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Chapter 18 – Alone time… and new troubles…

Naruto, Hinata and Akemi bid Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa and Momo a parting wave, as they headed into the forest. Naruto and Hinata knew they had to spend some time with Akemi and help her figure out what was going on if at all possible. Naruto figured anything less than twenty Fire Nation soldiers wouldn't be any trouble for the others and fixing Akemi, if nothing else with manners and actual skills was a requirement. Sokka had continually complained about Akemi wanting to roam around naked. Naruto and Hinata just chuckled at his discomfort.

Naruto figured that part of her problem was that she, a thousand plus year old demon had been forced into a form she was unfamiliar with and thus lost her memory because of the seal. She was all power and little control, like a fire without someone to tend it.

Naruto sighed, as he knew this would cause him a headache in the end, but sat down and said, "We need to work on meditation Akemi, then chakra control. After that we can work on some basics with both bending and jutsu."

This seemed to calm the redhead quickly, as she sat next to Naruto, as Hinata began to fix a stew. "So niisan? What do I do when I can achieve inner-peace?" she asked with a smirk.

Naruto chuckled internally, as he knew she was nearly as wild as he was, and finding inner-peace would be a long journey, but with help and support she would make it. Naruto also chuckled at Akemi, as she had chucked her clothes, as soon as she was out of sight of Sokka. "Today's lesson is on the reason we wear clothes, and inner-peace is reached not by fiddling with your hair, but by looking into yourself and finding if you can see what is right and what is wrong, and knowing what to do at the right time," he explained.

Akemi nodded hard, as her breasts jiggled at her actions. Naruto could only roll his eyes at this, as seeing her naked didn't bring up any sexual or desire in his eyes, as that was reserved for Hinata and Hinata alone. He did understand why the sight would bring Sokka to his knees, she was a pretty young girl with well defined proportions, modest breasts, nicely defined hips, and fine red hair where it should be for a post-pubescent girl of around fourteen, the tails and ears didn't hurt her cuteness at all. 'Now if I can only get her to wear clothes and understand what she does to Sokka, and any other possible boys we might have in this group we might be able to not have them distracted by her," he thought to himself.

Akemi's breathing slowed, as she entered a calm state and red chakra formed around her, there was no evil intent or malevolence coming off of the girl at all. This chakra was different from when she had been sealed within Naruto. There had always been an evil tinge to the chakra, now there was nothing, just pure power.


Sokka was now sure he was going to have to eat his words, as they walked straight into a Fire Nation soldier encampment, with about thirty soldiers, and just after Sokka had said his instincts were great. "Guess my instincts aren't always right?" he said quietly, as the trio got into fighting stances.

A fire nation soldier threw a fireball behind the trio to prevent their escape, little did he know that the three were going to fight them anyways, and would have help from an unexpected source.

As Sokka began to fight and disable a couple of the fire nation soldiers, a boy appeared and began to both attack and disable the soldiers. Sokka and this new kid began a contest to see who could disable the most, while Aang and Katara used bending to disable some of the other soldiers. Sokka began to get angrier and angrier, as the new kid kept on attacking his targets while Sokka had to cover his back, and do mostly defensive maneuvers. Several others showed up and help finish driving off the soldiers.

The boy walked over to Katara, who blushed, as his eyes traversed her body from feet to head. He cocked his head back, put a sword on his shoulder, and asked, "Hey, my names Jet, and the lovely one would be?"

Katara clasped her hands in front of her chest, blushed and began to slide her foot along the ground like a shy girl. "My name is Katara…" she said in a wistful tone.

"Nice name…" he replied with a big grin. This made Katara feel weak in the knees, and Aang began to look at her funny.

Sokka looked angrily at Jet, and said, "She's my sister, so keep away."

Jet smiled at hearing this tidbit of information. "Your sister, huh? I could live with that," he said, as Katara sighed audibly. He turned to his companions, and said, "These are my freedom fighters."

Katara pointed to Aang and said, "He's Aang, the Avatar."

