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The spilled rum and urine from dogs and people alike sloshed together under Jack's boots as he trudged through the uneven cobblestone streets, pushing through the crowd of drunken pirates laughing and spilling rum on each other. He wrinkled his nose as he walked by the pig sty that Gibbs had once lived in. He successfully passed the Faithful Bride without being pulled in for a drink by some former crewmen. He even ignored the wenches that practically threw themselves at him, asking where he's been and if he needed any company.

If only Gibbs could see me now. He'd never believe it, Jack thought as he made his way through Tortuga.

No, he was not sick. He was still the same Captain Jack Sparrow he always was, and he would normally enjoy a couple drinks with some of the crewmen, but not tonight. He was on a mission, and he didn't need any distractions. Time was precious. Every minute he was here, Elizabeth was getting closer to the colonies.

Hopefully that hurricane has slowed them down, he thought.

He stopped at a relatively quiet intersection and looked around him. Was it left, or right? Jack looked at the buildings and tried to figure out which way he needed to go. All the buildings looked the same after a while, and now that horrid smell was starting to do funny things to his head.

Jack reached into his coat pocket and dug around, his fingers brushing against the small black box holding the sparrow necklace, before finally settling on his compass. Without thinking, he flipped open the lid and growled when the arrow pointed behind him.

"Not her. Not right now. I need the other one," He shook the compass and muttered, "I know what I want!"

The pirate captain held out the compass and peered down at it, willing the arrow to move with everything he had. The arrow remained pointing behind him. Jack growled again, and was about to throw the blasted thing against the nearest building when the arrow started to quiver. It moved a little bit, then stopped. It slowly started again, quivering, and moved a little more until it pointed to the right. Jack continued to stare at the compass as if daring it to move back to its original position, but when it remained steady in its current position, he smiled a little and continued walking, this time letting the compass lead him.

He followed the road a little ways until the compass pointed to the left. Jack looked down the dark alley and then back at the compass. He felt for the hilt of his sword and was comforted by the cool contact with his sweaty hands.

After taking one more cautious glance down the alley, he slowly walked on, his steps echoing down the surprisingly quiet alley. Jack jumped when he felt something brush against his leg, but it was only an alley cat. Calm down, Jackie.

Finally, the compass pointed to the right. Jack turned on his heel coming face to face with a door. He scanned the wall, not seeing any windows that he could crawl into. He grimaced, not liking the fact that he would actually have to knock on the door and be granted entrance.

The captain crisply knocked three times and waited. And waited. He must have been standing there for a couple minutes before he knocked again. Don't tell me she's not here….

Jack waited another minute when he heard it. Footsteps. Very light, but they were coming from inside. Jack held his breath, praying that it would be her.

The door creaked as it was opened. Light flooded the alleyway from the open door, momentarily blinding Jack as he squinted to see the figure standing in front of him.

"Well I'll be," the silhouette said, her voice full of surprise. "Jack Sparrow."

"Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow," Jack said, his voice full of relief that it was her. "You should know that better than anyone else luv."

Ana Maria flashed him a cocky grin. "What is it ye need, Jack?"

"A favor." At her questioning look and nod to continue, Jack felt he was safe from being slapped, for the moment at least, and continued with his question, "How do ye feel 'bout going to the colonies?"


They had just arrived at the plantation, a week later than planned. A hurricane ravaged through the Caribbean, which made it difficult for the Navy ship to sail through. Normally, they would have tried to sail on the very edge of the storm so that they wouldn't lose as much time as they would if they completely sailed around it. However, because Elizabeth had already been sea sick before the bad weather started, Captain Andrews ordered the crew to sail further east into the Atlantic to try to sail around the hurricane since it seemed like it was only going to hit the islands in the Caribbean.

For this, Elizabeth was grateful. She never imagined that it would be so hard for her to keep food down while sailing through calm weather. Being pregnant made her constantly hungry, and she wanted to provide enough food for her and her baby, so she ate whatever she was given. She was always pleasantly surprised to see that the food looked edible rather than the questionable gruel that she had always eaten on the pirate ships. Unfortunately, that good looking food didn't taste so well coming back up.

