I HAVE GOTTEN THIS IDEA FROM GREIT DEITY, BECAUSE I ASKED FOR HIS PERMISSION, but the PM just went through. I apologize if anyone is angered, but i give him full credit.


She waited until he had rounded the block to school, before she finally put her plan into action.

Opening the closet,

She pulled out a gigai that she hid earlier last night and took another look at it. It was wearing Ichigo's school's uniform. She inspected it one more time.

It was missing the Broken Mask that she normally wore and the light red stripe that usually stretched across her face, however it still had the small scar on her forehead. She gleefully put on the gigai and ran off to this "school" thing she's heard so much about.



Ichigo winced as Nel proceeded to squeeze the life out of him.

Tatsuki was absolutely flabbergasted.

"Ichigo!" declared Nel.

"Errrr, excuse me but, who the hell are you?" said Tatsuki unable to find a scrap of politeness due to her surprise.

"Oh, sorry," said Nel getting up still holding a seemingly paralyzed Ichigo like a stuffed animal, "I'm Neliel Tu Oderschvank, pleased to meet you," said Nel politely as Ichigo desperately tried to wriggle free now that he has finally come to his senses.

"Fwah!" was the noise Ichigo made now that he could FINNALLY breathe due to his escape. Nel looked a little surprised at Ichigo's interesting shade of red held upon his face. "Gah, Nel, what are you doing here?" Tatsuki was even more surprised by the informal way Ichigo addressed the green haired girl.

"I…just wanted…to see you…Ichigo," mumbled Nel sheepishly looking slightly down to the ground.

"I … uh … erm…. well," said Ichigo slightly starting to regret his tone.

"So I decided to come to your school!" chirped Nel resuming her happy tone.

Ichigo nearly fell over. "W-What?" stuttered Ichigo fearing the worst.

"Yeah, I'm going to finish my- errr, second year here!" said Nel gleefully.

Ichigo let out a sigh of relief as for once he was actually glad he was only a second year.

Although he was stunned to see her here, he was secretly pleased.

Not so much at the prospect of explaining himself to everyone.

The warning bell rang and Ichigo saw it as a good opportunity to leave. "Ah, I gotta go see ya later!" he said and he was gone sprinting to class. Nel soon left to her own class knowing she could hunt down Ichigo later. Both of them left behind a very confused Tatsuki who soon herself, decided to head to class.

Ichigo sped into class only to bump into Chad "Hey Ichigo, what are you running from?" He said nonchalantly. Ichigo sped off and Chad could've sworn he heard Ichigo say 'nel' but he dismissed it without a second thought. Ichigo quickly stated his salutations to his friends as he sat down. Rukia then walked up to Ichigo and sat down next to him.

"Ichigo, you looked like something's wrong, what happened?" she asked slightly concerned.

Ichigo looked up at her.

"Ah crap, you're still here?" said Ichigo as if his day couldn't get any worse.

"What do you mean Ichigo?" asked Rukia quite offended.

"Nothing." Ichigo said quickly. He waited for the teacher to walk in as he pulled out his notes for a quick review. The teacher slowly trudged in, clearly in a bad mood, and started gathering the test sheets together.

Ichigo saw this, knowing that the day was going to be extra harsh, he quickly put his notes away and prepared for the test.

After four hours of test-after-test from many different teachers, lunch finally came.

Ichigo sat on the roof as always to eat lunch.


"Umm, Excuse me," said Nel sheepishly.

"Uwaaaa! Nel-san! What are you doing here?!" said Orihime(Yup, she was rescued, did I forget to mention that part?)

"Um... it's a long story involving some weird guy with a cane and a tasteless hat," said Nel

'Wait a minute… weird guy… tasteless hat… URAHARA!!' Ichigo yelled the thought so loud in his head he covered his mouth just in case he actually yelled it.

"Anyways," said Nel, "Do you know where Ichigo eats lunch?"

