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Chapter 21

November Rain

Do you need some time... on your own

Do you need some time... all alone

Everybody needs sometime... on their own

Don't you know you need sometime... all alone

Gun's and Roses – November Rain


"Do you think this is a good Idea?" I asked for the fourth time on the last few ten minutes, looking anxiously through the window, trying to get a glimpse from the townhouse. Maybe looking a sign of smoke. The sound of a blast.

Edward looked up from the menu of the café near home where we were having breakfast and sighed.


"I know!" I said, picking the menu and scanning it again, blankly.

He put the menu down and sighed.

"Bella, love. You are overreacting." He said, in a very rational voice, leaning on the table to reach out my hand. His lovely lips twisted on my favorite crooked smile. He looked like a model in a perfume poster.

I blinked twice, trying to focus.

"I don't know, Edward." I tried to look confident, but I knew I sounded uncertain.

"… There is something disturbing about letting cosplayed people dancing around my house."

Edward tried to look serious, but it seemed a bit too hard.

"Those clothes." He agreed, snorting "I mean, I knew they were coming, but when I saw those three just standing there…"

"… I know! It seemed they came from a Bollywood movie!" I completed " I was almost expecting they'd start dancing!" I laughed.

He chuckled. "Seriously, I had to bite my lip to not start laughing there. And it's so funny because she's so different from Emmett. And he's starting with that esoteric stuff."

He nodded and took a sip of his espresso. And started telling me about the organic food he was eating in lunch and how Emmett was planning to start on doing yoga.

I mean, it was funny, but it was cute as well. He was trying to adapt to his girlfriend's way of life. And some of her habits were pretty healthy. But, I don't know. I liked Kate. But I knew Em was in love with Rosalie.

Life can be so complicated sometimes.

And, okay. Part of the reason why I was freaking out about the open house it was because of the Denali's sisters. Which also meant Tanya. Edward's best friend.

I was okay with that. I mean, really. Edward has all the right to have as many friends as he wants. And I knew that would be unfair if I put myself between him and her. But…it was the way she looked at him.

So, when they came and announced they would be fixing my house, the bitchy, jealous part of was ready to say a very loud "No!". But my home mates and so called friends switched teams and said that I should, in Alice's words "Enjoy the day, Bells. You can let everything on my hands!"

I remember of hesitating and then I saw Edward's face. I knew that if I refuse it, I would be inconsiderate of his friend. I guess they just wanted to be kind and I was being…well, childish.

So, I gave in.

I pursed my lips and Edward, noticing my change of humor said, in a smooth, gentle tone. The kind of make you think of snuggling with him in a sunny meadow, surrounded by purple flowers.

"Bella, if they break something, we will pay for it. There is nothing to worry about. Alice is there and you how she can be when she has a project. "

I shuddered. Yeah, I definitely knew it. I was her classmate in High School and I still could hear her orders while she commanded the whole class for the Winter Ball. "Nazi Pixie", was her nickname.

"You are right. I should fear for Kate's friends instead of fearing them." I smiled at him, to assure that everything was fine now.

"That's my girl."

So, we had breakfast and then Edward led the way.

We took the subway and we arrived, to my surprise, to the place where he worked – The Lincoln Center. I never got used to the stunning view of it.. The high windows shining against the blue sky breathtaking. It was freezing cold, that's why they had turn off the fountain.

"What is going on here?" I asked curiously, as we passed by the entrance. There were tons of people in the Atrium of the main Hall, chatting and sipping sparkling water and Mimosas "Are they giving candies?"

Edward chuckled. "You'll see." He said mysteriously, putting my arm on his and taking me to an inner hall. I smiled back, infected by his enthusiasm.

He was definitely on his element, I could see. It was great to see him chatting with people, playing jokes. Edward, since I remembered, wanted to study on Julliard and be part of the Philharmonic.

So, the event Edward had took me it was a presentation of an orchestra formed only by young musicians. They were playing on the center of the huge circular room, where were spread paintings, photographs and marble sculptures made by young artists as well. The effect was lovely. Good music, god art and lovely company. What a girl could wish more?

I think I started celebrating too soon.

"Edward!" sang a girl close to us. I felt my humor going downhill. Tanya. "You came!" She quickly hugged Edward and she turned to me, all green eyes and reddish curls. "Hi, Bella!"

I managed to smile. "Hey Tanya."

I feel bad for not liking Tanya better. I had to admit that her and her sisters did nothing but the best to make me feel at home in NY. But she also had a possessive, jealous side when it comes from Edward. I guess some people can be quite attached to their friends. I get that. And I want to be understanding. But, but… she has to look always so… pretty?

