Tortured; Mind, Body and Soul Ch. 8

Sam woke up to find himself dressed only in his boxers and the feeling of someone forcefully holding him down. He began to panic as he opened h1s eyes to find Jessica sitting on his abdomen with black eyes glaring down at him.

"Oh God no, not again" Sam thought as Jessica laughed maniacally and said "It's me again lover boy, time to have some fun."

"I c-can't take this a-anymore J-Jess, just please k-kill me and g-get it over with" moaned out Sam as Jess was once again running her hands up and down his bare chest.

"Got to have my fun first Baby" she said as she started kissing her way down his stomach. Jess kept going lower and lower until her fingers latched on to the waistband of Sam's boxers. "Get ready for some loving sugar" she said as she leered at Sam with an evil grin on her face and tugged at his boxers.

"N-NOOOOOOOO!" Sam screamed until his throat couldn't scream anymore. He began bucking and tossing trying to get Jess off of his body. He wasn't going down again without a fight.


"SAMMY" John yelled as he heard the terrifying scream coming from his youngest child. He dropped his coffee cup down on the table, not caring as it tipped over and the hot liquid began to spill off of the table and onto the floor. He flung his chair backwards forcefully and took off bounding up the stairs as fast his legs would carry him with Bobby and Henderson following closely behind.

He threw open the door to the boys room ready to take on whatever it was that was hurting his child. His terrified eyes scanned the room quickly trying to locate where the danger was coming from.

His eyes stopped on Sammy's prone form as saw that he was tossing and bucking in his bed. Sammy's eyes were closed and he had tears flowing down his face in torrents. John knew without a doubt that Sam was held within the grips of a bloodcurdling nightmare.

He rushed over to Sam's bed and put his palms on Sam's face as he tried to rouse him and said, "It's okay Sammy, you're dreaming, you need to wake up son." But Sam continued to struggle to the point that John was afraid he was hurting himself.

Looking over towards Dean for help, John saw that he was still deeply asleep and was unaffected by what was going on around him due to the effects of the pain pills he had taken.

"Damn it" he swore. Dean would have easily pulled Sammy out of this nightmare, but now it was up to him to do it. Hating what he was about to do, John forcefully slapped Sam on the cheek.

Sam bolted straight up in bed when he felt the stinging sensation of something hitting his face. His glassy eyes were unfocused and he was breathing way too fast for John's comfort. He began to shake uncontrollably as he failed to gain control of his breathing not knowing where he was or what was happening.

Suddenly he felt arms wrapping tightly around him from behind and the soft sounds of his dad's voice saying, "Shh, I've got you Sammy, You're safe now. Come on kiddo, breathe with me, in and out in and out.

John rocked his youngest child back and forth as he continuously spoke soothing words into Sam's ear letting him know that he was safe. He felt the exact moment when Sam finally started to relax as Sam leaned into his father's chest and his shaking began to ease.

"D-Dad?" Sammy questioned praying that he was really there.

John hated hearing the quiver in his son's voice. He knew that Sam was still struggling with the world around him, not knowing what was real.

"Yeah Sammy, it's me. You're going to be okay son. You were out of it for a while and we brought you to Bobby's so that we could get you some help. Everything is going to be fine now"

John could feel the exhaustion rolling off of Sam in waves as his youngest struggled to stay awake from this latest bout with terror that had worn him out. Sam's head kept lolling on his shoulders only for him to snap it back up, afraid of going to sleep.

"Go to sleep Sam" said John pulling Sam in even closer. "I'm not going anywhere tonight. I'll be right here to wake you up if another nightmare takes hold."

"Th-Thanks dad" Sam said through a big yawn as he turned his head to rest it on his dad's chest. Sam fell asleep to the comforting sound of John's heart beating quietly in his ear and his father's arms wrapped securely around him.


Bobby and Henderson watched from the door as events unfolded. Bobby had instantly assessed the fact that Sammy was in the grips of a nightmare as John had walked over towards his son. He put his gun back into the waistband of his jeans as he watched John trying to pull Sam out of the nightmare. He was startled as Sam bolted up in bed and then watched in amazement as John soothed his youngest by wrapping his arms around Sam and whispering soothing words into his ear.

As he watched Sam nodding off in John's arms, Bobby looked towards John to see tears glistening in his eyes. He knew the hunter wouldn't be going anywhere tonight. He sent a small smile John's way as he gently pulled the door shut leaving the three Winchesters by themselves for the night.

Bobby and Henderson walked down to the kitchen to clean it up as they talked in hushed voices so as not disturb those sleeping in the upstairs room above them.