Jet looked visibly impressed, and said, "That was some impressive bending you two were doing back there." He then began to introduce his people. He pointed to a bow with a bow in the trees and said, "He's Longshot." He then turned to a small child with face paint, "That's Smellerbee." He turned to the final pair and said, "That's 'The Duke, and Pipsqueek."

Aang began to laugh, looked at the smallest of the pair, and said, "Pipsqueek, that's a funny name."

The larger man looked annoyed at Aang's comment, and asked, "You think my name is funny?"

Aang continued to laugh and replied, "It's hilarious!?"

The man looked annoyed for a second then a smile cracked on his face and he began to laugh, "You're right, it is funny!"

Katara sighed in relief, as Aang had avoided making the giant of a man angry with him.

The group rummaged through the supplies and took them back to the rebel's tree fortress.


Naruto read the scroll again, not believing it.


Ino-chan and I are to be married upon my sixteenth birthday. She and her father have accepted my proposal. Thank you for guiding her to my side, she in a way reminds me of you. Does that sound weird? While she likes to spend a lot of time shopping, without buying much, I really enjoy spending time with her. Tsunade has authorized her change from Konoha shinobi to a Suna Shinobi. Temari is currently training her to be 'a real kunoichi,' as opposed to the weak ones Konoha seemed to have produced during your class. She also is currently dating your friend, Shikamaru, I believe, the one who keeps saying 'troublesome'. Temari seems happy with him, but she complains that he is very lazy, and it takes more work to get him to do something than it is do it herself.

Ino-chan says 'hi' to both of you and hopes that you will come back soon, as do I. Azuma-san and Choji-san also send their regards, Choji also seems to have been taken by a new genin here in Suna by the name of Matsuri, he is working with her to get over her fear of weapons, as her parents were killed right in front of her. Kankuro seems to want nothing more than to aggravate the female population, as he knows just what not to say at the right time. Currently no female in Suna will even get close to him.

Again thank you for changing my life so much, when we fought during the invasion you showed me there was another way and I'm striving to be as good as you are.

Your friend as always,

Gaara of the Dessert, Godaime Kazekage designate.

Naruto smiled broadly at the letter, and thought, 'So he is going to make it first. I'm happy for him.'

Hinata wrapped her arm around Naruto and gently kissed him on the lips, and asked, "Good news, I hope?"

Naruto nodded, and said, "Looks like Gaara and Ino are going to follow us into being married, along with Choji and Shikamaru not that far behind. Gaara is also set to be the next Kazekage."

Hinata smiled warmly at her husband, and said, "I'm glad for him. He and Ino deserve some happiness. So we need to work on the jutsu that everyone sent us so we don't end up relying on bending as our only form of attack and defense, Akatsuki will be waiting for the both of you." She looked at him then turned to look at the sleeping form of Akemi, as she smiled warmly at the girl she considered a daughter of sorts, if not a sister.


"So you want me to do some scouting after what you did to that old man?" Sokka asked with a scowl written across his face. He sighed and then said, "Okay I'll do it, but Katara and Aang need to know about your attack on that old man, whether he was an assassin or not."

Jet nodded, as if he heard Sokka's complaint, but continued, "Pipsqueek and Smellerbee will accompany you."


"Aang where is Sokka, I'm worried with how he seems to have a problem with Jet," Katara said in a worried tone.

Aang opened his mouth only to hear a voice behind him. "I sent him off on a scouting mission. We heard that another patrol of Fire Nation troops were headed this way. I do have some work for you two, if you could," he asked in a voice that caused Aang to look at him with a raised eyebrow. "We could use your bending ability to stop the Fire Nation in this area for a long time."

Aang shrugged his shoulders, as Katara nodded, and the trio left the room.


Naruto was panting, as he surveyed the destruction. He had just used an 'Air Bullet' jutsu that Gaara had given them and he had just destroyed six trees in a row. The first was totally destroyed, splinters really. The second and third just fell over missing a five foot section, and the last all had a hole going through them. Naruto knew that this jutsu if used at this power level would kill lots of people or even worse hurt allies if there were trees around and he knocked them over.

