Tortured; Mind, Body and Soul

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Sam woke up early to find the bed next to his empty. "Wonder where Dean went" he thought as he stretched his long limbs and climbed out of the bed. He looked at the clock resting on the dresser between his and Dean's bed to see that it was nine o'clock.

"Wow, it's later than I thought" he said to himself as he walked to his duffle and took out some clean clothing. As he walked towards the bathroom, he saw a note lying on Dean's pillow that said, Gone for Breakfast, be back soon, Dean.

Sam walked into the bathroom to take a shower hoping that Dean had not used up all the hot water before he left. He slid off his sleep pants and tee shirt and climbed into the shower. He stood under the massaging spray as it rained down upon his body. The force of the water felt good as it massaged away the tightness in his neck and muscles. He hadn't slept very good last night, but at least he was able to hide it from Dean.

Afterhe finished his shower, Sam walked out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of blue jeans and immediately froze at what he saw standing there before his very eyes.

"Jess,you c-can't be, I d-don't can you b-be here? Sam said in stunned disbelief. Jess had died over two months ago in a fire in their apartment. How could she be standing in front of him now?"Why Sam? Why did you let me die? It's all your fault, you killed me!" Jess screamed out in frustration. Sam was stunned as he listened to Jess screaming at him. Dean had told him it wasn't his fault and he was finally starting to believe him. Could Dean be wrong?

"I'm sorry Jess, I never meant for you to get hurt" Sam said as tears started falling down his face. He felt a ton of guilt weighing down on his shoulders for not having told Jess about the premonitions. If only he had, then maybe Jess would still be alive today. He should never have went to Stanford to live his dream. Because he had reached out for his dreams, the love of his life had been killed. 'Sorry's not good enough Sam. You took everything from me. I HATE you." Jess said as she reached out and used a sharp fingernail to draw a thin, deep line across Sam's cheek that looked as if he had cut himself with a knife. "You will pay for taking my life Sam Winchester!" she said and disappeared in a whisper of smoke as the door knob to the motel room started to turn.


Deanwas just returning from a breakfast run to McDonald's. He had a bag loaded with Sausage and egg biscuits, hash browns, cinnamon rolls and apple pie held between his teeth. In one hand, he balanced two cups of coffee while opening the door with the other hand. "Hey Sammy, about time you woke up princess" he said as he walked into the room. He placed the bag on the table and looked over towards his brother. "Come on and….What the hell happened to you?" he said as he saw huge expressive eyes glistening with tears, a pale face and a thin line of blood cascading down Sam's cheek."I--I--I'm not sure" Sam said in a shaky voice. "I don't know what happened. Jess was, ah, she was here, I think."

Sam's mind just couldn't comprehend what had happened. He had been having nightmares about Jess and the way that she had died. In his dreams, she blamed him for her death, Was Jess coming back to take revenge? No, that couldn't be right. Jess loved him, didn't she?

Dean watched as a myriad of emotions crossed Sammy's face. He watched as pain and guilt flashed across his face. Sam reminded him of a little boy who had just lost his best friend. He absolutely hated seeing that look on his little brother's face

"Sammy, you okay?' he said as he walked over and squeezed his brother on the shoulder in support.

"Yeah, I'm fine Dean"

Dean knew that his baby brother was lying but chose not to call him on it. He knew that Sam had had a rough night last night even though he tried not to show it and didn't want to press him too much about what had happened.

"What happened to your face Sammy?" he said as he walked to the bathroom to get a clean wash cloth and some peroxide to clean the cut on Sammy's face.

Sam reached his hand up to his cheek to find blood on his fingers when he took his hand away from it.

"I don't know, I c-can't remember" he said and dropped his eyes to the floor, unable to look Dean in the eyes. How could he tell his brother that Jess had attacked him. Dean would think he was crazy. Hell, he was beginning to believe that himself.

As Dean cleaned the cut on Sammy's face, a thought began to take hold in his mind and he didn't like where it was leading. What if Sammy was starting to hurt himself because of his guilt over Jess. Surely Sam wouldn't do something like that. Dean thought he knew Sam pretty good, but they had been apart for a few years now and maybe Sam had changed from the kid he had raised. He would just have to keep a close eye on his baby brother.


Dean and Sam sat down to eat their breakfast before it got cold.

"Okay, so what are we looking at Sammy" Dean asked as Sam looked though his notes for the upcoming hunt.

"Well, it says here that seven suspicious deaths have occurred over the last three years in the old Fairview Mansion. The article states that James Fairview was a wealthy man who had a taste for young women, the younger the better. He was accused of molesting ten teenage girls, all under the age of sixteen, but was never prosecuted.

Dean was incredulous as he asked, "What, how in the hell could the perverted old bastard get away with molesting so many girls?"

"Well" said Sammy, "The police assume that he paid off their families to get them to drop the charges."

"Makes sense" said Dean as he took a bite of his sausage biscuit. 'What happened to the scumbag?"

Sam scanned down through his notes until he found the answer. "Says here that he was found decapitated in his house and that he was tied to a steel beam." Sam shivered before saying the next part. "It also says that he was castrated and that it most likely happened before his death."

"Sounds like he got just what he deserved" said Dean with a smirk on his face. "Who do they think killed the old man?"

"The case was never closed" said Sam. He then went on to say "The police assume that possibly the father of one of girl's had killed him, but there was never any solid proof. No arrests were made and the case remains unsolved."

Dean thought for a minute and said, "Sounds like this could be a malevolent spirit to me. Get your gear together Sammy. We're going on a hunt."

Dean and Sam packed their duffle bags before heading out of the room. They locked the door and walked over to the shiny, black Impala that sparkled in the parking lot and loaded their things into the trunk and climbed into the car.

As Dean pulled out of the parking lot, he looked over at his baby brother. "I hope you're ready for this" he thought as he looked at Sammy. He was still concerned about Sam's frame of mind after hearing Sam say that he thought Jess was in their motel room earlier.

The drive to the mansion was relatively quiet until Dean turned the radio on. He couldn't stand the sound of silence and Sammy didn't seem to be in the mood for talking. He watched as Sam seemed startled by something on the side of the road, but then quickly masked his face so that it wouldn't show.

Sam was glad that Dean had finally turned the radio on. He was uncomfortable with the silence that had taken over the ride, but he didn't know what to say to Dean. It felt weird not to be able to talk to his brother about Jess.

As he stared out the side window, he was taken aback as he saw Jess standing on the sidewalk with her wavy blonde hair blowing in the breeze. Jess was looking right at him. He saw the look of hatred on her face as she sneered at him with evil eyes. He was startled for just a second, then quickly relaxed his face so that Dean wouldn't notice what had happened.


Alastor, the Guilt Demon watched as the Winchester's drove by. He was going to have so much fun tormenting the youngest Winchester using the form of Jessica Moore. That boy had so much guilt within him that Alastor felt over empowered just by being near him. He could torture the boy for months and still have plenty of ammunition to use against him.

He would haunt the boy until he had a total breakdown at which point he would enjoy killing Sam Winchester, the prodigy child that Azazel hoped would one day be the boy king.


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