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Five moon cycles after the end of the war, a great celebration was being held for the birthday of a certain waterbender; one who played a great part to end the war. Katara was turning fifteen that day. Many people were invited to the festivities, including Fire Lord Zuko with his wife Mai and his advisor and uncle, General Iroh, the Earth King, the council of five, and, of course, the sister tribe was invited, Toph was there too and so were Longshot, Smellerbee, Pipsqueak, The Duke and many more of their friends they had made along their journey.

The waterbenders from the Northern Water Tribe had done a great job at restoring the Southern Tribe. It was now a magnificent city with many icy homes, as well as a small palace in the middle of the city, just like it was in the north. The party was to be held at the palace, where musicians from all over the world were invited to play. Everyone enjoyed the music, and most of the people were not shy about going out on the floor to dance. Aang and Katara danced together, while Sokka and Suki danced together along with many other couples. After "The Flamey-os" finished their song, Aang took Katara and went to the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?" Aang called and everyone's attention turned to him.

"As you all know, today is the birthday of my best friend, Katara. She's turning fifteen, but what's more is that she is now of marrying age by the customs of the Southern Water Tribe." Aang said and everyone applauded. Katara, who looked absolutely stunning in her blue dress, blushed a dark crimson.

"Katara, at first, after you freed me from the iceberg, I thought you were an angel." Aang said, kneeling in front of Katara. "When I dream, I dream only of you; every time we kiss, it seems as though everything else is forgotten; when I had to go see the guru alone, it was the toughest week of my life, even tougher than defeating Ozai. I can't live without you, Katara, because you're the most caring, loving and passionate person I've ever known. Katara, will you marry me?" he said as he presented the necklace he had made all those months ago. The front side was the symbol of the Air Nomads, intertwined with the symbol of the Water Tribes.

"Yes, Aang! Yes, I will marry you!" she said almost crying tears of joy as she kissed him full on the lips. She turned around and let Aang untie her mother's necklace to put the new one in its place.

"Aang, what about my mother's necklace?" Katara whispered. As much as she loved the necklace he gave her, she didn't want to let go of the necklace her mother had given to her.

"Turn it around." Aang answered, motioning to Katara's new necklace.

As soon as she saw the back side of her necklace, she sprung up and hugged him tightly. "So," she whispered to him, "this is the surprise you were preparing for me at the Western Air Temple." Everyone applauded.

Aang whispered something to the band and lead Katara back to the dance floor. As the first few notes of the song began to play, Katara noticed the tune and smiled.

"Do you remember this song?" Aang asked.

"How could I not? This was the song playing during our first dance together."

Aang smiled and nodded at his new fiancée as he took her hand. "Remember our routine?" he whispered to her.

"How could I forget?" Katara smiled, remembering their first dance in the cave.

As they started their routine, those closest to them stopped to watch. Katara even thought she heard a groan from her brother, but she ignored it. As they danced, they were only vaguely aware of the other occupants in the room have stopped whatever it is they were doing to watch the couple. Once they had finished, with Katara in Aang's arms, a loud applause filled the building. Aang looked up at the crowd that had gathered around them and smiled as Katara stood upright.

"Alright, alright," Aang said, unable to hide his smile, "Show's over!"

Once everyone got back to whatever it was they were doing before, Katara pulled Aang to the side.

"Thanks Aang," she said. "This is the best birthday I've ever had."

Before Aang could say that it was no problem, and that he'd been planning to propose for a while now, before he could say anything at all, Katara captured his lips in a passionate kiss.


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