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The cold, gray clouds of the storm were breaking up, allowing some of the sun's last rays to shine on Shipwreck Cove. The storm was over, inside and outside, but each storm left a different outcome.

The storm outside forced the pirates to drop anchor and tie down canvas. They worried about the waves swelling up to consume their beloved vessels, the masts holding tight, the cannons coming loose, and the ship going under. There is a reason this place is called Shipwreck Cove. Just looking at the city built of sunken ships sends a chill to the bones. It makes a person wonder how many innocent sailors, or not so innocent considering they were pirates, were claimed by the seas. But Mother Nature was kind today. No ships were sunk, no lives lost, nothing was destroyed. At least, not on the outside.

The storm inside the fortress may have been more forceful than a hurricane. The pirate lords from each corner of the earth gathered into what used to be the captain's quarters of a ship after being summoned by the song. Now, inside this already cramped room were not just the pirate lords, but at least twenty of their men as well. For a long time, there was no order between any of them. Shouting and swearing could be heard throughout all of Shipwreck Cove and everyone knew the reason why: they were trying to vote.

Voting amongst the Brethren Court always seemed to cause a problem. No one can ever agree on one thing, Elizabeth Swann decided with a frustrated sigh after her idea to fight against Lord Beckett was thrown around from pirate lord to pirate lord as if it were a scrap of meat. They nawed at every flaw, and found every problem that could come out of it. Then they laughed. How could the Brethren beat the East India Trading Company? They have the Flying Dutchman on their side!

Then, by some miracle, all the pirate lords agreed to vote for a Pirate King and decide whether or not they should fight. Elizabeth thought it would be a good idea, until Barbossa told her that every pirate only votes for himself. So much for this plan, she thought.

One by one, each of the pirate lords voted for themselves. Then, it was Elizabeth's turn. With a roll of her eyes, she voted for herself.

"Elizabeth Swann." called the last pirate lord, the last person on earth that Elizabeth thought would vote for her.

"What?" she cried, staring at Jack in disbelief. Jack Sparrow voted her to be Pirate King! Already the Brethren was in an uproar over Elizabeth winning, so their shouting immediately picked up where it left off.

"I know, curious isn't it?" Jack asked as she still stared open-mouthed at him despite the fact that the pirates were pulling out their swords. "Am I to understand that you won't be keepin' to the code then?" The arguing instantly stopped as a guitar string broke, and Captain Teague looked at everyone with murder in his eyes as if daring them to disobey the code. No one spoke until Mistress Chang turned toward Elizabeth.

"So, what is your plan Captain Swann, King of the Brethren Court?" she asked with forced politeness.

"Prepare every vessel that floats." Elizabeth stated looking every pirate in the eye. "At dawn, we're at war." After this statement, it seemed the storm clouds inside the room were breaking up as loud cheers rang about the room.

An hour later, the room was empty save for one person. Elizabeth Swann sat at the head of the table with her feet on the table and head resting against her hand, elbow on the armrest of her chair, deep in thought. Her hat sat on the table next to boot clad feet. She stared at the Singapore hat for a moment before picking it up and putting it on her head. Sighing, she got up and started to pace around the table.

There were two places that she should be right now instead of in this room. One was in her cabin, to get some sleep before they went to war. The other was at the bar where every other pirate was getting drunk and trying to forget about what tomorrow will bring. Either option didn't sound good to her. She doubted that she would be able to fall asleep with all of the millions of thoughts running through her head, so that option was out. Also, she wasn't particularly fond of rum or any other vile drink for that matter, so that option was also crossed off. That left her with the option to stay in this room where it was quiet and she could think.

She wondered how she got into this mess. Her life had been going good as a governor's daughter, but then she had to fall off that cliff and be rescued by Jack Sparrow. After that moment, it seemed her life would never be the same. She had been kidnapped, threatened, almost killed, abandoned, thrown in jail, sentenced to hang, and voted Pirate King in two years time. "And all because of Jack Sparrow," she muttered as she ran her slender fingers along the table top, feeling the notches carved into the wood from daggers and swords.

Elizabeth sighed again, her thoughts swimming in her head. Ever since she met Jack, her whole outlook on life changed. She was no longer satisfied with remaining on land and wearing pretty dresses and being looked after all day and night. The sea was calling to her. She wanted freedom, even though she would never admit it to anyone. For the longest time, she wanted to know what it would be like to live a life full of adventure. Now, she was finding out, and she discovered that it only fueled the fire.

She wanted more. She wanted to be on the sea forever and sail across the seven seas. She wanted to be a pirate. But she loved Will. Once this war was over, she and Will would get married and move back to Port Royale where they would start a family. She smiled at the thought of it, but her eyes lost a hint of their bright color. Elizabeth realized that moving back to Port Royale would mean that she would probably never see Jack again. Life would seem boring without the pirate captain around, but then again, it seemed as if he wasn't around anymore even if he was back from Davy Jones' Locker.

Jack was ignoring her, and as much as she hated to admit it, it hurt. She felt cold inside knowing that he hated her for killing him. So many times she tried to tell him that she was sorry and that she had to kill him in order to save everyone else, but he would glare at her with anger and hate clearly written across his face and walk away. Every time she looked at him, she felt a pain in her chest. She missed talking to him and asking him questions about the ship. She missed listening to stories about his adventures and just being in his company. Hell, she even missed his obnoxious flirting. Like it mattered if they ever spoke again. Elizabeth was going to marry Will and Jack would go back to sailing the seas. That is if they win the battle tomorrow.

"But if he could just forgive me," Elizabeth whispered as a few tears trickled down her face.

"Why should he forgive you?" a cold, bitter voice harshly asked from the shadows behind her. "What have you done to deserve his forgiveness?"

Elizabeth spun around, eyes puffy and red from crying. Looking at the figure in the shadows, she suddenly wished that she were anywhere but here.