She hated being inside the cabin, but Captain Andrews didn't want her outside on deck for fear of her being jostled around too much by the bustling men. "Don't want to risk hurting the baby," he reasoned. So, Elizabeth paced back and forth in the cabin, inspecting every floorboard, hook, drawer, and crevice she could find. She didn't think of it as snooping, just merely a way of passing time.

Within a couple days, swollen ankles and an aching back were added to the list of reasons of why to not get pregnant, right below a constant state of nausea. Elizabeth sometimes wondered how some women were able to bear their husbands eight or more children, as was the fashion these days. Just the thought of it made her exhausted and thankful that she wouldn't have to be in a situation like that. I'd rather die than sit in a house all day and watch after the children and be some trophy wife, she thought.

Not that she wasn't looking forward to the birth of her own child. After many long talks with Martha Hawthorne about what it took to be a mother, she was becoming increasingly excited about bringing her child into this world and raising him or her. Elizabeth was still scared, as any new mother would be, but she felt reassured by Martha's comforting and encouraging words.

It was only a couple of days after the hurricane had passed that the look-outs spotted land. Elizabeth had never been so excited to hear that they were close to land. She loved the sea, but not while being seven months pregnant. She shuddered when she the idea of giving birth on a ship crossed her mind.

The ship had docked in the harbor of a little plantation town called Laurel. It reminded Elizabeth a lot of Port Royale except on a smaller scale with more farmers than merchants with their shops. Still, it delighted her that this town made her feel like she was back home. It was comforting after a worrisome trip wondering if she had made the right decision to go with Captain Andrews to the colonies.

Two dapple grey horses pulled the magnificent carriage that would take Elizabeth and Captain Andrews to his parent's plantation house. Riding in the carriage next to the Navy officer reminded Elizabeth of the days her father would take her on carriage rides around Port Royale when she was younger. Her heart ached at the memory, and she held back the tears that stung her eyes. At Captain Andrews' concerned look, Elizabeth gently grabbed at her shoulder, pretending that the bumps in the road were causing her shoulder to ache. Captain Andrews then asked the driver to go a little slower, and avoid any bumps in the road if possible.

The plantation itself was a couple miles inland, and Elizabeth enjoyed looking at the scenery. The trees and plants were different here, but everything was still very green like it was back home. The gently rolling hills gave the plantation a romantic setting as the carriage pulled into the long drive-way.

"You can't see the house yet. It's hidden behind two large willow trees, but once we cross the stream you will be able to see it," Captain Andrews explained.

Elizabeth just nodded, not paying attention to what he said because she was too distracted by the workers out in the fields. There were three men on horseback, riding up and down the field inspecting the work of the men, women, and… "Children?" Elizabeth gasped, not believing her eyes.

"Yes, the children come to work with their parents since they can't be left alone all day," Captain Andrews stated in an almost bored tone. "It's rather nice that they work too. The amount of cotton the slaves gather has increased significantly, which makes a larger profit for us."

The carriage continued its way down the drive-way. As it passed by, the dark skinned workers snuck glances at carriage, trying to figure out who was inside. Elizabeth couldn't help but notice the sad looks on their faces, and when she tried to smile at them, they turned away as if afraid that they were going to be punished for making eye contact.

This new information unsettled Elizabeth. At first glance, the plantation looked wonderful, but now that she saw the workers, slaves as Captain Andrews called them, she became uneasy. What kind of person would make children work under the hot sun all day? And if she wasn't mistaken, the scars that she saw on their dark skinned bodies looked like poorly healed whip welts.

Before she could contemplate this anymore, the sound of the horses hooves on wood jolted her out of her daze. The carriage was crossing the small wooden bridge that made for safe travel across the stream, and Elizabeth was able to get her first look at the Andrews plantation house.

To say the house was beautiful would be an understatement. Two large willow trees stood on either side of the house as if acting as bodyguards. The house was painted a beautiful pale yellow and stood two stories high with Roman-like pillars standing at each of the four corners of the house. All of the crown molding looked like it was made of ivory. Every other window on the second floor had a small balcony and the black iron accents on the window frames gleamed in the sunlight. The wrap-around porch was adorned with chairs and tables that looked like they should have been in a governor's sitting room. Beautiful vines had grown and crawled up the side of the house, weaving and intertwining in intricate designs.