He then looked over at Akemi and then at the grin on her face, he then looked out at the destruction she had wrought. Her jutsu had literally destroyed an acre of forest. "Akemi-chan, could you have used a little less chakra?" he asked, as he tried to make a point.

Akemi got angry and replied, "Hmph… What do you mean Naruto-kun? You destroyed several trees, and I only destroyed a few more."

Naruto rolled his eyes at the temper tantrum she was throwing. He then shook his head in frustration. "I was trying to limit the destruction, you went all out, or did you?" he asked, as she shook her head. 'Oh boy, were in trouble when we get back, she has even worse control than I do' he thought to himself.

Hinata sighed and then explained, "You see, Akemi-chan. Naruto-kun knows how much trouble he would get into for not being able to control his jutsu. Both of you have gigantic reserves and can easily level a small city on your own. If you can limit your destruction to enemies and spare the surrounding landscape it shows you to be even more powerful."

Akemi smiled and said, "I knew there was a reason I liked you, Hinata-chan. You're not like Niisan here. He can't explain things too well."

Naruto growled at Akemi, who growled back at him. The blonde and red head began to circle each other with clawed hands raised. "I've been doing this longer than you have," Naruto exclaimed.

"I heal quicker," Akemi rebutted Naruto's comment.

Hinata rolled her eyes at this. 'Having to babysit a demon in hanyo form and what is worse is that it has lost its memories. Well depending on how evil it was, it might not be so bad,' she thought to herself.

Both squared off for a fight and began to slash at each other until neither was wearing any clothes. Both wore bloody scratches and quickly healing cuts.

"You guys get to repair your own clothes. I'm not doing it," Hinata exclaimed.

Naruto and Akemi looked at each other and realized that they were naked. Being around Hinata had schooled her with a sense of what a female could acceptably show of her body and what she couldn't. She looked at Naruto and saw the state of his undress. She then looked at Hinata who was blushing and staring at Naruto longingly, for reasons she couldn't yet comprehend, but was a little put out, sort of like having someone longing after your brother. "Okay, niisan. We'll call it even, get cleaned up and find that Sokka boy and his friends," Akemi said, as she grabbed her bag and the scraps of clothing that were hers.

Naruto began to pickup his clothes only to be tackled by Hinata. Akemi watched at Hinata kissed him deeply and she could only sigh. "Please do that in your tent, not out in the open where you…" she said, but suddenly stopped when she felt the presence of others and smelled burnt leather. She immediately covered her chest and crotch with the tatters of clothing.

Hinata and Naruto stopped their make out session, since they noticed the unease in Akemi. Hinata activated her Byakugan and looked around. She noted several people in the area, all were Fire Nation soldiers. "I count twenty soldiers. How do we want to deal with them?" she asked.

A soldier stepped out and smiled perversely at Akemi. "I see we found the rapist of the area. Both of you ladies will have to come with us, for your protection," the soldier explained with a sneer.

Akemi growled at the soldier only to have to drop her protection and be caught by wires around her wrists.

"Now that is nice, for a teenage girl, wouldn't you say so, Jan?" the soldier said.

Another soldier came out of the forest with a lecherous grin on his face. "Yes, Han, she is beautiful. I'm sure she will make me a good wife. You guys can finish tying her up," Jan said a little too happily.

Akemi's face blushed from both embarrassment and anger. The only people who were supposed to see her naked were Naruto, who she thought of as a brother, Hinata, his wife and thus her sister, and Katara. Aang and Sokka had seen her naked, but also did not use that knowledge against her. These men looked worse than Sokka when he had asked to see her again. She didn't like that or this feeling.

Naruto stood and growled.

"Looks like we have a couple wild ones here and he looks like the wanted posters, the last Airbender other than the Avatar," a new soldier said while he twirled a weight on the end of a wire.

"Let her go," Naruto said in a low growl.

"Look the wild boy wants his sex toy back, all the while hiding it from the blind girl, or maybe she joins in on the fun," a fourth soldier said, as he added his commentary into the mix.

