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Here's a little thing I wrote on the train from London to Cambridge… my boredom and the lateness of the hour is to blame!

Are We There Yet?

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"How about now?"

"No – we're not there yet. We won't be there for at least another day."

"Oh. So we're not there yet?"

"For the love of – Sheppard! There you are, thank god."

John's eyebrows shot up and he slid into the chair opposite Rodney. "That's not your usual greeting," he quipped.

The look Rodney gave him was pained and desperate. "Make him stop," he whined, pointing across the table.

John followed the finger and looked down at Tagan, who sat next to him. He was swinging his short legs and grinning. John smiled at the six-year-old and then looked back at Rodney.

"Stop him doing what?" He asked Rodney. He looked down at Tagan again – his grin had gone and he was looking back at him with wide, innocent eyes.

"He keeps asking if we're there yet," Rodney complained.

John raised an eyebrow at Rodney. "Well, are we?" He asked him.

Rodney let out a growl of frustration and jumped out of his chair. He picked up the unopened packet of biscuits from his tray and stalked away without another word.

John and Tagan watched him go and, as soon as he was through the mess-hall door, started laughing.

"Oh, nicely done Tag, nicely done," John said, turning back to Tagan and holding up his palm for a high-five. The boy obliged, kneeling up on his chair next to John and grinning widely as he slapped his hand.

"How long were you asking before I arrived?" John asked him.

"About ten minutes," said Tagan with another grin.

John's eyebrows shot up. "Wow, I'm impressed," he said. "Rodney usually cracks way before then… he's getting better."

"He was ignoring me at first," said Tagan.

John looked thoughtful. "We're gonna have to think of some new ways to bug him," he said. "He's developing an immunity…"

Tagan frowned. "A what?"

John grinned. "He's getting used to you," he explained. "Soon you won't annoy him at all."

As John had thought it would, Tagan's face went from confused to horrified in half a second. He was a bright kid, and annoying Rodney was one of his favourite hobbies. Luckily he was very good at it, and it was a skill that John liked to nurture.

"What do we do?" Asked Tagan, looking worried.

John ruffled the boy's hair, something he knew he hated but did anyway because he thought he was cute when he pouted. Tagan pushed his hand away with a scowl, but John just grinned again. "We'll think of something," he said. He swivelled in his chair so his back was to Tagan, and the boy latched his arms around his neck. John stood up and, once he was sure Tagan wasn't going to fall, started to walk out of the mess-hall.

As John walked down one of the many corridors of the Phoenix, Tagan leant forward so he could talk to him more easily. "Hey, Dad?"


"Are we there yet?"

John snorted. "Nice try, buddy, but you're gonna have to do better than that with me."

The End

I'm sorry for the Dad comment, but really – it's me, what did you expect?