"I'm so glad Edward brought you here. Kate was getting us crazy with all that babbling. She almost didn't sleep." She rolled her blue greenish eyes, looking even more like an Abercrombie model. Suddenly, my jeans and that baby blue knitted sweater didn't seem as good as it looked when I put it on this morning.

"You guys didn't need to get in all this trouble…" I started. She waved dismissively.

"Cullen's friends are our friends. And it's a perfect excuse to get drunk and eat too much." We laughed with her.

Edward has the final shot:

"You definitely did a good job on this one, Tanya. It's fantastic."

She blushed prettily. "Thank you."

Ok, I'm getting seriously nauseated now.

Thank God someone called out Tanya and she excused herself and took off. I took a sip of mimosa, feeling quite happier.

"Let's take a walk?"

We circulate the room, appreciating the paintings and the music and then Edward led me to another room connected to the principal one. The walls were covered in black, in order to make a better feature for the pictures in the wall. They mostly portrayed people with instruments. Lovely, indeed.

And then we saw a guy sitting in a bench, staring, sensitively a picture of a girl, playing the violin in the subway. His longs legs stretched in front of him. Like many people in New York, he was dressed fully in black. His long blond hair hiding part of his lovely features. Jasper was just the way I pictured Eric Northman: a cold, perfect blond sex God.

"Look who is there!" said Edward cheerfully "Let's talk to him?"

"Yeah, sure." I liked Jasper, but I confess I didn't have lots of opportunities to talk to him. He was a very reserved person, but still, very kind.

We approached and he turned to see who was coming. He smiled at us, hesitantly. Maybe Rosalie had told him about what happen to Lauren that day.

"Hey, man. What a surprise!" he said, getting up to shake Edward's hand and give me a quick kiss on the cheek. A wave of Hugo washed me fresh and delicious." Did you guys come to see the exhibition?"

"Sure. The event was organized by Tanya and, you know, I work here."

"True! I keep forgetting. The Philharmonic plays here." He took a sip of his drink. Sparkling water "And I'm working as well. Hosting the event" he shrugged. Money was money, after all

"So, are you and Rose coming home tonight?" I asked.

He hesitated. "Hun. This is a bit complicated, Bella. Royce..." he almost spat his name " …is whining over it. Apparently you, my friend, throw your drink on his cousin or whatever and he's pissed and doesn't want her to hang out with you.' He rolled his eyes.

I nodded. Well, it was his boyfriends' relative. I have to give it that to Lauren and Royce. And Rosalie was in the middle of it. But I wanted to know what Jasper thought. Because of Alice. "And what do you think?"

He shrugged, in an indifferent movement, but I could see his eyes getting darker, like the clouds of a storm. His shoulders looked tense "I think that asshole can screw himself. And Lauren is a bitch. That's why they are related. I don't know why Rosalie tolerates him. But, whatever. You guys can count with me."

After that, he announced he was going back to his work. I said "It would be a pity if Rosalie got away from us. I really like her."

Edward sighed, baring his hands on the pockets of his jeans "Yeah, but it's complicated. She's just in the middle. It's her boyfriend and a few recent friends." He shrugged "It's hard to compete with that."

I felt my cell phone buzzing on my pocket and looked who was calling. Jacob. Again.

"Oh, go to hell!" I hissed, turning it off, annoyed. Jacob got Leah pregnant and was getting married. What else did he want to say to me?

"Bad news?" asked Edward calmly, his elegant eyebrows raised.

I sighed, exasperated "Not, its stupid Jacob calling me again. Probably to whine about the kiss he robbed or another stupid reason."

Edward's look went immediately dark. Like a shadow in a forest. "Robbed kiss, Bella?"

Oh, my God.

My mouth went immediately dry.

"Edward… It was nothing. I was at the work; he cornered me and tried to steal a kiss. I pushed him and fell."

He looked away for a moment, his jaw hard with anger. His voice, however, was very controlled when he finally looked at me. But I could see that I had hurt him.

"So, you are saying that you got hurt because he kissed you?"

"It wasn't a big deal!" I said, starting to feel scared about what I was seeing on his eyes. Anger, hurt. Oh, God! What have I done? "It didn't mean anything!"

"Didn't? Then why didn't you tell me, Bella?"

"Because it wasn't important!" I fell that I raised my tone, but fortunately, we were alone on that room.

His expressions were unreadable.

"Edward…" I didn't know what to say. Jacob's kiss meant nothing. That's why I didn't tell him. But now I could see that I mistrust him. How could I be so stupid? "I'm sorry."

