Devil's Favor 1/?

Rating: M for violence and sexual situations. M/M slash of The Devil/Sam persuasion with a side of Andi/Sam in the beginning.

After seeing last weeks episode I just had to take advantage of the plot. Hee. I got the idea of the demon trap from 'Supernatural.' All credit goes to the producers of said show. I don't own Reaper of it's characters. No infringement intended. This is my first fic with this fandom so be gentle. Any characterization suggestions are welcome. Cheers.

Demonic Tendencies

Sam was lying fully atop Andi on the couch kissing when the phone in his bedroom rang. He ignored it at first, but when the phone just kept ringing it became too much of an annoyance.

"I'll be right back." Sam promised with a quick peck on her forehead as he rushed to answer the phone. "I swear if it's Sock I'm going to kill him. Hello?"

"Sam, it's Tony."

"Hey man. This isn't a good time. Andi's over." Sam told him glancing at Andi as she streched out in the living room.

"Sorry, but this is important. Can you come over? It's about the contract."

"I..." Sam knew that Andi wanted his reaper days over with as much as he did so he figured she'd be cool with it. "Yeah. I'll be right there."

"Great. I'll make some pigs in a blanket. Hey Sam, make sure you come alone. My friend doesn't exactly like humans. He tends to eat them."


"Yeah, so you should probably leave Andi at home."

"I'll do that Tony, but are you sure he won't try to eat me?"

"Oh I'm sure." Tony assured him. Sam was positive that there was some kind of joke that had just flew right over his head but shrugged it off. It must be some demon thing.

"Okay. I'll be there in a bit."

Now to just convince Andi.

That had not been a fun conversation at all. So much for the promising start of his night. As Sam got out of the car and walked up to Tony's front door he was a bit hesitant to actually knock. Knocking meant going inside, which meant looking over his contract for loopholes.

Now this would be a good thing. Practically dying every other day was not fun, but Sam couldn't help but be a bit apprehensive. His life had sucked monkey balls before he became a reaper. He was bumming off his parents, still living at home, working at a crappy job and hopelessly crushing after the same girl since high school. The only good thing was Sock and Benjy were around to stir things up every now and again.

Since he started reapering, er reaping, hunting demons for the devil; Sam had moved into his own apartment with his friends and finally gotten Andi to go out with him. Even the bounty hunting, although dangerous, gave him his first taste of accomplishment that he'd ever had. He was doing something important.

He, Sam Oliver, was keeping people safe from escaped souls from hell. It even sounded insane in his own head. Then there was the Devil who was a complete doush. He threatened to kill Sam a few times every couple of weeks. Hadn't followed through though, hadn't even really hurt him now that Sam thought about it. Every so often Sam found himself softening to the man who owned his soul. It never lasted long, but their relationship was a large part of Sam's newfound life.

"Sam what are you doing out here?"

"Oh, hey man sorry about that man. Just lost in thought."

"That's okay. Lets go into the backyard. I set up some treats to nibble on in back."

"Where's umm..."

"Jasper had to run an errand. Works out because I wanted to talk to you first Sam." Tony told him as he lead Sam into the backyard with an arm on his shoulder.

"Sounds serious."

"Oh it is." Tony agreed as he pushed Sam into a lounge chair. "We came upon some information about your contract. It's partly conjecture on our parts, but I think we're right."

"Don't keep me in suspense."

"You're the Devil's son."

Sam stared at the demon in shock for a long moment before laughing uproariously.

"You had me going, Tony. Really funny. Now really what did you find out?"

When Tony didn't respond further Sam actually looked the other man in the eye. The rage he saw there made Sam lean back in his chair to put some distance between them.

"You're serious." Had the situation been less severe he would have laughed at himself when his voice cracked in nervousness. "Are you sure?"

"Not completely." Tony answered him as he grasped Sam's wrist in his own larger grip. "But I can find out easily enough."

"What do you- OWW!!" Sam screamed in pain as Tony casually broke his pinky finger on his right hand. "What the hell are you doing? You Ass. LET ME GO."

"Don't you worry Sam. I promise that I won't do anything irreparable if I can help it. It's not you I want to hurt after all."

"Have you lost your freakin' mind Tony. I'm your friend man."

"With you in my circle the Devil won't be able to hear you, but he can feel you well enough. The way I figure it, if you're hurt enough, ol' Lucifer will show up, even without knowing what's going on. Nothing personal Sam, but he killed Steve. Now I'm going to kill him. I am truly sorry you got stuck into the middle of this." Tony explained in an empty voice as he wrenched Sam's wrist away from his body. "Let's hope Lucifer shows up soon hmmm. Human bodies are just so fragile."