A Gossip Girl fic by Gigi

Summary: What if the masquerade ball wasn't just for the teenagers? Lily and Rufus find themselves dragged to the ball by their insistent children--and bump into each other.

Chapter 7: Mommy Dearest

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Greetings, Upper East Siders,

Gossip Girl here with a juicy new development of the Humphrey-UES saga. Turns out my last update wasn't received all too well with the Ex-Mrs. Lonely Boy.

Spotted: Two blondes--one, a classy Upper East Sider and the other a local artist--duking it out in front of the Palace. Bartholomew even threw in a few punches against his almost wife.

Ex-Mrs. Lonely Boy walked away with Bass, leaving behind Lily van der Woodsen sobbing into Mr. Lonely Boy's shirt. What went down to break Lily's cool demeanor?

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Gossip Girl

"Well, the plan worked," Lily declared half-heartedly, tossing the Sidekick back to her daughter. She fiddled with her beige silk robe, seemingly unable to decide whether or not to close it over her pitch black night dress.

"Mom," Serena started, her heart aching for her mother. "I can't help but think you were a little too convincing in the courtyard." Lily looked at the other blonde. "Something Bart said really hurt you didn't it?"

"No," Rufus denied, coming in from the kitchen. "Something I said really hurt her." That guilty expression never left his face as he looked at Lily.

"What do you mean? You didn't say anything," Serena said, confused.

"Something I said twenty years ago. Bart repeated what I said, and, at least to me, it reminded me of the worst night of my life."

Serena looked to her mother for confirmation. Lily's eyes filled with unshed tears as she nodded her head. Her fingers finally rested on her robe as she got up off the couch. "I think," she started, her voice catching, "that I should go to bed. I have to deal with her tomorrow."

"How are you going to tell dear old mummy?" Rufus asked sarcastically.

Lily sighed, "I invited her to tea tomorrow morning at eleven."

"And then?" Serena urged.

"And then...I have no idea." Her shoulders slumped in exhaustion as she trudged into her bedroom.


Morning dawned, but no birds chirped, singing in the new day. No, the alarm blared and the new day was flushed down the toilet along with the rest of Lily's breakfast.

As Serena helped her mother get ready for tea with "Mommy dearest," as Rufus liked to put it, she couldn't help but try to wipe the somber look off Lily's face. "At least you know you'll be hungry for tea," she joked, somewhat halfheartedly.

"Oh, yes, because nothing revs up an appetite like a good twenty minutes with your face in the toilet," Lily shot back. "Sorry."

"What's wrong, Mom?" Serena couldn't help but ask. "You look like you're on your death march."

"You know what? In some ways, I feel like I am."

Neither of them spoke another word until the door to the suite opened and in walked--Eric.

"Geez," he commented. "It feels like death row in here. Should I be playing Taps on my trumpet?"

"That's what I said," Serena mused, hugging her brother and pulling him out of the way of the door. "Grandma's coming."

Almost as if on cue, a polite knock came from the other side of the door. Lily straightened her dress--royal blue with gold embroidery--and glided to the door in her most stately manner.

"Hello, Mother," she greeted as she opened the door to reveal Cece Rhodes in all her blue-blooded glory.

"Lillian, darling," Cece started in her slight British accent. Serena always wondered if that was for show. "I have been hearing the strangest things, lately."

"Oh?" Lily looked at Serena queasily. "What, Mother?"

"Oh, Lillian," Cece sighed. "You know how impolite it is to carry on a conversation standing in the foyer. Let us get situated, and then I shall continue."

Lily always wondered how her mother could always assume control of situations, even when the control was not hers to take. It was a gift of Cece's...or a curse on her daughter. "Yes, Mother."

"Now, I keep getting calls congratulating me," Cece insinuated.

Lily went into full-on panic mode. "Oh, really?" she asked, forcing her hands still in her lap. "For what?"

"For becoming a grandmother." Cece had that shrewd look in her eyes, almost as if she were trying to sniff the truth out of Lily. "I thought I already was a grandmother, Lillian, or was I mistaken?"

"You are, indeed, a grandmother,," Lily gulped. Suddenly her speech skills went down the toilet to join her breakfast. "You'regonnabecomeoneagain."

"What did you say, dear?" The aged woman leaned forward, striving to hear her daughter's confession. "You know my hearing isn't as good as it used to be."

"I'm...pregnant, Mother," Lily breathed out, waiting for the explosion.

"It's...his, isn't it?" her mother hissed. Lily didn't answer, but that seemed to be enough to confirm Cece's suspicions. "I should have known. What did Mr. Bass have to say about this?"

"He had no right to say anything about it. He's gotten Rufus' ex-wife pregnant, as well," Lily but, unable to hide her resentment.

"The artist?" That really had surprised the grandmother. "You both really do have very similar tastes in men."

"Yes, it seems we do," Lily deadpanned.

"Is it too late to say this is Bart's baby and that is Rufus'?" Cece chirped, eyes suddenly full of hope.

She couldn't believe her mother! She's going to have another grandchild and she still only thinks about how this will look to everyone else! "Yes, Mother, it's far too late!" she cried in disgust. "All of Manhattan knows we both are pregnant!"

"You don't know that," she insisted. "I'm sure we can still fix this."

"Fine, you don't believe me?" Lily gestured to her daughter to hand her the cell phone. "Read these." She flipped to the two Gossip Girl updates and showed them to her mother.

"Well, then we'll have to do some serious damage control, now won't we?" She just didn't get it!

"No, Mother. We are not doing anything," Lily stated. Why was she getting so upset? Damn hormones. "I just wanted you to know from me, so there you go. You may finish your tea and go back home. I'm afraid I have some things to attend to."

"What things?"

"Cleaning up the mess Bart made of the wedding. Those things. Goodbye, Mother," Lily finished before she stalked out of the suite, leaving a stunned family behind her.

Eric looked at his older sister. "What was that about?"

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