Devil's Favor 9/?
Rated: M Pairing: Sam/Devil A/N: orry for the crazy long wait. I haven't had internet access in a loong time. Hopefully the formating

Training to Be a Badass

"Now that you at least look the part," Sock commented. "How are we going to convince a bunch of demons that you are a tough little bitch?"
Sam walked out of the clothing store behind Sock wearing a sleek pair of black pants and a silver button down shirt, complete with a studded bracelet and an eyebrow piercing. It definately wasn't his usual style, but Sam actually looked a few steps up from his normal 'slacker' outfits.

"That's great man, and I appreciate the shopping trip, but I don't look intimidating in the least like this." Sam told them as he gestured to the outfit helplessly.

"Sock did good, Sam." Ben reassured him as he exited the store carrying the bags. "The clothes make you look well put-together, which is crucial if you are supposed to be a romantic interest of the Devil. I mean he is definately an evil bastard, but can he wear a suit."

"Geez man. Stop the fanboy shit and concentrate on something the really matters." Sock socked Ben it the shoulder playfully. "Like if you think we should dye Sam's hair black to match."

"Shut up guys. I am being serious. I don't think Sam can pull off badass like a 300 pound biker could. We have to work on his presense and general look. I think the clothes are a good first step, and we should definately dye his hair black."

"Don't I get a say in this?" Sam grumbled as he fiddled with the brown strands of his hair. "It is my hair."

"No! Now let mummy and daddy talk."

"Dude, you are totally the chick in this relationship."


"I always knew you wanted to call me daddy, you kinky bitch you." Sock crowed in triumph, as he gestured his two friends back to the car.

Neither saw the small smirk as he watched Ben flip his lid and Sam start laughing. Sock would take the laughs where he could get them. Especially since he didn't know how successful they would be in turning Sam into a proper badass. All three of them still tended to screech like little girls when they see spiders afterall. This would require some careful planning.

"Okay, you have got to stop slouching Sam. You are not a tall guy, but you look even shorter when you do that."

"Badasses don't shriek OR giggle, man!"

"You look constipated like that. Stop it. I said grimace not whatever that face is."

"The key is to feign disinterest at anything that you happen to see." BANG BANG "You can't startle at every little noise or action."

"Act secure in your place at the Devil's side. Think about it Sam, for all the others know, you make their boss YOUR bitch behind closed doors. Play up the seducing looks... What the hell have you been doing with poor Andie? You still look constipated."

"Okay, much better. Do you think our little boy is ready for his first field test?"

"What the hell are we doing at Dorcina's?" Sam asked as they pulled up to the valet parking. "I never even took Andie here. This place is swanky."

"Eh... I got one of the cooks a fake id once, he put in the good word." Sock waved off the question as irrelevant. "Now concentrate! This will be a good test. Remember: arrogance, dickish behavior, entitlement, and authoritative. Go make daddy proud, man."

"You really have got to stop refering to yourself as daddy." Sam told him with a sigh as he practically melted out of the door as the valet opened it. He noticed that Sock wasn't getting out though and ruined it by poking his head back through the open window. "Aren't you coming?"

"Dude! What did I just say?" Sock gestured angrily. "Take this seriously. I got you a date for this thing and you have to get your game face on." Sam straightened his suitcoat and tie and strode to the enterance. He ignored the waiting patrons as if they didn't exist and nodded regally at the well-dressed, although harried, woman at the greeting desk.

"Reservation for Oliver."

"That will be ten-"

Sam calmly passed over a hundred dollar bill, and waited expactantly as she looked him over.

"Right this way please. Your date has yet to arrive." She told him as she led him to an out of the way table next to the window overlooking the garden in the back of the restaurant. "I will get you a wine list as well."

"Very well." Sam responded impassively, when in reality he wanted to gape like a rube. The ceiling had many beautiful chandeliers, lovely oak tables and cushoined chairs, and the tableclothes looked like a sheer silk web with crystal plates atop them. The whole effect was breathtaking. He managed to keep a straight face however, despite of his shock. Sam was grateful for the practice when Lucifer walked in and headed straight to his table. He even managed to stand to great his date gracefully, carefully hiding his shock behind a blank expression.

"Hello Sam. Don't you look delectable this evening."

As he gifted the Devil with a small smile and moved further into his personal space, Sam had one thought tumbling through his mind on a continuous loop. Holy shit!