Hinata felt her side weapons pouch being opened and a couple weapons being pulled out. Naruto had pulled out a couple of shuriken and tossed them in Akemi's direction. She was able to track them, but the soldiers didn't seem to be able to. The wires that were holding Akemi and cutting her wrists suddenly snapped. She gathered her stuff and ran back to Naruto and Hinata.


Jett led Aang and Katara to a small stream that appeared to be fed by water spouts from the ground. "All we need is for you to bend the water from the spouts and fill the reservoir," he explained with a smile.

Aang and Katara complied and began to bend the water from the ground and into the stream. "Do you want us to join you at the dam when we're finished?" she asked Jet.

Jet shook his head and replied, "Nah, we can take care of things from there." Jet left the area quickly.

"So what do you think they are going to do with the extra water we're sending to the dam?" Aang asked.

"I'm sure Jet has a good reason for wanting the water," Katara said, but didn't feel as confident as she sounded.


Naruto and Akemi both finished getting dressed, while Hinata checked the last of the soldiers. "Well, you didn't kill any of them. So either you're both getting better or you're too embarrassed to fight at your full when not wearing any clothes," she explained.

"I have no problem showing my all in front of you, Hinata-chan," Naruto said, but Hinata turned bright red.

"Yeah and if there were a bunch of girls around like Katara-chan or those from another village would you parade around without clothes?" Akemi asked with a smirk.

Naruto sighed, since Akemi had painted him into a corner. "Katara has seen me naked before, so that wouldn't bother me, so long as I could get dressed afterwards. As for other girls, I trust you like a sister, so you seeing me naked means nothing. Other females are off limits if I can help it, since I'm all Hinata-chan's," he said happily, only to get a passionate kiss from Hinata.

"Isn't that what got us in trouble in the first place?" Akemi asked jokingly.

"No, it was you two fighting that got us into trouble," Hinata exclaimed. Both Naruto and Akemi had the good graces to look ashamed.


Aang and Katara came over the bluff to see an arrow hit the blasting jelly barrels in front of the dam. "No, the village will be destroyed. Can't we do anything Aang?" she asked sadly.

"They are traitors and are thus considered acceptable losses," Jet said from the background.

Katara and Aang turned to Jet anger in their eyes. "You caused the deaths of so many people, Jet. How could you?" she asked with hurt and anger evident in her voice.

Jet smiled and used his sword to block Aang's swing with his glider staff. Both were surprised when a whip made of water knocked both swords out of Jet's hands. Katara then slammed Jet against the nearest tree and froze him to the tree. "You're despicable, Jet. I'll never forgive you. You know you killed children too?" she asked with a tear streaked face.

"Acceptable losses," Jet exclaimed angrily.

"Just like your parents?," Katara asked just above a whisper.

Jet's face went pale and he turned his face away in shame. Katara and Aang left Jet to think over his deeds and contemplate his fate.


Hinata walking between Naruto and Akemi holding both of their hands and asks, "Now what have we learned?"

"Not to let our emotions get the best of us and to stop before our undergarments are destroyed," both answered in unison.

Hinata nodded at their response and giggled lightly.

Naruto noticed Sokka leading a group of people towards the receding water of the river. "Sokka what's going on?" he asked

"Just saved a village from a trap that a guy named Jet setup," Sokka replied happily.

"I'm glad, but how did you get them to believe you?" Katara asked the surprised group.

"Well they didn't at first, but the guy I saved from Jet vouched for me and because of that we luckily got everyone out of the village in time," Sokka explained. "So where is Mr. Perfect?"

"He is up on the ridge stuck to a tree," Katara said laced with venom and anger.

Naruto leaned towards Aang and asked, "So she liked him at first?"

Aang only nodded, not wanting to feel the wrath of Katara at the moment.

The group loaded up on Appa and flew off to the north. Jet watched angrily at the departing flying bison only to change his attitude when the angry villagers appeared at the bottom of the bluff.


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