Ichigo saw the hand coming for him , but he was far too weak to move. 'Damn it! I can't move! This sucks!' Ulquoirra spoke emotionlessly as he prepared to deliver the killing blow. "It's over Kurosaki. You lose." But before he could deliver the final blow, he heard a female voice scream at the top of her lungs: "ICHIGOOOOO!"

The next thing he knew, a fist slammed into his face, slamming him into a wall, hard. As he dusted himself off, he saw who had hit him. It was Nel, but she looked completely different than she had a second ago.

She now looked like a full grown woman, her long green hair spilled out behind her shoulders. The skull she wore on her head now had long curved horns, and they looked very sharp. Her outfit consisted of the tattered remains of a green shirt that clung to her rather large bossom. Her shorts were barely there, as they too clung tightly to her body. Her green eyes blazed with hatred for the number 4 arrancar, and she cracked her knuckles angrily.

Her voice was laced with fury as she spoke. "You'll pay for hurting Ichigo!" Ulquoirra raised an eyebrow and drew his blade, his tone amused "Nel Tu. It would appear that you have regained your lost memories. And it is because of this shinigami?" The arrancar seethed at him, emerald eyes ablaze as she spoke.

"DAMN RIGHT! I'D DO ANYTHING FOR HIM!" She took a step forward, but before she could charge, Ichigo grabbed her leg, the look on his face worried, as was the tone of his voice.

"Are you crazy?! You'll get killed! If he beat me, than you won't stand a chance against him!" Nel turned her head and grinned. Then Ichigo saw the number 3 on her back, and his eyes widened in surprise. 'Number 3?! Then that means she's stronger than Ulquiorra!'

Nel shook her leg loose of his grip and turned to face the black haired arrancar. "Don't worry. This won't take long." With that, she blurred forwardm disappearing from sight. The arrancar's eyes widened is surprise, and he brought his blade up to guard, only for Nel's incoming fist to smash right through it and into his pale face.

Ulquria's (I HATE HIS NAME!) eyes widened as he watched the fragments of his blade fly past him, while her fist dug into the left side of his face. 'My sword! She broke it with one blow!'

Then the man winced in pain as the impact from the blow smashed him backwards and into the lef tprotion of a wall, leaving a large crater as his body impacted against the hard material. The number 4 was absolutley dumbfounded by her ferocity and strength, even after all these years, she was as nasty as ever. ' And she's even stronger than before!' He had no time to to react as she was on him once again and boy was she mad, and she screamed at the top of her lungs as she continued her furious assault.

"TEME! YOU WILL PAY!" She drove her fist hard into his gut, and held it there. With her left, green energy coallesced into it. Now she looked demonic, the green light shining into her face and lighting up the dark room. She placed the hand on his face, and whispered one word, layered with hate.


The number four arrancar had no time for a reaciton, let alone a thought, as then the green energy roared into him, driving through wall after wall. Nel grinned fiercely as she saw this and let out a deep breath as two more Cero's gathered in her hands.

She looked over her shoulder and flashed a grin at Ichigo, then turned back to face the rapidly faidng green blast. With a chuckled, she pressed the two of them together and pushed her hands forward. "Cero.

Ichigo's eyes widened as the massive energy shot from her hands and then he heard a scream of pain as he rose to his feet. 'That either killed him, or he's in A LOT of pain right now.'

He grinned as he staggered over to Nel and placed a hand on her shoulder, making her turn her head in response. "Nel, that was great." She grinned again, and then fell to her knees. Ichigo caught her in an instant, his voice worried. "Hey! Nel, are you alright?!"

She grinned up at him, and yawned. "Yeah, I'm just a little sleepy from using so much energy." Then, without thinking of the consequences, she nuzzled her head into his chest and was soon fast asleep.

Ichigo was dumbstruck by this. "Unbelievable. She's out like a light."

As if in resonse, the woman shivered, obviously cold from the lack of clothing. Ichigo smiled at this normal reaction from th enow powerful arrancar. 'Poor thing. She burned herself out. He removed his desert cloak, wrapping it around her and pulling her close. Again she responded, her voice bleary from sleep. "You're warm."

He chuckled and ran a hand through her long green hair. "Sh, get some sleep. You've- his mouth opened in a wide yawn, and he found himself getting sleepy. "You've earned it."