Round, rich, and heartless, tubb-...I mean Gato is a lot cooler this time around.


When Technology Goes Rogue
by TamaSaga


Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, or Chrono Trigger. I am merely borrowing ideas and characters to create a story that others will enjoy. In no way do I intend to make a profit off of this story.


The fog was starting to clear as the one responsible for maintaining it was about to lose.

The first thing that everyone saw was Haku slowly collapsing to the ground like a puppet whose string was cut, blood was pouring profusely from a gaping wound in his chest...he had taken the hit meant for Zabuza, and his life was the price.

"Hmmph, a tool until the end," Zabuza coldly responded. But no one was listening, their attention was focused on the large crowd that had just arrived. The seedy bandits were surrounding a very round figure dressed in a well-tailored suit.

The large figure slowly left the crowd, before standing in the center. With no hesitation, it raised a cylindrical object to its mouth...

...and then it started to sing.

They call me Ga-to-ou d

I have me-tal joints d

Beat me up and earn d

15 sil-ver points d

Kakashi soon became intimate with a tree, having taken a metal fist in the face the very instant the song was finished.

To see their sensei fall so easily...

This must be a strong opponent. A smirk appeared on Sasuke's face as he started to draw a kunai, only to be replaced by a bugged out expression moments later when the robot's other thick, and heavy, arm clubbed him over the head.

Once floored, the robot stomped upon the backside of the black-haired genin as it advanced. It was hard to tell if the eternally stoic Uchiha was screaming, as the dirt in his mouth muffled whatever sound he was emitting quite nicely.

Sakura stepped forward to protest Sasuke's harsh treatment, but before she could say a word, the thing's chest opened. While the expensive tuxedo was ruined in the process, the pinkette suffered a hard strike from the spring loaded punching glove. She twirled several times in midair before landing in the nearby waters with a loud kersplash.

A horrified Naruto described the situation perfectly. "What the hell?!"



Chrono Trigger. This well-dressed Gato's got a +90 to its attack and speed modifier though. Good luck.