When the carriage pulled to a stop at the stairs, an older man dressed in a fancy royal blue coat and grey pants stepped forward and opened the carriage door and held out his hand to help Elizabeth out of the carriage. "Welcome to the Andrews Plantation, madam. My name is Rupert, the head butler here, and if you require anything, please do not feel shy to ask. We want to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible," the butler said in a gentle voice, his blue eyes twinkling with genuine warmth.

Elizabeth looked at him, grateful to have such a wonderful greeting, "Thank you, sir."

Captain Andrews followed Elizabeth out of the carriage and linked his arm through hers, "Would you bring the bags up to the rooms, Rupert?"

"Certainly, sir, and might I say how wonderful it is to you see again," Rupert waved his hand towards the door and two other men, dressed like Rupert, came forward, and they began to unload the bags from the carriage.

"How many servants do you have?" Elizabeth whispered in wonder to the Navy captain as two more men opened the great oak doors to the house – no, mansion.

"Too many to count," he grinned, leading Elizabeth into the foyer.

Upon entering the foyer, Elizabeth noticed that the outside of the house was nothing compared to what was on the inside. Great archways lead to other rooms to her left and right. A grand staircase was directly in front of her. She followed the stairs with her eyes, which widened with amazement when the staircase branched off at the landing, allowing the person to go right or left to get to the second floor. Paintings lined the walls. Statues or busts could be found in any open space. And a great chandelier with diamonds encrusted into the silver design hung from the ceiling, the light from the candles reflecting off the diamonds, giving the room a dazzling glow.

As a governor's daughter, Elizabeth was used to being surrounded by nice things; but this was unbelievable! This home made her house back in Port Royale look like a merchant's home. Elizabeth looked down at her own dress, suddenly feeling completely out of place among such nice, beautiful things. Great. His parents are going to take one look at me and think that he picked me up off a street corner, she thought. Not that a pirate's life would be any different…

"Peter," declared a booming voice from above.

Elizabeth jumped, caught unawares, trying to figure out where the voice had come from. She looked up towards the second floor to her left and saw a strongly built man dressed in an old Navy coat standing in a doorway. She felt Captain Andrews relax next to her, and she glanced over at him just as he smiled, "Father."


"So what is your plan then, Jack?" Ana Maria asked the infamous pirate.

They were sitting in the Captain's Cabin, Jack in his chair behind his desk and Ana Maria across from him. Jack was looking at a map, rum bottle in one hand and compass in the other.

Jack looked at the compass, then back at the map, and then took a long gulp from the bottle. He set the bottle down on the desk with a gently thud and put the compass back in his pocket. "You know the plan," he said getting up from his chair and staggering towards the door.

"I know my plan, Jack," Ana Maria beat him to the door, standing in front of it with arms crossed over her chest. "What I want to know is what is your plan?"

"My plan….is the same as your plan," Jack smirked, his cocky attitude kicking in thanks to the rum.

"Somehow, I doubt that," the dark skinned pirate snapped. She raised a pointed finger at Jack, which made him flinch and effectively erased that irksome smirk off his face, "You better tell me what you plan to do Jack because I don't know how I can carry out my end of this bargain unless I know the full details."

"Ye don' need to know the full details because you will be more likely to mess with my plans if ye know what I'm 'sposed to be doing," he argued.

"I'll mess up your plans? When have I ever messed up your plans?" When Jack didn't respond, she continued, "Jack, I get that you're secretive and often come up with idiotic plans on the spot, but this one is crazy! And if I don't know what part you plan on playing in this, so I think I'm crazy for agreeing to this. Just tell me, what is it you're going to be doing?"

Jack stared at her for a moment, wondering what his own plan was. He had convinced her to come along, and he told her what he needed her to do, but he didn't necessarily have any idea how to carry out the rest of the plan.

He turned around and walked back to his desk and pressed the palms of his hands against the smooth wood. He bowed his head, shoulder hunched as he thought hard.

After a couple minutes of this silence, Ana Maria thought the captain had fallen asleep in that defeated looking position, so she rolled her eyes and opened the door to walk back out on deck when his voice, laced with icy anger, made her stop in her tracks.

"I'm going to convince Elizabeth to come back to the Pearl. And then I'm gonna make sure that damn Navy officer never lays a hand on her again."

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