronger.

Lianne had always liked a drink, and her husband and daughter had learnt to deal with her problem that reared its ugly head once in a while. Last year, things had reached a head when a secret came out, a secret that had threatened to shatter Veronica's world even then, though it had held firm. There was every chance that she and her boyfriend, Duncan Kane, were half-siblings, and the revelation sent shockwaves through more than one relationship. A simple DNA test put all doubts to rest, as Veronica was proven to be a Mars through and through, but the strain and stress it had caused did not fade so easily.

Veronica's parents began fighting more and more, and a similar situation could be found at the Kane house. Still, at least Jake and Celeste remained relatively sober throughout their troubles. Lianne began drinking more and more, putting herself and others in too much danger. Keith finally gave her an ultimatum - rehab or bust. Veronica didn't blame her father for her mother leaving without so much as a goodbye. She'd had a choice and she made it, leaving them all to live with the consequences.

Now Veronica had a choice of her own to make, and it would be the biggest of her life. She could use a mother's advice right now, or a best friend to talk to. Unfortunately, she had neither, and must face her father alone with the dreaded news that she had just now learnt.

The blue line taunted her from its place there on the white stick in her hand.

Veronica Mars, aged just sixteen years old, was pregnant.

To Be Continued...