"Up on the roof. Errr, why do you want to know"?

"Oh just asking." Nel blushed just ever so slightly.

Chizuru and Tatsuki walked up to Orihime, Both of them noticed Nel, for different reasons of course. Chizuru found a new target, while Tatsuki decided to finally just go: "Okay just who are you?" she blurted out.

"Err, didn't I Already tell you my name?" asked Nel

"Yeah you did, but how do you know Ichigo?"

Orihime was obviously getting worried about where this would lead and was about to interject but Nel beat her to the punch. "Oh I knew him when I was little,"

"But aren't you older than him?" asked Tatsuki suspiciously.

Nel ignored the last question and was about to walk off when Chizuru grabbed her hand and said: "Hey why don't you have lunch with us?" Chizuru was practically drooling at Nel's… physique.

"Oh I'm going to go find Ichigo," said Nel cheerily before bouncing off.

'Crap' thought Ichigo.

Ichigo tried to gather himself together but through the roof door shot Nel. "ICHIGO!"Cried the espada wrapping her arms around the strawberry blond, choking the life out of him once again. He was thanking the heavens that no one was here right now. Just as Ichigo was thanking for his luck, Keigo opened the door shooting through along with Chad, Ishida, and Kujima.

Today was just not his day.

Keigo was taken aback as he regrouped himself to yell at his friend. "I-Ichigo, since when do you have a girlfriend?!" Ichigo broke from Nel's grasp and gave Keigo a sharp kick to the side of the head.



"Why were you two in that position?" interjected Kujima.

Just then Nel glomped back on to Ichigo clinging to his left arm. Ichigo looked back up at Kujima. "Does that answer your question?" asked Ichigo with almost a grunt-like tone.

"Nope that just raises further questions."

Ichigo felt like letting out a nice long yell… then the bell rang. Not willing to answer further questions, the vizard took the opportunity to jet leaving disappointed Nel and very confused friends.

"Just who are you anyways?" asked Uryuu.

"Nel, remember, back in hueco mundo?" whispered Nel to Ishida and Sado.

"N-nel?!" exclaimed Ishida… "Well I guess that explains a lot. But leaves further questions"

"This is what I really look like. I had that small form and a loss of memory due to a reiatsu leakage out of a skull fracture." whispered Nel as quietly as she could so just the two of them to hear.

"Ah I see." said Uryuu still at a normal volume.

"Allow me to reintroduce myself: espada tercero Neliel Tu Oderschvark," said Nel STILL whispering.

Ishida took a step back out of surprise before deciding not to ask and go to class before he was late. Sado did the same. Keigo was raving to himself as Nel and Kujima left. Keigo then realized he was abandoned as the tardy bell rang.

After school:

Ichigo ran home before anyone had a chance to even blink. He stopped in front of his house for a breather. He walked inside and through his normal routine kicked his father for idiocy, ran upstairs and quickly shut the door.

"Ichigo," said a voice. Ichigo froze and looked out his window to see Nel standing there looking to him smiling. "Hey, why'd you leave without me?"

Ichigo sighed and beckoned Nel up. She somehow in one leap made it up to the window and gave Ichigo a quick hug before looking around.

"So why were you at school?" asked Ichigo bluntly.

Nel looked a little hurt and replied:

"I just wanted to be with you Ichigo," said Nel quietly.

Ichigo scratched the back of his head.

"But going to my school?! Are you crazy?!"

Her lower lip trembled slightly in a pout, and her already wide eyes seemed to grow wider, welling up with anime like tears.

"But I can't just stay here all day while you're at school! I'm lonely!"

Her pout caught him off guard, he was totally unprepared for it.

"Pleaaaaase Ichigo?" She pleaded, tugging at his arm. "I won't cause any trouble!"

The words escaped him before he was even aware of it.


"YAY!" She cried, immediately cheery, glomping him, her lips meeting his in a kiss as he fell back onto the floor, unprepared for her tackle as well.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all...