Bobby walked Henderson to the door and thanked him for his helping taking care of the boys he had come to love as though they were his own. He watched as the doctor drove away before checking all of the salt lines and sigils to make sure the place was as safe as it could be for the night. He stopped by the door to the boys room and listened in to hear the soft sounds of snoring before walking to his own room and going to bed.

As he lay in his bed, he wondered what tomorrow would bring. He was relieved to see that Sammy was no longer catatonic and he hoped the kid would be able to eventually forget the terror and trauma that the demon had bestowed upon him. Bobby fell asleep knowing that, at least tonight, Sam was as safe as he could be surrounded by those who would give their lives willingly to keep the kid safe.


Dean woke up early the next morning feeling a little fuzzy from the pain medication he had taken. His mouth felt like it was full of cotton and he felt something uncomfortably tight around his ribs. He wondered how he had ended up in bed as the last thing he could remember was traveling down the road to Bobby's and his dad making him take some pain pills for his ribs.

He looked around the room and his eyes stopped on Sam's bed in astonishment.

"What the hell" Dean wondered as he saw his dad asleep, leaning against the headboard with Sammy asleep against his chest.

"Damn, I must have really been out of it" he mumbled as he moved to get off the bed.

Hearing the rustling sounds of movement, John opened his eyes to see Dean slowly climbing out of the bed.

"How you doing son?" John asked as Dean looked up upon hearing his voice.

"M'okay dad, just a little sore." Dean said as he nodded towards Sammy and asked "How's he doing?"

"Henderson was able to bring him out of his catatonic state, but he had a pretty bad nightmare last night. He was terrified by the time I got to him and it took me a few minutes to rouse him: John stated truthfully.

Dean became immediately agitated by the fact that Sam had had a terrifying nightmare and that he was totally oblivious to it.

"Why the hell didn't I know about it?" Dean hissed out through clenched teeth.

"Dean you were in drug induced sleep. There is no way you could have known what was going on. Don't you dare start feeling guilty about this" John stated firmly.

'It's just, he's always been my responsibility ya know" Dean remarked as he saw Sammy was starting to stir.


Sam felt cocooned in safety as he slowly became aware of his surroundings. He knew he was protected just by the arms that held him like a safety net, ready to catch him if he fell.

He heard the murmurings of his dad and brother as they talked about him. He decided to let them know he was awake as he began to stir.

"Good morning" he said as he opened his eyes to focus on Dean watching him from across the room. He sat up and turned to face his dad who was still leaning against the headboard.

"Thanks dad, for keeping away the demons last night and for…well, you know….ah….loving me" Sam stammered out a little bit embarrassed at the chick flick moment he had just initiated.

"Sammy, I'll always try to be there for you if it is within my power to do so. I know I haven't been the best dad in the world, but I do love you boys and would do anything in the world for you, even if it is to wrap you in my arms so you can feel secure enough to sleep through the night" John remarked with sincerity in his words.

John then got up off the bed and said, "I don't know about you two, but I am starving, let's go raid Bobby's kitchen."

Both boys smiled as they got out of bed to follow their father down the stairs.

The Winchesters arrived in the kitchen to find Bobby cooking pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.

"Well it's about damned time you idjits got up. Sit yourselves down so we can all have a decent breakfast" Bobby said as he turned off the skillet with the sizzling bacon on it.

Bobby poured orange juice and coffee for everybody before joining the three hunters at the table. Everybody enjoyed their meal as laughter filled the table with Bobby retelling stories from when the boys were little and had gotten into mischief.

After the meal was over, Sam went out to sit on the porch as Dean followed. Bobby and John stayed behind to clean up the kitchen so the boys could have time to talk.

As Dean stepped outside, he saw Sam sitting on the top step of the porch staring out into the yard. He sat down beside his little brother, close enough that their shoulders were touching.

"Sam, I just want to say I'm sorry for not believing you. I should have known you would never do anything to hurt yourself like that, I just thought with everything going on, that the grief was finally getting to you. And for that I am truly sorry! If I hadn't been so blind, you never would have been hurt they way you were" Dean said as an errant tear trailed down his cheek.

Sam heard the truthfulness in Dean's voice and knew he meant everything he said.

"I won't lie and say that I wasn't hurt by your actions Dean, because I was. It hurt me to my soul just knowing that you didn't believe in me. But, I can understand your reasoning for believing what you did I guess since I still have nightmares of Jess dying."

Sam then faced Dean with candor in his eyes and said "It'll take a little time to regain the trust we had in each other, but with time, I think we'll be able to build that trust again and the bond between us will be stronger than ever."

Dean smiled at his baby brother and said "I know we will Sammy, because I won't have it any other way!"

Sammy grinned and said "Jerk" to which Dean replied "You know it bitch."


I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sammy I finally healing and so is the bond between the brothers!