"You know, Bella. I guess I'll hang with my friends for a while. I see you back home."

I opened my mouth to stop him, but before I could do it, he had turned his back on me and left the room.

I put my hand over my mouth to prevent myself from yelling. From crying aloud. I took a long sip of the mimosa and left as well.

I saw him in the back of the room, his back to the entrance. Tanya was on his side, talking to him. But he was surrounded by his friends. She saw me leaving and made a move to me join them, but I shook my head and left.

The cold wind slapped my face and I decided going back home walking. I didn't care if Kate and Emmett had brought an elephant home. I just want to curl myself in a ball and cry.

I wandered the city until past noon. Then, I headed back home. The air was thick with incense and there were colorful cloths hanging here and there. I didn't pay much attention. I just climbed up the stairs. I heard Alice calling out me, but I ignored. I shut the door behind me and went to bed.

I woke up with the sound music. I sat up and saw it was twilight. I glanced the clock on the bedside table and groaned. It was half past seven. My mouth tasted like sand and my hair was sticking on the side where I slept. I considered the idea of lying down again and then I remembered the party.


I dragged myself to the bathroom and took a long relaxing shower. I would have to face Edward. We had to fix this. I had to fix this. I would apologize to him and find a way to make him understand. Edward was an understanding person. Wasn't him?

I decided putting on a floating, long dark blue skirt, a white T-shirt and completed the outfit with a collar with blue rocks with a round that I found on Alice's bedroom and, after thinking for a second, used a blue scarf as tiara on my hair. I glanced the mirror and was pleased. It was an esoteric open house party, right? I guess I looked quite esoteric. Plus, I couldn't go face Edward like that. And I'm quite sure Tanya would be wearing Dior or Prada to finish the job.

I picked a pair of delicate sandals and went down. The house or, at least, what I thought it could be my living room was full of people, cloths, candles, bright things I didn't know what they were and, in front of the TV… Edward and Tanya were singing." Cruising Together"!

Please, someone just shoot me now.

"Bella!" sang Alice pulling me downstairs before I could run off as I wanted. She pushed a purple drink on my hand and I took it, my eyes still on Edward and Tanya "It's good to see you back to the living world. Nice necklace, by the way."

I blushed.

"I was going to ask."

She wavered "Don't be silly. I was going to pick that one for you. I liked the outfit."

I waved at Carmen and Eleazar in a corner, as they sipped their drinks and looked through the list of song of the videoke.

"Hi, Bella!" said Kate. I blinked as she, very exotic in a green sari floated until us.

"Hey, Kate! The party is lovely! Congrats for the job and thanks!" said cheerfully.

She smiled. Despite her eccentric manners, she was a good person. "Why, it was a pleasure, Bella. I hope you enjoy it."

"Yeah, sure!" I replied, more cheerfully than I actually felt.

I could see Alice observing me. "What?"

She shrugged "Problems in paradise."

I glanced at Edward, who was talking to Carlisle and sighed.


"Take it easy. Everything is going to be fine." She smiled at me. "Now, go talk to your guests. These people are here for you, you know."

She was right and I past the next hour complimenting and talking to people. There weren't many. But I had to talk to Esme and Carlisle, Carmen and Eleazar, Rose and Jasper. And the Denali sisters, of course.

I could feel Edward's avoiding me. I understand he didn't want to talk to me now. So, I gave him some space. But I didn't like the fact that he was by Tanya's side all the time.

"So" said a soft, sexy voice by my side, as I watched Emmett assassinating Jaded, by the Aerosmith. "That was Emmett's girlfriend's work?"

I glanced at Rosalie and snorted. "Yep. And a couple of assistants. But Alice and Emmet helped as well." I made a pause "I'm glade you came."

"I'm glad to be here." She gently pat her cup with mine. "I broke up with Royce."

I turned to look at her. Her features were hard. Her eyes looked almost metallic. She looked so much with Jasper earlier this afternoon that it was stunning.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

She shook her head. "No, you don't. You know that people."

"Yes." I murmured, looking at my drink. "Are you okay?"

She sighed again, looking at Emmett. "No."


She looked so sad. "I'm fine. The drink turns me sentimental, that's all. Maybe you and Ally can help me fetching an apartment next week?"

"You could live here, you know." I said, impulsively.

She smiled brightly at me and then shook her head. "I know, Bella. You're a good friend. Let's see what happens, okay? It's complicated, you know."

I saw Tanya laughing and putting a hand on Edward's shoulder. I took a sip of my drink to calm down.

"Yeah, I do."

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